Daughter Of Phoenix

Daughter Of Phoenix

By:  AlexisReign  Completed
Language: English
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My guard started lowering and I instantly regretted it, he swiftly turned around, giving such a quick blow to the stomach that it winded me and I lost my balance, landing with a big thud on the floor, which I assume grabbed everyone's attention. "Alexis. Never ever lose focus! " His eyes held something more than anger, it held from what I could tell disappointment, "Don't expect your opposer to take a break. Or give you a chance to breathe. They are always looking for a weak spot, where they can get you down and break you, don't give them the opportunity. Do you understand me?" His tone came out harsh which I suspect was intended, he heaved I could tell he was trying to keep in control of his anger. "I couldn't live with myself if something happened to you." *** Alexis Reign has always been the one, the one to save the world, the one for someone, the one that always feared not just herself but of what she was capable of. She was the key. She was the savior of this world, from the bleak dystopian future that would befall us, all of us, the entire human race. She was our protector. She couldn't falter, she couldn't stumble, she couldn't hesitate. If she did she'd die, if she did we'd die. So, she has to make sacrifices for the greater good of the human race. But at what cost? Join her, join us as we unravel her story, can she save us, can she find herself, can she open up just enough for that special someone? Or will her fear be her downfall, not only for herself but for us all? ***

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Really good story! Definitely recommend reading. Will there be a sequel or was that the end?
2022-01-11 03:51:07
114 Chapters
Chapter 1
chapter oneBad- the world had turned bad. Over the last couple of years there has been nothing but chaos. Unknown beings have infiltrate part of our world; mass hysteria, robberies, murders have tripled over the years. Innocent people are dying either out of starvation or their untimely and unwanted death. They- the military- the people that are supposed to protect us order us when to stay inside our homes and when it's safe to leave. But one thing is for sure after nine o'clock no one is supposed to leave, if you do and you get seen, it either you're punished or killed on the spot. Our government was meant to protect us, yet we were the ones that lived in fear of them. "Alexis, where are you going? It's gone past curfew. Alexis, you're not supposed to leave." A voice pulled me out of my thoughts. I stopped abruptly, turning around to see the only person that gave me joy, out of everything that has happened, he was my only light. Small but packed with th
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Chapter 1.5
Giving Evan a quick goodbye kiss and tucking in the necklace. I took my leave, every step further away from him and closer to the door was bittersweet. My only way for freedom was to leave the people I cared about.   The brisk, cold air hit me. The natural light flickering. My hand reached the doorknob and without turning back to see the face I left behind. I closed it shut, sagging back into the door, letting out the deepest breath I seemed to be holding in.   My supplies would run out, soon enough. My small backpack could only fit the essentials; some sparse notes of money, toiletries, change of clothes. It was enough for at least a week, from then on I would have to make certain decisions for myself, be left to mother nature to lead whatever path it has for me. I didn't have a plan, but at this point, I didn't need one. I was sixteen, I knew there must be some sort of job for me, somewhere. I guess I had to live like a nomad before I coul
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Chapter 2
Chapter two   The soothing sound of a deep voice brought me back to reality. My heavy eyes sluggishly opened and the first thing I noticed was the throbbing headache and the desire for water or any form of liquid.   "Hey." The voice repeated again looking towards the corner of my eye I saw a figure carefully approaching me.   Then it dawned on me everything that occurred the last time I was awake, the flashbacks held me immobilized in my body. Who exactly was this person? And how did he know my name?   On the spur of the moment I ascended out of what was a rocky bed and lunged for my jagged, silver knife that was hid in the secret pocket of my coat, that currently was tossed to the side of the bare floor. If he tried anything, I guess I had to be to one to end his life.   I used this for emergency only and I guess this would classify as one.   I looked up to
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Chapter 2.5
Before I could collide with the ground, his arms wrapped around me and sat me upright on the bed.   "What do you want with me?" I turned to face him only to be greeted with a frown. The thumping in my temple, died down but not to the point I could even think properly.   "Nothing, I just want to keep you safe. I've been assigned to do so-"   "No, what do you really want from me?" It was becoming increasingly hard to believe his outlandish stories and I really couldn't tell whether it was a pure truth or simply something fabricated in his mind.   He let out a deep pent-up breath. "Take this. It'll make you feel better." He fished into his pocket and unwrapped a piece of cloth offering me a pale white pill.   "What is it?"   "It helps with after-effects of shifting. It'll calm down headaches and dizziness."   "I'm pretty sure we didn't time
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Chapter 3
Falling. I was falling helplessly passing parts of the sky in a split second.   The air was too thin. Winds too harsh.   Stale tears trickled down my cheeks, I was in shock, the whole world was now moving in slow motion.   Every passing moment represented all the parts that made up me; Evan, my mother, my father. All the people I subsequently left behind.   Maybe it was honestly for the best, truthfully I knew that surviving on my own was edging on absolutely impossible but one thing my father always managed to hammer into my head, was never stay in a place that's mentally and emotionally draining, that's how you truly lose yourself. All the aspects, the hopes, the dreams, the aspirations, that make you, you. Gone. Never, ever find yourself in that situation.   Stupid really thinking it was the right thing to do.   But either way, I'd be free, so I couldn't r
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Chapter 3.5
Fifteen minutes later of speechlessly walking and mostly blending into the shadows we arrived at our destination, to be honest, I was still trying to grasp what Isaiah told me, yes I mean it's his mission to protect me but I never actually thought he really cared. Maybe I really should put my trust in him. But then how many people have screwed me over, the people I thought I trusted the most. I shouldn't be so naive to fall for his tricks. You're better than this, sternly I had to remind myself. You get nothing from putting your faith in others. The vast change of environment slightly stunned me, coming out from the vast busy, crazy streets into the somewhat quiet green area, the complex more like a skyscraper which merged to appear as a single mansion without a doubt looked out of place with the rest of the greenery. But this couldn't possibly be our destination. "We're here." I
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Chapter 4
Chapter four   It was weird really, I mean I saw myself, I saw a reflection of me. Tell me why did it feel so unusual, it didn't seem like me, I swear.   Having had a long-needed shower I was gifted the tight attire I was currently wearing, the figure-hugging dress, black as night with even darker boots paired with a leather jacket. Everything pronounced my curves, but I was covered. I knew I was but I couldn't help but feel so naked. I guess I was too oblivious to notice that almost all of them wore black and dark colors. Was that a requirement or just a choice?   Presentable. I looked presentable. Zee helped me pack my hair into a tight bun, it was a two-person job. They weren't allowed makeup, I knew that itself was a must, but it didn't even occur to me why they would, they were agents wouldn't it just be a huge waste of time? Nevertheless, they were both naturally beautiful, I would be lying if it didn't make me a l
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Chapter 4.25
"Alexis?" I recognized that voice. This was a dream. "Alexis!" The voice strained, unsure what to do. Another series of footsteps charged through, followed by another and then another until I lost count.   Wet. I was wet. My cheeks felt unbearably damp. The paralysis slowly drained from my systems.   A dream. It was a dream.   Forcefully I snapped my eyes open the smell of sulfur disintegrated and sweet chocolate filled my senses instead. Instantly I locked my eyes onto Zee, her expression screamed everything, fear. Absolute fear possibly the overwhelming thought that I was the key to fixing the world, I could remember what she said about me being the 'savior' and Isaiah agreed with her, my mind flowed back to him saying he didn't know why they wanted me and he seemed surprisingly honest. Did he lie to me? If he did, how, why would he choose to slip up like that, right in front of me? Could I trust him?  
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Chapter 4.5
With the boys already explaining to us that there was no one around for miles, I think it really dawned on everyone that this was deadly serious, eradicating the threat of an intruder instead was something we all could cling to, even hoped for, anything was better than the truth. But to our dismay, the boys extinguished our hope. My hope.   Privately they chose to talk from earshot away from me, probably what they thought was for my own good. As if. They practically had to pry Isaiah away from me, he was so reluctant to go that when he left his fire and warmth died with him, at least I had Zee still by my side she thought it was best for me not to be left alone. I couldn't help but agree with her, silently of course. If they were nervous, how should I be feeling? Fearful? Scared?   After their private get-together, all the boys stormed back into the room, Veronica still lingered in the hallway like she was anxious to come close to me, not sc
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Chapter 5
Chapter five   My eyes felt heavy, my breath hitched, my body weak and despite it being morning since the sunlight ripped through the curtains I was still undoubtedly finished. Sleep didn't seem enough for me currently, maybe it was because I couldn't get enough of it or maybe because I didn't want to. Stress does extraordinary things to your body.   I felt his presence before I heard his voice, "Good morning." My eyes flickered to him, Isaiah, standing towards the door fully clothed, holding a bottle of purple thick liquid, his eyes traveled down to the bottle too, "Oh I made a smoothie for you, you were fast asleep I thought you needed all the rest you could get, " Smiling he handed me the bottle, "Apples, grapes, and strawberries. I thought you'd prefer that over the protein-packed one we're required to drink, doesn't taste as good." Gratefully I accepted the bottle with my non-injured hand, his eyes glazed over to my bandaged one, "How's
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