CAGED- A Dark Billionaire Captive Romance

CAGED- A Dark Billionaire Captive Romance

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Erica Kidnapped-Sold-Caged. That’s what happened when I became careless and didn’t recognise the real monster in Armani suit, instead became Obsessed with his beautiful face and dark accent. Antonio Rossi. He bought me. Now I’m a captive in his billion dollar cage. It has everything but peace and freedom—two things I dreamed of since childhood. He’s ruthless in his quest to make me understand who’s the master of me. He said-I belong to him, that he owns me. He promised retaliation for every rule break. His touch meant for punishment burns me, leaves me thinking maybe he’s right which only makes me hate him more. But he forgot about my promise to him-The day he locked me in his cage I promised him, I’d make him beg on his knees and at the end of this nightmare I’d wake up with a smile on my face. Antonio Ruthless-Monster. I’m the monster nightmares are made of. The human part of me died long time ago, now I live for vengeance and blood of my enemy. I’m the real villain of this story. There’s nothing and no-one that would stop me from getting the blood that I was owed. Except her-And she tries. Oh, how she fûcking tries. She doesn't know that she's a pawn in my game. She's a collateral—a sacrifice I chose, but she hasn’t accepted it. She rattles the bars of her cage, disobeys me and earns a punishment for every insult she throws my way. The fight for freedom in her eyes makes me furious, it burns me. It makes me fascinated too-really not a good thing for her. Because if I spared her life then I’d make her a lifelong captive in my cage.

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About The Book
Please take the warning seriously, this story is not about your everyday romance. This will at times turn DARK with explicit contents that you may not be comfortable with. And if youdon't like sensitive subjects this may not be good book to read for you. It's for above 18 andespecially for the readers who think that they can handle such Hero. Antonio Rossi is definitelynot a safe hero and is hard to love. But you know, how we love to hate them!!!!No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means,electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any informationstorage and retrieval system without written permission of the author. CAGED- A Dark Billionaire Captive Romance © A. Gupta 2022. All rights reserved.This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses,places, e
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WARNING: This is NOT a traditional romance. It contains disturbing subject matter, including kidnapping, Dom/Sub,, dubious, sensitive content and non-con, as well as graphic sexual content. If you have even slightly sensitivity regarding Dark Heroes who like to Hurt Heroines, please do not read it. It also includes voyeurism and humiliation. You have been warned. This is a work of fiction intended for a mature, 18+ audience only. The author neither endorses nor condones such behaviour in real life.   Prologue I stood in the middle of the stage with the man announcing my physical attributes. Color, size, weight, status of my virginity and the fact that I had been here before and that I punched two men then. I silently cursed Dane and the reason I had chosen to go out with h
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1. I Hate Men
Erica “I am hungry.” I complained as we exited another shop of many we had visited in the past hour. “You weren’t complaining when you were gushing on all those onesies.” Summer, my elder sister said as we crossed the road, each of our hands were filled with several shopping bags. “But that’s not what we were doing just now!” I replied. Don’t take me wrong, I love my sister more than I loved anything in the world except my little nephew— god, that damn kid was too adorable, but I have had enough of her looking at the barely there lingerie. I knew she loved her husband and I have an inkling of what goes between them but I refused to participate in it in any way. Gag. I said, “You both were drooling over those lîngerie pieces like hungry perverts. Think about my sen
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2. He’s Dangerous
Erica “What’s going on?” I turned back around to face the owner of that cold and smooth voice, like silk, and said, “What's going on is that you are trying to steal my dessert.” I was glad that the words escaped me in a rush without me pausing and looking at him because when I did look up at him I realized in that moment I wouldn't have been able to speak even to save my life if I had seen him beforehand. I took him in slowly. The man was big and it wasn’t just his height and the wide berth of his shoulders, it was the way he carried himself in that dark suit with silver linings that he wore like a second skin. His face was clean shaved, lips smooth and turned up in a natural arch but it wasn’t a smile more like curle
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3. No one, Except Me
Two months later... Erica  I sipped my wine and wondered if I would be able to finish my assignment and also be able to get at least four hours of sleep before I’d have to wake up and attend my early morning class. God, I hated Sunday nights because they lead to Monday and the burden it brings, but this Sunday was particularly awful and all the credit goes to the man sitting in front of me. When I had swiped right, my decision was made on the basis of his deep brown eyes but now this close and when he opens his mouth I realise my decision was a total bust, just like this date. Drake was a senior manager in the bank he worked for, and he lived in an apartment building that his father and uncle owned. He was a nice guy, six feet tall and on the lean side with a clean shaven
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4. Entitled. Arrogant. Arsehole.
Erica It had been two weeks since he appeared out of nowhere and saved me that night. And now as I went from one place to another I couldn’t help but look for him. I didn’t want to but there was this itch inside me that I couldn’t ignore, a need that wanted to look into those yellow brown eyes and set them afire. And I just knew how to do it but the arrogant arsehole hadn’t shown his face, not once.  And for some reason it felt like a bad omen. A long silence before something bad happens. The darkness from which a white ghost appears out of nowhere, making a mess of a normal life. “Back to earth, Rica.”  I looked up from my cup of coffee and met Ellison’s eye
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5. It’s not a Date
 Erica It was Sunday and I was in my pajamas watching a serial killer documentary, trying hard to ignore the boxes that were sitting on the floor near the door and also doing a great job of not glancing at the clock every three minutes. The last time I checked it was ten minutes to eight.  When I had woken up in the morning, I had found those boxes on my dresser. I didn’t know what he was trying to do. Does he not have any understanding about personal space? But my mind refused to focus on the logical and important things like he was sending his men to my room while I was asleep. Total breaching of privacy and not to mention dangerous. I should probably tell Gabriel about this. If my sister knew that a man was breaking and leaving notes and gift wrapped boxes in my room, she would have a heart attack which could be
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6. Are you hurt?
Erica  I closed the door and waited to hear his footsteps fading away then only I made my way toward the bathroom. For some stupid reason my stomach was all fluttery and my fingers trembled slightly. With jerky hands I pulled my clothes off and got in the shower. It was the first time that I didn’t spend at least half an hour under the hot water sitting cross legged on the floor and counting numbers. And maybe it was the reason as I combed through my wet and tangled hair, that I gave in and pulled my drawer open to take out the pills I had gotten the other day. I had been tense before, and now with him showing up like that out of nowhere, my anxiety had gotten worse so I couldn't stop when an inner voice suggested that I need this crutch to get me through another day without breaking, especially in front of that beautiful, handsome, Italian mobste
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7. She is Kind too
EricaWhen I stepped out it was a different man from before and he nodded at me as Antonio joined me. He put his large palm at the small of my back and this time I was confused if I was feeling the warmth from the scotch or from his hand, or maybe my skin was tingling because of the drugs. There was no telling it with so much intoxicating shit I indulged and still I thought it was mainly the man walking beside me that was making me unstable. When we reached the restaurant the doorman didn’t meet our eyes as he held the door open. And unlike all the time I had been to all you can eat buffets this place was totally empty. There was not one person to be seen. And it was shocking because it was Sunday and we weren't far from my college. “Why isn’t anyone here?” I asked the man walking beside me. And then, “Oh wait, you asked them to not give entry to
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8. Daffodils
Erica  I woke up sweaty with filthy words echoing in my mind that made my whole body tremble as if restrained against bounds and fighting to get away. I looked around my room, my eyes searching as if someone would appear from thin air and I would blame him on my breakdown, when I knew well enough that the monsters I fight aren’t visible, they were never visible to begin with, not to be seen. Only to feel and hear. They were just dark forms with offensive words that made my skin crawl. That made me vomit and hurt like needles under my skin. I wiped my brow on my sleeve and slid off the bed. In a desperate attempt to not think about my nightmares I turned my thoughts to the tempting devil that had dropped me at my dorm without a word and with just a brush of his lips against mine. If he was playing at hard to get then he w
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