Luna Iris- Mated to a slave

Luna Iris- Mated to a slave

By:  Rever  Ongoing
Language: English
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Iris- After losing my uncle to war, I as his only blood relative immediately became the Luna of the white fang pack. After taking over from my uncle, I had to make peace with a prisoner for the sake of my pack. But what happened afterward was something that left me torn between my pack and my mate.

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23 Chapters
Chapter one- A call of duty
Iris POV My name is Iris Doukas, the niece of Hatzis Doukas, the fierce and feared leader of the white fang pack.   My uncle was a cold man who cared only about battles and nothing else. Other than the prostitute he slept with, he didn't have a mate and refused to have an heir.     My childhood was beautiful and also filled with gruesome scenes because uncle Hatzis was ruthless to anyone that's not me since I was his little brother's only child and his last surviving blood relative since my parents died.   Our pack and territories had flourished and expanded over the years because of the several victories he won in the wars with other packs and the slaves he had captive.   <
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Chapter two- Out of breath
Even though I had never seen Thor, just the thought of how he looked made me nervous. It was even worse when I recalled the stories that I had heard over the years about him. Feeling frightened, I dropped back on my bed, lying flat on my back as a groan escaped my lips. "My Luna! Iris! Is everything okay?" Rona cried in a distressed tone. "Do you feel sick or tired? Is the grape not to your liking, my Luna?!" "No. I just hate my reality right now, and wish to stay here until I join my uncle, ma, and pa on the other side." I cried out, feeling my tears escaping from the corners of my eyes. "Please don't say such a thing, my Luna," Rona said as she looked at me worriedly. "The elders only want you to finally see Thor because he was your uncle's important prisoner and our pack leverage on the Storm Riders Pack." Life is so miserable. It's been only a month, and I suddenly have all this pressure piling up on my duties as the pack leader. The elders h
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Chapter Three- Unknown visitor
Looking at the murderous tension in Thor's eyes, I heard a loud growled and eyed the wolf slowly approaching us with his eyes on Thor. "Stay back and don't attack!" I ordered, looking back into Thor's cold gaze. When he squeezed my neck a bit tighter, I clawed my nails into the back of his hand, causing him to loosen his grip around my throat a little, and I mumbled, "Can you let go of me, please!" With his gaze fixed solely on mine, a look of hesitation clouded Thor's face, and his grip on my neck loosened a bit more. "Thank you. Now, what I came here to say is that I want to get you out of this place," I whispered, clearing my throat aggressively to stabilize my breath. Read more
Chapter Four- Little Devil
The presence in the room was powerful, and I felt restrained to the bed by anxiety as I clawed my fingers into the sheets, steadying my breath. Listening attentively, I tried to pinpoint where the person was in my room, and I could hear the pounding of their heart and their deep breathing coming from the corner where my window was. But whoever it was, they had their scent mask. Finally, realizing that I was only being watched, and the intruder didn't plan to attack me, I squeezed the blanket in my hands and screamed, "Rona! Help me!!" Immediately, I heard footsteps and swayed my gaze to the window to see only the moving curtains. Whoever it was, they were swift on their feet and gone. When my room door burst open, I
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Chapter Five- An Alliance
Thor POV My first instinct was to hurt her, really bad. After all, she was a member of the white fang pack. But I couldn't do it… I could not bring myself to harm her the way I wanted to, just as I cowered back in the cell.  The pain in my palm grew intense as she continued to chew in my skin like some wild pup, and I had to yank my hand away from her lips. Wiping my blood off her mouth, her yellow eyes sparkled with anger, and she mumbled, "Is this how you thank someone for taking you out of a shithole!" The way she spoke with so much arrogance and force made me feel a childish wash of anger overwhelm me, and yet, I said nothing and simply stared at her. Read more
Chapter Six- Bear my mark
The silence in the room grew louder as Iris and I lay still by each other without speaking. The words that she said kept replaying in my head, and I can't help but smirk at the thought of them. Alliance, what a beautiful word, a perfect proclamation that led me here on an unfortunate day. My entire childhood has been about leading my pack to greatness, and that was my only reason for existing, conquering other packs' territories, and bathing the ground with their blood afterward. After conquering so many lands before the age of eighteen, I realized that the White Fang Pack was better as allies than foes, so I did the dumbest thing and trust Hatzis' word that unity between both packs was something that he also wanted. Read more
Chapter Seven- Sticky lip
The morning light caused me to squeeze my eyelids before raising them, staring at Iris deep in sleep. How she could be so trusting with me and fall soundly asleep in the arms of her enemy, puzzled me to a great extent. Last night, I couldn't find any sleep. My thoughts wouldn't let me. After nineteen years in captivity, I didn't expect my first night of some kind of peace to be spent holding Hatzis's niece in my arms. Gently, I pulled my hand from underneath Iris, and she suddenly raised her lashes, staring calmly at me. Then she sat up and smiled, but I kept frowning, wondering how the heck Hatzis raised her for her to be so cheerful. "Good morning, Thor,"
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Chapter Eight- The kiss
Iris POV My first kiss, I was about to lose it, and yet, I couldn't pull back. My body felt stiff and hot as Thor's lips got closer to mine. It was just yesterday, I didn't want to walk into that cell and see his face, look into his cold, dark eyes.  But now, I was staring into them as his mouth rested on mine, his hand stroking down my back until it reached my waist. Pulling me closer, Thor had me tightly in his grip, giving me no chance to breathe as he claimed my lips, making me moan sounds that felt embarrassing to hear, and yet it was turning me on, giving rise to my yearning for more of him. My eyelids shut closed as I clutched onto the pillow, f
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Chapter Nine- chains and scars
Thor POV   The taste of Iris and the softness of her desirable lips were imprinted in my mind, and I felt guilty for wanting to protect and love her because it was a sign of betrayal to my pack.   I felt apologetic to my people that I am weak and desperate for her. The craving of my wolf to be with Iris was becoming hard to suppress, and although I detest her pack, I want to keep her safe because she is the only part of this place that I don't hate.   Could I have both, revenge and her? It was… I know it's possible. But will Iris still be the same and her beautiful soul perfectly intact?   A wolf can only hope. After all, I have left my mark on her tongue. There's no telling how much damage that much has done to her
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Chapter Ten- Engraving your body
Iris POV It's like fate is against my hope for peace, and it's hell-bent on ruining plans to earn Thor's trust. Considering the meeting that I just had with Elder Elder Lykaios and now this, I feel drained and annoyed all of sudden. "Get the chain off him!" I command, striving not to lose myself to my anger. "Yes, my Luna!" A guard hastily said as he rushed over to Thor. My heart ached when he unlocked the chains and I saw the burn marks on Thor's wrists. It looked so painful. I could only imagine the anguish that he must be in. "Whose fault is this?!" I shouted, clutching my fist tight as I gaze a
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