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Maxine A. K. A Max John's is a senior at St John's. She doesn't believe in love nor in mysteries or fate. Her spiritual being feels threatened. For some reason she sometimes dreams about a mystical girl she has never met. She is abused at home, she fights for survival and dignity, but is oblivious of who she really is and where she comes from, or what she'll become. Her existence was declined eon years ago. What if she has a bigger purpose....what if her past caught up with her long ago but never realized it? Until….. Maya is a known kindergarten teacher, she has to start teaching at St Johns. She is a princess in a land oblivious to mankind. Her people are escapees of descendants of a world one can wish to be part of. A city where no man lives. She was chosen to lead her people but doesn't want to. She runs away to live amongst humans. She always wanted to be free and choose her own life, and lover. She dreams about a young girl. She never questioned why? Until...... All calls they return to their homes, humanity is at stake, and they are the only ones to fight who was coming, what had been going on eons ago? What will they do? Duck, or dive?

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Maxine’s P.O.V I tossed and turned trying slumber to embrace my godforsaken body but it wouldn't let me. Grumbling I urged myself to sleep but it was no use. The thoughts buried down my mind were haunting me the same way I needed sleep to take me. Away from the feelings that were evoked with every thought that popped up. ‘What does one have to do to avoid such void, Lord if it is a sin please forgive me for I have no heart nor strength to stop this feeling’ I pleaded as I thought to myself sighing. Thinking about that day made my toes curl. I laughed silently as I went down memory lane. ‘My mother is going to skin me alive if she finds out’. I laughed silently ignoring the pang of pain that was trying to engulf me. I mean that woman hated seeing me happy. 'Wait! What if this is not true’ the words uttered to me like sirens. What if they were none other than a plan to destroy my life? ‘My mother would be happy s
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ONE YEAR AGO BEFORE FIVE YEARS HAD PAST..... "Hey Maxine can you come to the kitchen" My father requested mischievously. I, an eleven-year-old daughter, the only child of my mother and father, I rushed into the kitchen skipping along the way. I was so loved by both my parents so much so that they couldn't afford seeing me cry. I got everything I wanted. I was an angel to their eyes. My father would sometimes say I was the God's gift. I don’t know why he had to add the, but he did, I always thought it was lame. "Hey daddy" I murmured lovingly as I moved to sit to his lap. "Hello sunshine" he whispered back lovingly matching my enthusiasm as he picked me up and placed me on his lap. "How was your day at school" he continued. "Oh daddy it was amazing; Miss Johnson gave us lollipops every time we got answers right" I chipped. "Wait! You have a new teacher now?" he asked smiling to me as I was making faces and giggl
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SEVEN MONTHS LATER AFTER MY FATHER'S DISSAPEARANCE.... It had been a month since Michael moved in with us. He wasn't the father I had hoped for but he was loving; so I thought. I had been in my room playing alone as usual. It had been a routine I was used to, something I was comfortable with other than my mother constantly cursing and ignoring me like I was a disease. Sometimes I would lay down facing the roof, looking up at the stars my father painted for me on my room ceiling, wondering why he really he left us. I would sometimes think it was my fault but remembering my father's words like it was yesterday giving me hope, and I was able to ignore what my mother’s rants about me being the home wrecker. I laid there thinking about my mother’s words and the misery I was facing. "It is your fault your father left me" my mother would say furiously. "Her", it was all "her" what about me! Wasn’t I part of the family, I mean he left me too! Michael
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He left me standing there in the bathroom covering myself shying away from him. The moment he got out I dashed out hurryingly scared he might come back. I swiftly searched for clothes I could wear that could hide my whole scars. I wore the clothes so fast scared of what he might do if I were to be late, without applying lotion. I winced from time to time but I had to suck it up. I packed my books and left the room, as it was already seventeen minutes after. ‘Yes I was smart but still fragile’ "Maxine...let’s go!" Michael shouted in the sitting room demandingly. ‘It’s only been eighteen minutes. Does he even know time?’ "I'm here" I came running out of breath fearing the worst. For some reason my body was starting to heal, I could feel my hurt lessening. I was glad I did not want my mother finding out nor Michael, I'm sure he would beat me just for that. "You two are getting along very well, I should leave you both more often" my mother
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PRESENT DAY.... "Could this day life get any better" I muttered to myself waiting for slumber to take me. I sat up. Huffing I looked around. I needed something that could distract my mind. The emotions I was going through were too heavy on me. I wanted to curl up and die, a day just so I forget. Instead, my mind went on a race of its own.                                 I’m troubled.                                 Can you tell?                               I hide it so well,                       I smile my mind run miles,        
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ONE YEAR AGO: THE DREAM...I came back home from school and found that my mother had gone to work for a night shift. I found myself left with Michael again. It was unpleasant but I had to deal with it. I got inside the house late that day. It was a known too well routine for me but Michael didn't find it soothing at all, actually he got enraged when he didn't see me around."Where have you been?" he asked clearly agitated the moment I got inside the house like he had been waiting for me.'Talk about a typical pedophile creep' I rolled my eyes as I dismissed his outrage.I had found peace in knowing that I will be better and strong one day. I mean I was used to ignoring him and him getting furious and ending up doing nothing. Of course he could have done something but I wouldn't let him. As soon as I reached
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I punched him on his stomach again and his side face so fast he didn't get the chance to fathom what was happening. All the time when I was hitting him I didn't say anything; it was like everything stood still. It was like I was doing a task I was supposed to do with no time left but with care and deadline. I was calm but fierce, and it scared Michael to the core but he was still fighting to get a chance to pounce on me back. Sadly, it didn't happen. And yes I still had him held up like and dangling mice. He showed loathing that it seemed like nothing was hurting me anymore, I could sense his agitation. He tried hitting me but it was like he was hitting a punching bag, like literary I couldn’t feel a thing, I just saw him wincing at his hand it might have broken or something. I looked at him dead in the eyes, I felt his soul being threatened like he was scared of death, he shivered. Unaware and unsatisfied I tossed him like an exercise book across the
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A Year Ago: Redland Palace "Maya Angelo Johnson, your father expects you continue his legacy. And how are you going do that if you do not undergo our tradition and marry?" her mother commanded in a high queen's voice. "Mother, I mean high queen I shall and will not marry without my heart’s desire" she exclaimed tensely hating every minute of being around her family. I mean all, even the people of Redland demanded she marry. From that point on she saw that she couldn’t have a life of her own. She left her mother on the throne and demanded Jessica to watch over her mother as she packed her things to leave. As she was leaving her sister followed her with her own bag of clothes. "I am not staying behind this time alone, I mean they will practical
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I rushed into the shower, took a bath and was out in ten minutes. I gave myself one last look in the mirror, and was pleased with myself.'Well my panic of school must have calmed me down' I looked at my eyes that were back to normal.‘Call it whatever you want Maya’ my inner self chimed out of nowhere.‘Shut up!’ I demanded a bit harshly."Oh my.... did you bath?" Andrea startled me whistle leaning on my bed."Jesus! Andy!......what are you doing here" jumping with hysteria I questioned. Deciding to ignore her presence I moved about dressing up like a crazy child ready for a day out at the fun fair, whiles pacing around the room gathering my things for school. I ignored her presence and finished all I needed to do.My sister looked at me like I was crazy.'What is up with her?' she pondered as she studied me, and checking the time on her phone.‘You know we are tied together right!’&
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"I'm sorry sis" I muttered with a soft voice deciding to apologize but with detachment, I was still taken by that somebody.I turned my gaze back to where I was looking, Andrea noticing my reactions and detachment followed my gaze troubled as to what had drawn my mind into hurting her."Who is that?" and she was suddenly drawn too. My sister spoke softly into my ear, which caused me to jump and cause a little bit of a squeal and commotion.I regained my composure realizing a lot of students were looking at us now."Shit....... don't do that!" although I returned my gaze to where I had been looking.I don’t know why but I just had to look at him. There was something about him I couldn’t put a finger on."I don’t like boys but damn him......." I head Andrea cry out in want. Realizing I probably looked creepy looking at him this much I tried regaining my strength and posture.Although after registering what she just sai
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