The Alpha's Dilemma

The Alpha's Dilemma

By:  Ladipo Michael  Ongoing
Language: English
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Everything he had owned crashed the moment Aaron became Wolfless, his Pack bestowed hatred on him and his step brother took that which was precious to him. Even though he was weak, Aaron swore to get revenge. He thirsted for power like it was his life source and he lost every ounce of humanity he once had till he met his mate, Diana. As hard as he tried not to, he fell for her. And just when things start to blossom for him, he finds out sacrificing her life was the only way he could get his revenge. The Rogue Alpha was struck in a dilemma. Was his mate's life worth keeping or was his undying hunger for revenge greater?

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26 chapters
Chapter 01
My eyes jolted awake and my body shuddered with great tremor as if a high voltage had coursed through me. My eyes refused to squint at the beautiful morning rays illuminating my king size room. My chest heaved up and down in a heavy manner. Something had left me. Something deep, a greater part of me. I could feel that void growing within me by the seconds, eating me inside out. “Aries…” I whispered, calling unto my wolf spirit but no answer came forth. “Aries!” I raised my voice affirmatively but it was still hopeless and then it dawned on me that the greatest horror of my life had birthed. I sat up on my bed staring at the bed sheets with a confused look, my lips twitched repeatedly and my breaths became heavier by the moment as the truth became more and more obvious.  I had lost my wolf. Aries was gone, I didn’t know how but I could feel the void he once occupied. My body began trembling all o
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Chapter 02
“Alpha, time is running out!” One of the elders yelled downstairs. “I know.” I heard my father say with a cough following suit.“You know?” Another one questioned in a tone filled with disgust. “That’s the same thing you’ve been telling us for months now. Is it until our Pack faces extinction?” “The moon goddess forbids it.” My father clapped back. “Keep deceiving yourself with that statement till our day of extinction comes!” The elder snapped back. “Stop saying those words like you’re praying for our downfall.” My father cautioned.“Then tell your daughter to fulfill her duty! Time is running fast and our enemies are not slowing down either. The moment they find out how weak we are, it’s over!” “Indeed! You’re no longer fit as the Alpha. Your health and your daughter is our
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Chapter 03
 “This can’t be right!” I blared but Irene sighed.  “I’m sorry Aaron.” One could pick the heavy dose of sadness that graced her tone.  “No…” I wriggled my head. “Don’t give me that crap. I am fine. My wolf is probably sick or something. There’s no way this is happening.” I asserted but my voice was lacking the assurance that should have followed suit.  “Aaron, I need you to calm down and let’s find a solution to this.” My mother pleaded with eyes that were slightly teary, her left palm tried to stroke my right but I pulled away sharply.  “I am fine!” I declared while I arose. I glanced between the two of them while my breaths came out like a storm. “I am the son of Barron, his only heir, there’s no way I can suddenly be wolfless. There must be some sort of logical explanation.&rdq
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Chapter 04
“Come in.” His voice sonorously blared while my mother and I sauntered inside. And there he was, on his king size bed with his hateful concubine, Maria. His hazel eyes bonded with mine immediately as if he were trying to decipher what was currently scaling my mind. His low cut brown hair seemed to glow more than usual and his full boxed beard that beheld tiny hints of grey had also been shaved nicely. His lips beheld a tiny smile, something that was always lacking when my father was with me. Although it wasn’t obvious, if one looked closely, they would notice it.   My eyes twitched and wavered from his and then to Maria whose countenance wasn’t welcoming as usual. Her straight black hair was a mess to begin with and the look in her eyes was more than enough to tell how tiring she was going to find today’s ceremony. He stretched his right arm across her shoulder as he sat up on the bed.“Good morning.” My
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Chapter 05
Something was definitely wrong, was the same thing I kept telling myself as I stood behind the tall black curtains shielding the stage where hundreds of Pack members and guests were waiting for me. The night had surprisingly dawned earlier than I expected, I was going to be crowned Alpha. A wolfless man like me was going to take up my Father's mantle, a taboo, yet my father still insisted. My fears were growing at a choking pace, my entirety trembled like I was going to melt anytime soon yet I had to keep up this strong facade for the guards beside me not to notice. I tried to remember the words of my mother but it didn't soothe me one bit. This shouldn't be happening but at the same time I couldn't go against my father. He probably had his reasons for letting this coronation ceremony continue. But whatever it was, I could only hope it was good.     “Ladies and gentlemen, the moment is finally here, the dawn of a
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Chapter 06
Something was different about Silver Clawers Pack, I could feel it. This wasn't the first time I was stepping into this Pack but tonight, it was another story entirely. The winds were howling to my ears as if they were trying to tell me something. I couldn't phantom what but I knew it was something good in a way.  "Could you speed up Diana?! We are already late! We can do the sightseeing later." Ana's voice tousled my thoughts.  "Oh come on, we're not that late." I rolled my eyes with a chuckle minting alongside. She rewarded me with a frown instantly.  "The coronation began at eight and look at the time now…" She impatiently pointed to her phone's lock screen showing forty minutes past eight. "Can you see the number of missed calls I'm getting from David?!" She gestured towards the call log. "Well this wouldn't have happened if you had just chosen a dress easily in the first pl
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Chapter 07
"I don't care if you're the Lycan, I don't care how much power you wield. Nobody, absolutely no one has the right to treat my mate in this manner!" She snarled.Mate? My head sparked as those words echoed in my head. This beautiful lady I couldn't take my eyes off was my mate? How did my life come to this? From one trouble to another. First, I had lost my wolf and then I met my step brother who I was just meeting for the first time. My father openly revealed my secret and now this! I gulped down my saliva with several thoughts scaling my mind. But the most obvious one was why? Why did the moon goddess mate me with someone else when I already had one? Was my life suddenly a plaything in the hands of the moon goddess. I closed my eyes dearly hoping once again that this whole thing was simply a nightmare but my mind wandered back to the morning I discovered I lost my wolf. ****"Iris…" I stuttered while my mate sat on my thighs as she faced me. Her irresistible scent swept past me like
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Chapter 08
“Mate or not. I’m going to punish her, Aaron!” “Father please...” I pleaded but the old man wriggled his head. “My decision is final. I will not tolerate the insult she has rewarded me with today.” He reinstated and Levi smiled. My brows couldn’t help but arch in a slight frown, I just met him for the first time yet he acted like he found pleasure in my sufferings. But that wasn’t what I should be worrying about, my new mate was in trouble. “I’m begging you. At least consider the fact that I’m your son.” I mumbled but the look on his face showed just how unwavering his resolve was. I inhaled deeply and without thinking I ran down the stage to her side. I didn’t even wait for her reaction, I grabbed her right hand as I stood beside her. I heard her gasp but I focused my gaze on my father and his minions on the stage. “If you’re going to punish her, then you would have to go through me first!” I yelled and my father growled. “Guards!” My father barked and about seven men encircled
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Chapter 09
"Open the damn door!" He yelled with a loud bang causing the door to tremble. My body jolted slightly in fear, I needed no one to tell me that whoever was behind that door was definitely bad news. We both knew that yet my mate stood up."You're not going to answer that door are you?" I queried as I quickly reached for her wrist. She frowned. "We both know whoever is before that door wants to cause trouble. There's no way I'm allowing you face that." I said while I struggled through the pain to stand."Aaron, you're injured. Fighting in this state is only going to worsen things." She toned worriedly but I didn't listen. Instead, I wobbled towards the door. "Aaron…" She called again, holding my left wrist causing me to stop."Didn't you hear me?!" The person barked and she turned my face to hers, staring into my eyes deeply with a smile that silently assured me."I can handle it." She said softly and at that point, I felt the need to trust her. I nodded slowly and she proceeded to the d
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Chapter 10
My phone screen brightened as we sauntered into the hotel room. It was past three in the morning and the notifications on my phone were filled with nothing but missed calls from Ana and my father. She was definitely worried about my whereabouts but I wasn't in the mood to speak to her. So much had happened tonight that all I wanted was to rest on that king size bed before me.My gaze wandered to Aaron who wobbled to the edge of the bed to sit. He sighed heavily as he rubbed his hand through his hair in a frantic manner. At least he was in much better shape now; after an hour's journey, I had to drive him to the nearest hospital to treat his broken shoulder and bruises. "How are you feeling now?" My voice chorused softly as I sat by his side. He gleamed with a slight nod. "Better..." He whispered. I smiled for a brief moment. "Thankfully the extent of your injuries wasn't extreme, you should be fine within a week." "Yeah..." He whispered again but his sadness was clearly hinting i
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