Devil's Novia

Devil's Novia

By:  Mylovelyreaders  Completed
Language: English
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Ever heard a love story about an Angel and Demon? No? Then let me welcome you all to a thrilling and adventurous love story about a powerful and stalwart Demon Prince, Zachary, the Demon of Wrath, and a sweet, cute, naïve, and naughty Princess Diana, the Angel of Love and ecstasy. Zachary loves Diana very much. She is his smile, his laugh, his breath, his heart, his life. But too much love can give birth to an extreme and dangerous obsession...

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Author's Note
Copyright ©️2022 by Mylovelyreaders All rights reserved. The storyline is entirely mine and is completely fictitious. I know nothing about angels and demons, it's just a book which I had created in my mind:D Any resemblance from the resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locals is entirely coincidental. The copyright of this book solely belongs to the author and shouldn't be distributed or transmitted in any other form without the consent of the author. This story will take you on a sweet and romantic journey of a bubbly Angel and a cruel and merciless Demon who falls for the charms of the cute princess.The plot will be full of humor, steamy romance, and a love triangle which would lead to a dangerous obsession and a fight for the star-struck lovers. Before you read this story, do give a pause to the below-stated warnings: *Violence*Smut*Gore and Bloodshed And... many cute and funny moments. If you're reading this book I would expect you all to read with a
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A Bloodsucking Monster
? P.O.V"N-no, p-please"I smiled viciously as I saw the pathetic woman crying helplessly while crawling backward on the floor.Her begging eyes and sparkling tears were satisfying my ruthless beast. I was feeling delighted while watching her crying and imploring weakly.I walked towards her with predatory steps."Sweetheart, don't get afraid. I am not here to hurt you. I just want to kill you."I spoke wickedly while scanning her petite figure hungrily."No, Please Don't"She kept moving back but in an instant, I pounced on her and grabbed her neck. She kept screaming and crying but I dig my teeth in her flesh-devouring her hungrily. Soon her painful wails died down. I got up and wiped my mouth. I threw my head back in pleasure and contentment."Prince Zachary"Suddenly a guard came inside the room. I got up and turned around.
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First Meet
~Flashback A year before We were having a fierce war with Noah, Demon of Gluttony. I had destroyed half of his army. But he was still alive and I was dying to slaughter him. The bloodshed continued for many months. He was badly injured and was on the verge of dying. I smirked in victory and was about to kill him with my golden sword when all of a sudden someone stabbed my chest from the back. I looked down only to see red liquid oozing out. I immediately turned around and ripped that guard's head off. His body crashed down on the ground. I smirked and, in a flash, jabbed my sword in Noah's chest killing him. He immediately died. I removed my sword from his chest. It was covered in his blood. I snapped my fingers. It blazed with a golden flame and soon all the blood evaporated leaving it in a gleaming silver hue. I fluttered my wings and soon flew off disappearing in the white clouds. The blood kept dripping down from my chest making it bloody. I kept increasing my pace to hurry of
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Princess Diana
Moonland Diana's P.O.V. "There you go" I spoke softly while roaming my fingers healing a wounded macaw, Eftsoon. Its flashy turquoise plumage fluttered excitedly indicating its felicity. I chuckled and caressed its glinting feathers. "Di" I turned around and smiled. "Arthur!!" I quickly got up and rushed to him. He grinned and hugged me tightly. "How's my Princess?", he smiled and patted my head. I broke the hug and chirped, "I am fine. What about you? When did you arrive? Did Ariel come along with you?", I kept blabbering as I was too elated to see my brother. "Oh, God!! Hush, Di. Yes, she has come with me and I am fine. Now let's go in", he laughed. I nodded and we both went inside. "Ari!!!" I rushed to Ariel as soon as I saw her. She clasped me in her arms and hugged me tightly. "Aww my baby, how are you?", she chuckled while patting my head. "I am fine. What about you?", I giggled as she tickled me softly. "I am absolutely fine. Your Arthur has good news for you." My eye
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Stubborn Beast
"I want to marry your sister." Arthur clenched his fists at his words. Anger rushed in his veins as he lashed out at him angrily. "ARE YOU INSANE?? DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT ARE YOU SAYING??", he yelled in pure fury but Zachary kept a straight face. "Listen, just because you are our Queen's brother that doesn't give you the right to yell at our King", Calix said in his raspy voice while glaring at him intensely. Everyone (except Zachary and Calix) gasped in shock. "King of Hell?? Oh my God!!!", Ariel yelled as she was shell-shocked to know this. Calix shot her a glare. "B-But I ca-can't let you marry my s-sister. She's an A-", Arthur babbled in fear but Zachary cut him off. "Angel?" He stated calmly while raising his left eyebrow. Arthur looked at him in fear as he has so calm which was not a good sign. Zachary noticed their uneasiness so he heaved a deep sigh before speaking gently. "Listen I mean no harm. I just wanted to tell you that I love your sister very much. I just want to
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Agony of a stone heart
Hell Inside the Palace "HOW DARE YOU? WHO EVEN GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO DECIDE WHOM WILL YOU MARRY? WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, HOW DARE YOU EVEN GO TO HEAVEN AND ASK THE HANDS OF THE PRINCESS OF THE MOON??" Orkus yelled fiercely at the young lad who was standing with his arms crossed over his chest while he stared at him with no trace of remorse on his face. "I don't need to give you any explanations as now I am the King of Hell and I can do whatever I want to do", Zachary spoke gruffly. "ZACHARY!!!!", Delphyne shouted at him feeling completely offended by his harsh words. "Enough, I have announced my decision. And you all can't change it, when I said I will marry Diana that means I will marry her only and no one has the power to change the decision of the King... Not even his parents", Zachary growled. His parents looked at him in shock after hearing his cruel words. Tears got filled in their eyes as it was heart-breaking to witness their son insulting them in front of everyone whom t
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A shocking revelation
HellInside the PalaceTo say Zachary was happy would be an understatement. Zachary was on the ninth cloud after his marriage got fixed with his Angel. Brushing his hair for the tenth time while humming a melodious tone he checked himself in the mirror."Gosh Zachary, you're just gonna meet her. You are getting dressed as if it's your wedding", Calix spoke in an irritated tone while watching the younger who was all going into a frenzy."Oh, come on Dude, I am gonna meet my Angel and this is going to be my first date. Man, I am going nuts", Zachary replied in a worried tone. Calix sighed. He took the brush from his hands and placed it at the dressing table. Calix then wrapped his around his shoulders and looked at him."Don't worry. Everything's gonna be fine. Listen Zachary, as far as I have understood Diana, she is a girl who is not a fan of outside beauty but judges people from their souls. We all
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Playful Fight
Moonland“WHAT???”Diana jumped in fear and turned around only to see Arthur looking at her in shock. His face was pale and his eyes had turned wide as saucers. Fear gripped her but she decided to confront her brother as he needs to know the truth. Arthur took long strides towards her and gripped her shoulders tightly.“WHAT DID YOU SAY? DON’T TELL ME THIS IS THE TRUTH!!“, he growled.Diana was confused as to why her brother was reacting to her confession this way. He looked so shocked but a glint of fear was also reflected in his brown orbs. She looked at him with stern eyes but spoke in a soft and gentle tone.“This is the truth, Arthur. I love Moon Prince, the guy who is a friend of Demon Prince. I like him and I want to marry-”“NO, NO, NO!“, Arthur yelled in a scared tone making her flinched.“D-Diana, don’t say this. You are going to marr
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My future queen is a child?
Diana’s P.O.V.I and Zachary were strolling in the garden enjoying the serenity of nature quietly. After our little fight, we didn’t talk much. Although Zachary kept asking me about myself I replied to him in only one or two words as I was still a bit uncomfortable with him. The thick air of awkward silence was increasing the gap between us more and more while we made our way to Mount Moon which was the northernmost point of our territory.I don’t know why he was so interested in me but to be honest I don’t want to give him any false hopes. You can’t just develop feelings for someone all of a sudden. It takes time to develop a bond between two souls. A bond of trust, loyalty, care, and faith. We can’t just develop any relationship in just one meeting so why are he and my family are so adamant about making me marry a stranger whom I had met only once that was also to treat him? It was an act of kindness as he needed h
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Two months later.It’s been two months since Diana and Zachary have finally come on good terms and soon their wedding bells were about to ring. Although Zachary wanted to marry Diana as soon as possible she denied it. She wanted more time. And this time Angel’s move had exasperated and triggered the Demon Prince badly.After dating Diana for one month and expressing his true feelings to her, Zachary thought that she would finally agree to his proposal. But Diana still denied or can say again rejected his proposal which made him extremely furious. Although Zachary was trying hard to change and control himself after all a leopard can’t change its spots. He is a Demon after all and on top of that the Demon of Wrath. There’s no way he will be able to change his true self. He can only hide his emotions but can’t change his real identity.When Zachary came to know that Diana was still asking for some more time, he b
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