Enemy of the Wolves

Enemy of the Wolves

By:  Salvia Avery  Ongoing
Language: English
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Driven by love and duty, Princess Selina immigrated to Volfenheim to be with her fiancé, but what awaited her there shocked her. Somehow, during the years they were apart, the young king let the were-folk and other supernatural creatures run around rampant in his kingdom. Giving freedom and rights only humans get to enjoy for the last three hundred years. Brought up with prejudices about people who aren't human. This puts a strain on her relationship with Henry, who doesn't agree with nor care about her views. To make matters worse, she caught the attention of a particular 'werewolf' who appears to be hell-bent on swaying her opinion about them.

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14 chapters
Four heavily armored guards escorted Selina through the dungeon and the halls of the castle. Each had a chain to the shackles that she was wearing on her wrists and feet, the guards at the front pulling on them if she lagged. They did not stop walking until they were in the middle of the town square; filled to the brim with people from all walks of life. They erected bleachers to accommodate all of them. She saw a bunch of her old classmates whispering to themselves, pointing at her. Some sneered at her. Only a handful of people looked like they pitied her. She stuck her nose up in the air and looked ahead to appear nonchalant, but it was a terrible mistake. Her eyes almost popped out of their sockets when she saw the three gallows in the middle of the town square. Each gallows had three men hanging by their necks, dead, feet swaying in the air as if swinging along with the breeze. Selina schooled her expression quickly, but she couldn't take her eyes away from the bodies. Su
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A Quick Lesson in Politics
"Inform the envoy that we will provide financial assistance," Selina heard her father say as she approached the open door to his office in the castle. The king was standing in front of the large glass window, looking over his realm with his back to them. "Inform them that the kingdom is also offering safe haven to Draconian refugees. They do not need to bring their passports. Our borders are open to them, and we will provide them with whatever they require, including food, lodging, and employment. Also, please request that the Royal Treasury send me a report on..." The Monarch suddenly stopped when he noticed the princess through the window's reflection. He promptly turned, and Selina took it to mean he acknowledged her and permitted her to enter, stepping across the office's threshold. The Royal Herald looked up from his tablet phone when the king stopped dictating, confused. The man did not notice Selina at first, but when he did, the king meaningfully looked at him and the hera
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The Road to Volfenheim
“You must be very excited.” Selina let out a hassled breath and forced herself not to roll her eyes at Helena, who spoke from across her. She continued to stare at her cellular phone and deliberately ignored her, pretending she could not hear the pregnant woman inside the horse-drawn carriage they were riding in. “I know you won’t believe me, but I am happy for you,” she said again, leaning an elbow on the open window, a dreamy look on her face. “Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be young again.” Silence. “Is Henry going to be there to welcome us?” “I’m sure His Majesty will,” the third passenger on the coach said, finally had enough of the awkward silence. “It would be weird for him not to.” “Be silent, Becca,” Selina snapped at her lady-in-waiting. “No one asks for your opinion.” “Yes, Your Royal Highness.” Becca folded her hands on her lap and sat still, pretending to not exist. This was the very reason Selina didn’t want Helena to come along. If it’s just Becca
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     As far as Jasper could tell, Henry was on edge. The young Lycan could hear it in the monarch’s heartbeat. He could sense it in the scent he gave off. His bride-to-be was due to arrive any minute now, and the preparations were far from complete—Henry’s opinion, not Jasper’s. The young monarch would do the preparations himself if he wasn’t so busy with work and if the reports he was currently reading weren’t so crucial. This unnatural drive for perfection revealed a lot about the princess’ personality.    “I hope Selina likes it,” Henry muttered under his breath as he twirled his pen on his fingers repeatedly while he read file after file of paperwork. He must be desperate to finish all of it by tonight.    Jasper stopped tossing his rubber ball on the wall of his sister’s laboratory to stare at the overworked king. He heard from other peop
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“Selina is not at the border.” Jasper’s eyes widened in alarm. “Are you sure?” “Yes! I just checked with the border patrol. Her carriage was nowhere in sight.” Henry paced back and forth in front of Jasper, biting one thumb and fiddling with his phone with the other. A classic telltale sign: he was worried sick. “I can’t contact Selina!” A missing royal, especially one of her importance, was never a good thing. This could spark civil discontent among the nobility and subjects… or perhaps war, between the kingdom of Rozenberg and the Empire. They will never trust Henry or his judgment ever again. And the innocent will bear the brunt of it all. “When was the last time you heard from her?” Jasper pushed the sleeves of his dress shirt up to his elbows. Even though he’d been doing it for years, he’d never grown fond of wearing formal attire, even if it was just a shirt. It made him feel confined, not because of the fit, but because of what they represented. He regretted not chan
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Selina squeezed the trigger on her pistol the moment the hobo in front of her moved. She was nimble, but the guy was much faster. Inhumanely so. She tried to keep up with him, shooting at him, but her bullets were a millisecond slower, thus only hitting air and the soil surrounding them. When she had emptied her barrel, she knew it was futile to resist, so she closed her eyes, expecting a painful death that never came. There was growling, groaning, and scuffling behind her. She opened her eyes, spun around, and took several steps back. On the ground, the guy was grappling with someone or something. It was thin, lanky, and had a head of a dog. The princess’ eyes widened in surprise as she realized, with the help of the large white moon, that it was a werewolf. Selina became acutely aware of her surroundings. She could hear growling and snarling from everywhere. She could not see them, but she knew the repulsive beings surrounded her. When Selina heard a yelp, she turned to face th
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Mother Knows Best
“What do you mean, he’s not there?” Both pilots could hear the edge in the distraught princess’ voice. She was already cranky, tired, hungry, sweaty, her head hurt, and the mesh fabric of the lacy dress she was wearing was already clinging to her skin, making her itch all over. They don’t look it, but she’s sure both Becca and Helena felt the same way. “For their own protection, we separate the monarch, the Empress, and Prince Eric during this time of the month,” Mitchell answered. “Once the full moon lockdown is in effect--“ “Full moon lockdown?” Becca piped up. “What is that?” Selina cast a sidelong glance at the other girl for interjecting in their chat, but she couldn’t blame her; lockdowns weren’t as common in Rozenberg as they were in Volfenheim. “It’s a safety precaution implemented during the full moon to prohibit people from leaving or entering the kingdom or other locations, Your Grace.” The pilot looked uncomfortable, pulling on his collar. “We’ve been doing t
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What's in a Name?
On the fourth day since Selina arrived in Volfenheim, Henry returned to the Imperial City. They only stayed in the palace for an hour before they travelled to their school. Queen Helena had already gone back to Rozenberg with Becca. The younger girl was supposed to go with the princess to be her companion and fellow student, but Selina ordered her to go home as punishment for her rude comments. It was a tedious drive from Lyall Palace to the University and the couple spent it looking at their phones. Henry bought her a new phone because she lost her old one in the Lupine Pass and they never recovered it from the crash site. From time to time, Selina would show her boyfriend a cute picture or a funny gerbil video she would come across while Henry was busy with work. Sometimes he gets calls and they all sound important. He just couldn’t catch a break. She let him be and minded her own business like a good consort does. When she got bored, she pulled up an online app from her p
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Call Me Baby
“Can I help you?” came a voice from beside the Selina, and the princess almost jumped in surprise. A woman was standing by the bookstore’s doorway, a foot away from her. She had silver hair that looked flat and thin, like an old woman’s, but her skin was free of wrinkles. She must be in her mid to late twenties, the princess assumed. “Oh, no, I’m just looking while waiting for my fiancée,” Selina replied. “Be careful with the book. It’s ancient.” “Excuse me?” The woman stared at her for a few more seconds before vanishing inside the store without a word. “Rude,” the young princess muttered under her breath as she leafed through the book again before slamming it close. She was about to place it back on the shelf when she noticed she was holding an old leather-bound volume. The embossed golden letters on the cover read: Witches’ Bible. She let out a little shriek and dropped the item as if it burned her. “Ew, ew, ew!” She wagged her hands in front of her as
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Squabble in the Hallways
“You?” It was the annoying little girl with the black hair from the market. Jasper was there, too, albeit seemingly a little too happy to see her. He nodded to Henry as a greeting before turning to Selina, bright eyes sparkling with mischief and a smirk plastered on his face. “Hey. We keep bumping into each other.” “Yeah. I’m starting to think you’re stalking me,” the princess said as she lovingly wrapped her arm around Henry’s. Selina stood there watching Jasper’s brows furrow, the horror in his eyes as realization dawned on him, wiping the smirk from his face. It gave her wicked gratification. “Oh, that’s right, you’ve met, haven’t you?” Henry looked at the both of them, oblivious. “At the fair,” remarked the raven-haired girl, as Selina said “No.” The younger girl looked at Selina as if she had grown two heads. The princess stared back at the girl, daring her to say anything. “Okay,” the monarch awkwardly said. He tapped Jasper's shoulder. “Selina,
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