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Colt Axezus Nerro is a businessman. It was only on his profile that he stated that he wanted to tour the world in search of his soul mate. But it's been a hundred years since he started seeking, and he still hasn't found his mate. Then Colt received an invitation. It was an invitation to an auction. Even though he didn't want to go, Colt went to the auction hall nevertheless because of his instinct. And it was at the auction that Colt discovered Lilith Saaverde, one of the sale's items. Colt had an odd reaction to Lilith. He's very interested in her. Lilith Saaverde was also sold by an Alpha at that time, which Lilith is unaware of. As one by one, the mysteries are uncovered... Are they willing to put their lives on the line for their love? ….

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.....   "Mom, Dad, Hana, Iro... No, no!" screamed a small girl, who was crying in terror and sandess as she watched her family being slaughtered right in front of her.   All she could see was blood on the floor of their house and her family's body laying on the floor. She couldn't even look at the people in front of her who were murdering her family.   She screamed for aid, but no one could hear her. She wept, crawled, and yelled in excruciating pain. She is unable to fight back in order to save her family. She felt completely useless, and she couldn't even protect herself.   She is pleading for help. She is determined to save everyone. She requires strength, but due to her current circumstances, it is impossible. U
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....   Lilith Saaverde moves towards the platform's center from the platform's entryway. Her shoulders were revealed through her arms as she wore an exquisite tailored mint blue long gown.   Lilith was on the verge of crying because she could see how crowded the hall was. She suffers from a phobia and can't help but shiver in terror. As she scanned the entire area, she felt compelled to flee.     Lilith got increasingly afraid as the throng became more boisterous. She can also feel her own cold sweat dripping down her back, giving her shivers all over her body. Lilith is also well aware that she would be selling in front of the crowds, so she can't help but pray quietly.     The emcee yelled, "First bid, 2 billion dollars!" as he began the bidding for Lilith.       The crowds then began shouting their bids for Lilith, ranging fr
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#3: SOLD
.....   Lilith returned to the chamber where she had been previously. She simply moved without being aware of it. She appears to be under Colt's command. And, despite her desire to flee at the time, she remained inside and awaited the auction's end.   Colt, on the other hand, returned to the auction hall with Tio, his business partner. His mind was racing with thoughts about Lilith. He is both perplexed and intrigued by Lilith's life. He has no idea why she has such an impact on him.   Tio said, "Dude, you're zoning out." Then he taps Colt on the shoulder.   Colt inquired, "What is it, Tio?"   "I said, aren't you going to buy anything other than that woman earlier?" Tio questioned, smirking.     Tio is making fun of Colt. He had been Colt's business partner for almost seven years and knew a lot about him. Tio was also aware that Colt is a werewol
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....   Colt is still awake in the morning. He couldn't sleep after the auction and until they arrived at his residence yesterday night.     He's been keeping an eye on Lilith since she fell asleep last night. Lilith was also the reason Colt couldn't sleep since she was experiencing nightmares, and when Colt heard her yelling for help, he ran to her room to check on her. Then Colt learned that Lilith was experiencing nightmares that night, so he stayed up all night to keep a watch on her.       After a while, Tio arrived. He went out and got Lilith new clothes, as well as breakfast for the three of them.   "How are you doing, Colt?" Tio inquired as he placed the stuff he had purchased on the table inside Lilith's room.       Colt said without glancing back at Tio, "She was experiencing nightmares."  
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....   "Do you need something, Lilith?" Tio said as he moved his gaze to her position.   When Lilith heard Tio's voice, she took a quick step back and was about to close the door. Lilith came to a halt and cast a sidelong glance at Tio, who was already staring at her. Tio, on the other hand, was perplexed by Lilith's actions. That's what Tio is thinking because she appears to be terrified.   "What do you want? Just tell me, don't be scared. If that's what you want, I won't go near you," Tio stated earnestly.   "I-I-I want water," Lilith stammered, her gaze shifting to Tio.     Lilith does not want to be discovered by Tio while attempting to flee. She is so terrified that she fears Tio will harm her. She has no idea that Tio is merely concerned about her well-being and wishes to assist her.   "All right, wait up," Tio remarked as he rose from his
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....   When Lilith noticed Colt's feet approaching her position, she began to cry. Her tears became increasingly loud as her body trembled in fear. Every time someone approached her and spoke to her, she was instantly terrified.   Colt, on the other hand, continues walking despite hearing Lilith's quiet screams. He then knelt and looked down at Lilith, who was hiding beneath the kitchen table.   "My name is Colt, and I was the one who bought you," Colt explained gently.   As Colt discovered Lilith trying to flee again, he was angry at first, but when he heard her weeping, he softened. Even though Colt wanted to scream at Lilith, he couldn't because he didn't want his emotions to be engulfed by remorse. Furthermore, Colt believes Lilith has a cause for her sorrows and anguish.   That's why he forced himself to ignore his wrath, which was slowly growing up inside him. He doesn't wa
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....   "Is she all right?" Tio inquired at Colt.   They were having breakfast together at the time. And Tio was perplexed since Lilith seemed to alter a little in his view. Tio is also intrigued about what happened the night before when he fell asleep, as he has seen that Lilith is now more approachable than before. As a result, he couldn't help but ask Colt.   "Just eat, Tio," Cold stated emphatically.   "Is Lilith all right? She seems to have changed," Tio inquired once more. He's curious about what transpired between Colt and Lilith.   Colt said as he scanned the newspaper, "Stop asking. If she hears you, you might terrify her again."   Tio, on the other hand, continues to question Colt. Even though Colt was completely ignoring him, he insisted on talking to him. On the other hand, Lilith heard Tio's voice. She then puts down her fork and listens to Tio's
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....   "Alpha, we located him, but he concealed himself within the town's Orphanage," Minerva informed as they bowed their heads slightly in front of Colt.   Colt then let out a long sigh and fixed his focus on Minerva. Colt inquired, "Where exactly was he?"   "Near the house you used to live in," Minerva said.   Colt didn't say anything after that, and Minerva knows he was angry at the time. She doesn't want to accept that they didn't carry out their work, but she can't just quit up. Minerva's purpose as a scout was to impress Colt, which is why she worked so hard at her job.     "But Alpha, we can still deal with him; we've already set up traps for him, and by tonight, we'll get him," Minerva said, her gaze falling on Colt, who had turned his back from them.   "Do what you think is right, and if you need anything, contact me," Colt said
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..... As soon as Lilith stepped out of her room that morning, she asked Tio, "Where is Colt?" Tio then cast a peek at Lilith, who, as usual, was not looking at him. Tio was accustomed to Lilith's actions and how she spoke with them. "He went out to buy some stocks; do you need anything?" Tio asked, continuing to type on his laptop. Tio couldn't attend his business meeting because he was out of the city. He worked from home, which is why he always had his laptop with him everywhere he went and whatever he was doing. He was also in charge of Colt's business. Tio was Colt's only human best friend, and he's always been willing to aid him no matter what. He couldn't ignore Colt because he was so dedicated to him. Lilith said, "I want to walk around the forest." Tio, immersed in his laptop, commented, "But Colt already took you their last night right?" Lilith then took a seat on the couch, not far from Tio's spot. Lilith simply desired to return to the woods. She can't deny the beauty
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....   When Colt returned home, he detected Lilith's scent in the direction of the forest, as well as Tio. Instead of entering the home, he went straight to Tio and Lilith in the woods.   Colt could see Lilith picking up some flowers from afar. Tio, on the other hand, was preoccupied with looking around. After inspecting Lilith, Colt returned to his house. Even though it was still early in the evening, he cooked dinner for them.   Then, after a few moments, Lilith and Tio returned to the house. Then they discovered Colt had already arrived and was in the kitchen and already cooking. Tio then walked over to Colt and tapped him on the shoulder.       "How long have you been here? Why haven't you told me?" Tio inquired as he saw Colt's prep.   Colt replied, "Nuh. I just arrived a while ago." He was busy cooking at the time.   Lilith, on
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