The Possessive CEO

The Possessive CEO

By:  Pjjordan'da Dragon Sworn  Completed
Language: English
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Trigger warning; you are going to hate the main character or you might just fall in love with her. ******* When Angela Smith starts working for the young and sexy Leo Cross, an ambitious, rich philanthropist and owner of a Sports Agency. She fell hard, instantly imagining herself with him. But there is one thing standing in her way, his wife. After stealing Leo away from Natasha Cross, Angela thought she had it all, but she soon learns that not everything that glitters is gold. Natasha was glad to get away from her ex-husband, while Angela suffered abuse after abuse and was kept locked up by the possessive CEO. Can Angela escape from Leo like Natasha did? (She could only hope that someone falls for him like she did and steals him away.) Or will she remain his captive?

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65 chapters
First day
 "Ok Angela, remember, first impressions last." I tell myself as I step out of the grey taxi. I brush at my peach work dress, making sure I look my best for the first day of work as Mr Cross secretary. I fix the skinny black belt around my tiny waist, because it is feeling slightly uncomfortable. I gaze up at the four story glass building that is now my work place. "This is it." I say to myself before walking off. “Hey lady, are you gonna play?" The cab driver yells after me. I hurry back to his car, take out a 20 to give to him.Read more
Second impression
I scowl at my reflection in frustration, wishing that my mirror never shows up the nasty pimple in the centre of my forehead, or the dullness of my damn hair. It is a rat's nest this morning, even though I wanted to look my best for Mr Cross today. But my appearance says otherwise. With one last attempt to control the tangled mess on top of my head, I run my brush through it but soon give up and place it in a messy up do.I left home with a newfound purpose; I am going to whoo Mr Cross. That man was finer than wine, and I intend to make him mine. He is too good to pass up.I spent most of my night after coming home, trying to read up all that I could on the famous Leo Cross, sadly he is like a ghost. The internet, not even Wikipedia, has any information on him. And despite the beautiful man being the face of his own company, there aren't much pictures of him anywhere. Despite not knowing anything about him, I am still willing to win him
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Tell me your fantasy
When I get home, I lean on the door, biting my lip, trying to hide my smile because one thing is for certain: Mr Cross wants me. He proved that by taking me home and the questions he asked only show that he is interested in my life. He can have me in all and every way. I don't intend to hold back myself from him.The door bell rings, causing me to jump. I drop my handbag, not understanding why I am panicking.I open the door with a gasp, because there he is, Mr Cross.''Can I come in?''"I- y-'' I find myself stuttering and subliming over my words.He flashes his sexy lopsided grin, then pushes past me.''Nice place.''"Thanks, though I'm sure it is nothing compared to where you live.''He gives a rich laugh, ''I think I rather it here. It's quaint and cosy as how a home should be.''''I guess it is lovely then,'' I said, eager to agree with him.I stand there awkwardly chewing on my thumbnail, while Mr Cross gaze
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Flying first class
When I get to the airport, and see Mr Cross sitting there waiting for me, my breath hitch and I flush at how casual yet handsome he looks. Dressed in a brown long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans, he finally looks his age.''Just make sure you get there before daybreak.'' He snaps into his phone.''No.'' His tone is cold as he once again snaps at whoever is on the other end.''Miss Smith, so glad that you can finally make it. For a minute there I thought you wouldn't have come,'' Mr Cross said, his voice now becoming soft and calm.''No sir, as your personal assistant my role is to do my job to the best of my abilities, while pleasing you in everyway.'' I said, hoping he caught onto my double meaning.He clears his throat. ''I have a photo shoot first thing in the morning, then a little clubbing event in the evening.''I write down what he said with a nod.''Will that be all, Mr Cross?''''I'm also thinking of going to the beach to
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Welcome to Miami
After we land, instead of going to the hotel, Mr Cross and I went to a club. I glance at my watch to see that it is after three am. The place is loud, hectic and crowded with people well intoxicated, looking to continue their night of fun in someone else's bed.Two men and a female join us, their eyes bright, no doubt from drugs and too much alcohol, but they are still in the mood to party and so is Mr Cross as he bobs his head to the rhythm of the music.I look down at my attire, feeling underdressed in my awkward style, which, for whatever reason, I thought would have caught Mr Cross's eyes.One of the man's eyes runs up and down my body, then he licks his lips. He touch Mr Cross before whispering.Mr Cross's eyes focus in on me as he shakes his head.''Not her,'' He said loud enough for me to hear.The man lets out a loud laugh.''Let's get the party started,'' The female said, before disappearing into the crowd.Moments later, she appears again with two bottles of Ciroc; one cocon
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Hotel room
We eventually make it to the lovely seven star hotel, where they offer us hot lemon scented towels. I give a drunken giggle, while wiping at my face. "A pleasant good morning." The female around the counter beams. She says nothing more, then hand us both separate keys. I look down at them, slightly disappointed that we aren't staying in the same room together. ‘But what did I expect? He is my boss, after all.’ Mr Cross takes me by the shoulder, then leads me over to the elevator bay. "Try not to wear your emotions on your face like that," He said. I blink up at him, too drunk to understand what he means by that. He said nothing as the elevator arrives, he pushes me inside, forces me up against the wall. With both of his hands on either side of my body, he stares down at me with his face unreadable. At first I thought he would have kissed me, but he just hovers before my face. Suddenly he pulls away, mutters something under his breath that sounds somewhere along the line of 'y
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Photo shoot
I never get much sleep because by quarter to five, one of the man that was on the jet with us comes to wake me up. I sit up in bed feeling groggy, as this muscular man glances at me. "The boss wants you ready to go in ten minutes," he tells me. I nod, stretch, and yawn before throwing my covers off. When I get to the bathroom, I am made full aware that my eyes are red and puffy. There is also a present of a cold sore on the right side of my upper lip. I brush it all off as nothing. Hop in the shower to wash only the necessary areas, then hurry to get dressed and apply my makeup. When I am about to knock on the door, it is pushed open with Mr Cross standing there looking hot and dressed in a maroon colour three piece suit with a grey, black and white tie and a black shirt underneath. He looks me up and down, then smirks. "Good, you are ready and actually dressed well today.'' I feel like twirling in the lime green skirt suit I am wearing at the small complement. "I have a phot
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To the beach
When the food finally arrives, Mr Cross does something I never expected. He clasped his hands, close his eyes and prayed.When he opens his eyes, he is staring at me."What? Never seen a person pray before.""Actually no, it's foreign to me," I tell him.And I guess it is so for a few other people around, because they are staring as well."I grew up not having much, so I am always grateful for what I have now. And in a world like this, I have to be because there are still so much hungry people out there."I nod, understanding where he is coming from, but at the same time I never expect him to be the type of person to grow up poor. He seems to be someone who has had it all their life.Mr Cross seems like the type of man whose father created generational wealth, but turns out he is the one creating it.Which is something that I would want my children to have, a secured future and to experience the finer things in life."Is this why you give back so much?""Please eat and stop asking so
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Restroom time
As Mr Cross and I walk further down the road to the beach, side by side, people can't help but stop and stare at us.It makes me happy to see the envious looks I am getting from all these girls. I bet they wish they were in my shoes, walking alongside such a wealthy and well accomplished man, who is also a sight to behold.Suddenly, with no explanation. Mr Cross pushes me between the space of two building.I gasp, not knowing what to expect. And before I can do or say anything, his lips are on mine. Kissing me with so much hunger, I thought we would be having sex in the dark, crammed space.When Mr Cross pulls back, he glares down at me."Miss Smith, what are you doing to me?"When he moves to pull away, I pull him back and hold on to his waist."The same thing you are doing to me, you want me just as much as how I want you."Mr Cross laughs, "you poor baby. You don't know what you are getting yourself into."He brush hair from my face then lets his hand rest on my shoulder."I'm not
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Back to reality
Just as I step out of the restroom, Mr Cross burst my bubbles, by telling me that we are leaving and going back home."But why? We just got here and I haven't tested the water yet." I try to sound whiny.Mr Cross frown at me."Don't be annoying now." He spits, then walks away.I stand there gaping, not understanding what I have done to make his mood change like that.Maybe I wasn't good enough, but he was being so rough.Well, that doesn't matter. We still have time on his private jet, and even more time when we get back home.Mr Cross is mine. He just doesn't know it yet. Hence why he is confused about how he feels about me.Just like before, I try to seduce my boss. But this time, he gives me no attention. He even sits in a different seat, close to the back of the plane.Feeling frustrated, I get up to pretend as if I am going to the bathroom.I can feel Mr Cross' eyes following me. I smile to myself, knowing that my plan seems to be working and I have him almost eating out of my pa
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