Becca: The Impostor Luna Queen

Becca: The Impostor Luna Queen

By:  John Mar Copones  Ongoing
Language: English
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It all started with jealousy. Becca, a possessive woman who wants to take everything from her twin sister, Marga. Her insane jealousy reached its worst point after Marga's marriage with Aldous, an Alpha king whom Becca admired most. Her indiviousness leads her to take an evil plan against Marga through the help of an ugly omega, Farcas who asked for her virginity to grant her wish. Thinking that Marga was dead already, she disguised as the Luna Queen and spent Kong years with Aldous. But, Marga returned for a revenge, this time, she made sure that Becca will suffer the weight of her deeds.

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    5 chapters
    At the Dawn
    ~Becca~ “Becca! Marga! I brought you some apples! Come down young girls!” Mother called us, she was downstairs carrying a basket of red apples she took from the woods. We rushed down our wooden stairs, too excited to bite the crispy and juicy red fruit. “One for my Becca and one for my Marga...” she exclaimed, putting the apple on our lap. I looked down and saw that the apple was smaller, I turned my head to the left side where my twin sister Marga was sitting, her apple was bigger than mine. I felt sad. But I remained wordless that moment. But that happened long dead years, our parents had departed the world of living. And besides, it was just an apple, I would sound too lunatic for that little thing, for only an apple I would slap my twin sister? Oh come on! How absurd! “Becca! What have I done to you?!” Marga screamed, blood dripped from her fo
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    A Perfect Day
    Aldous~  After proving the entire pack that I am full of procuring the highest succession as an Alpha King, I guess I got the righteous time to grant my heart’s greatest desire. And that is to marry the most beautiful wolfwoman I’ve ever seen in my whole life. Her outer belle dazzles me all the time. But more than what a bare eye could discern, her innateness captivates me beyond doubt. Marga’s heart was so pure and genuine, she loves me not for the post I obtained but for who I really am. The day of our union had been so tiring for the two of us, so we decided to have an early nap after the celebration. The frigid breeze of winter gave us a relaxing sensation. Marga kissed me on my forehead after enunciating her sweet lovingly words. I recompense her with a warm embrace, I held her onto my arms. As she closed her eyes and fell asleep, I perceived an unending happiness with the woman I will be resting my last breath wi
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    Foresight of an Elder
    ~Becca~ One day, tired and hot from a walk, Aldous and I came upon a crystal-clear river deeply shaded by silvery willows. No more delightful place for a bath could be imagined. I undressed and slipped into the cool delicious water, Aldous sat down the side shore gazing at me. His eyes filled with intimacy crucified on me. For a while, I swam idly to and fro in inner peace; then I seemed to feel something stir in the depths beneath me. Surprised, I sprang to the bank, and as I did so, I heard a voice. “Why such haste my fairest Queen?” From my back, Aldous dived down the glittering water, his warmth love lingers on me thoroughly. We bathed together almost half an hour. As we touched each other, I perceived nothing but glory and power running through his vein. “My king... I am now shivering because of the coldness of the water, can we rise up now?” with my soothing utterance, Aldous quic
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    The Second order of Becca
    ~Farcas~ As an outcaste omega belonging to the lowest class, not even allowed to live in the borders of the high wolves, I spent my lonesome days in the outskirts of the royal pack. Here, inside my silent cave, I spent my solitude,  in a sad chamber of this unjust world, a world I wish would perish in just a snap of my fingers. Despite a thousand reasons to vanish, I have my remaining cause to keep living. And that was my burning desire for Becca, the love of my life. She promised to live with me in total ecstasy. She promised me... From my untidy cave, I looked out and gazed upon the boundless sky above. My heart leaps with whole elation, twilight is finally here. The crepuscular edge of time, the only witness of a love forbids by hierarchy and honour. Few seconds to go, my beloved Becca will be here, she will be mine again before twilight ends. I will be the happiest wolf on earth even in just a short time with Becca.Read more
    A Big Feat to Come
    ~Becca~ “I really can’t imagine how I put up myself inside that gauche cavern!” filled with annoyance, I wiped my dusty arms and shoulder. I rushed downstairs to clean my body, however, when I entered our room, Aldous was already there. I failed to come home before he was done with his assembly with the gamma wolves. I smile graciously yet his visage was filled with wondering. “Where have you been Marga?” he asked, while sitting on his smooth and fine couch. “I just came from a walk my dearest king...” I replied. After telling him where I have been, he did not utter any follow-up questions, perhaps, he trusted me that much that doubt never struck his mind. “Have you chosen already the gown you will wear for the incoming feat?” he asked once again. My face suddenly frowns, there was no
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