Possess Me: The Demon King's Mate

Possess Me: The Demon King's Mate

By:  Ashley Breanne  Completed
Language: English
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Her entire life, Seraphina thought she was human. It wasn't until after her parents were killed that she learned her family's secret. She came from a long and powerful line of witches. While going through her parents' belongings, she stumbles upon a spell book. Not only does she accidentally summon a demon king while going through it, but she binds him to her as well. Demetri is the king of the second circle, lust. When he is forcefully pulled from his throne and brought to Earth, the last thing he expected was for a woman to bewitch him. Yet, it only took one look at the beautiful creature for him to decide that she would be his. While Seraphina is trying to find a way to free him, Demetri is trying to seduce her and convince her to be his mate. When her parents' killer turns their attention to Seraphina, they must work together to locate and eliminate the threat. Enjoy the steamy romance between Seraphina and Demetri as they fight for their lives and fall in love in the process. 18+ There will be several graphic sex scenes, violence, and strong language is used.

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59 chapters
*** A low growl filled the room, originating from the man breathing deeply next to me as if he were trying to restrain himself. "I will go easy on you this time, Seraphina, but don't expect it next time." Even though we hadn't had a first time yet, the idea of a next time had the dampness between my legs growing. The possibilities of what he would do to and with me were endless. "Not as your mate," I shook my head slightly as I leaned in closer to him, inhaling his masculine scent. "This would strictly be fucking." His arm shot off the back of the couch, his hand lacing in my hair and pulling on the back of my neck tight enough that it was on the verge of being painful but not quite enough to hurt. My head tilted up to look at him as he spoke, his lips dangerously close to mine. "You may have me bound right now, my little witch. But, when I take you, I will be the one in charge. You will do my bidding." His chest rumbled again as I licked my lips while he spoke. My tongue betrayed
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I had to pry my feet from the hardwood floor. The shock had cemented me in place, but as I examined the royal purple and deep red fabrics hanging around the room, I felt the need to explore more.My hand reached forward as I turned in the doorway and faced the wall. The fabric was silk and slipped through my fingers as I grabbed the edge and lifted it. Beneath the cover were more symbols, some were hand-drawn, and some were etched into the wall.It baffled me, and I took a step back, releasing my hold on the fabric."Oh, what were you two up to?" I whispered as I spun around, overwhelmed by the discovery. Out of all the fucking things they could have had up here, this was the last thing I would have guessed.I walked across the floor, the symbol beneath my feet giving me an uneasy feeling as I made my way toward the book. The unrealistic hope that they were reading Pride and Prejudice flew right out of my head as I approached the aged, tan pages and the u
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My body didn't want to move as I stood shaking in front of the seemingly indestructible man if I could call him that. His pure black eyes did not allude to him being human. His large build was both intimidating and alluring.It also prevented me from being able to squeeze by him as he blocked the doorway. As he had just threatened to kill me, escaping was my only option. There was no way I would be able to fight a man of his size off."What are you doing in my house? How did you get in here? My security system has already alerted the police, and they will be here any second." I took a step back, giving in to the terror that was swimming through my bloodstream.He chuckled again, my eyes widened in surprise at the way my body reacted. The noise sent a jolt of warmth and dampness straight to my core."You have no idea, do you, my little witch?" He pushed off the doorframe and stepped into my room, closing in on me and causing my breathing to pick up. I glan
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Demetri stood on the other side of the kitchen island, watching me with his scrutinizing gaze as I tapped my fingers on the granite countertop. There was something about having his eyes on me that made everything feel like it was happening in slow motion.I was overly aware of every move and every breath during every second that passed while his gaze was on me. It was like I had forgotten how to move naturally, and I had to second guess the movement of each muscle. His remark about keeping me around for a while, did not ease my fear. It only increased it as I now had the cloud hanging over me, wondering when he would turn on me.The slow dripping of the coffee machine did nothing to break the tension, and I found my fingers moving from the cold surface to the mark on my inner wrist, rubbing and pressing down on it once more."If I accidentally let you roam free when I summoned you, why are you still here?" The words tasted bitter on my tongue as I still had a ha
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There was a moment of pause while I debated showing the paper to Demetri. He was a demon, a King no less. While that didn’t necessarily make him untrustworthy, there was a knot in my stomach at the thought of giving him my parent’s work.“Did you not look through this while I was sleeping?” I narrowed my eyes at him. It appeared that he was experiencing this for the first time as he took inventory of the room.“No, you had not welcomed me into this room before, and it is not the most trusting room for my kind.” He lifted the fabric from the wall with his pointer finger, grimacing at the sight of the markings on the wall. It didn’t escape my notice that he subtly moved back toward the door after letting the sheet drop.“Welcomed you into this room? What are you a vampire?” My snide remark was met with a look of exasperation. He leaned again the door frame before hissing and standing up straight again.&
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My mind was racing. If my mom was trying to bind a demon to her or my father, she had to have known someone was after them. They both did. There was no other explanation I could come up with for it. My parents weren't evil. They wouldn't be dabbling in black magic if they weren’t desperate. Then again, I also didn't know that at least one of them had magic until now. It seemed that I had a lot to learn about them and a lot to learn about myself. Why was I just now discovering that I had powers? I pulled away from Demetri, placing one hand on his chest to push him backward and out of the doorway. Having his body so close to mine was making it hard to breathe, let alone think. "It is obvious you were not the creator of this casting." His voice seemed to darken with curiosity and suspicion. "It seems my little witch has secrets. What were you doing with another witch's spells?" My head shook on its own as my mouth tried to find the words. I had yet to vocalize the truth past the stat
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I did my best to ignore his statement, as well as his eyes as they watched my every move while I searched for my food. He seemed fascinated by what I was doing as I pulled out a premade meal from the fridge and threw it in the microwave."Do you eat?" I asked over my shoulder as I closed the microwave and set the cook time. When there was no response, I began to backtrack in the stupidity of my question. Of course, he ate. He was a living creature after all…at least, I thought he was. "I mean, what would you like to eat? I ordered a few options this week."The timer counted down as the food spun around in the microwave. The lack of response was distracting, and I turned to him, waiting to hear him respond. His black eyes felt hot when I saw them staring at me with an amused smirk on his soft pink lips."I do not sustain myself with that kind of meal." His words left much to the imagination. The image of him ripping into raw meat with his teeth, blood drip
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We had to wait two days until my Aunt Isla was back from her trip to Greece. It seemed that even after her sister's murder, she was wanting to continue her trips to exotic locations. It didn't sit well with me, but everyone grieved differently. For her, it appeared that she wanted to stay active in society and travel around the globe.I had seen photos on her social media pages of her out and about over the past two months. Besides a phone call to see how I was holding up a month after I found the bodies, the funeral, and the visits to the lawyer's office to settle the will, I hadn't heard much from her.She had seemed irritated by the fact that she hadn't been left with anything, but when I asked her afterward, she stated that it was just how the family worked. She said she had expected it. Everything was passed down to the next generation, always. Not only was she linear to my parents, but she had no kids of her own.If she needed to get away and be alone to g
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The looming white house was in pristine condition, with bright green vines growing along the side, covering from the dirt to the roof. The clean-cut lawn and perfectly trimmed rose bushes matched her personality. Bright and bubbly, with high standards.Everything she wore or owned, had to be top of the line. If it wasn’t name brand, it was personally designed just for her. Every time she visited my parent’s house, she would spend a solid hour a day nit-picking everything my parent’s owned or pushing them to hire help. She loved that, calling them ‘the help’. To her, other people existed in the world to serve her and her materialistic needs.I scanned the surrounding area one last time before moving toward the front door and pressing the bell. Nerves swarmed me as I was filled with a sense of deja vu. I could sense darkness in the house, something I had never been able to do before.There was something inside the house made me feel n
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My tongue was tied as I stared at my aunt. Her lively summer dress and perfectly styled hair were contradictory to the words leaving her lips. Magic, let alone dark magic, still seemed so foreign. It didn't help that the only proof I had was the demon permanently bound to me. I had yet to see it for myself, let alone knowingly cast it. Perhaps this was all a hallucination from the stress and trauma I had endured when my parents died. I shook my head as I debated reality. The cup in my hand began to tremble against the saucer it was on as I began to shake. The sound of the porcelain clicking together filled the room. "Are you telling me that my parents thought I would grow up to be evil?" It was both a compliment and an insult at the same time. To be so powerful that I would be a threat, and yet, so untrustworthy that they would hide my powers from me, even as a baby. None of it made sense to me. How could you take a gift like that away from your own child? How could you not trust y
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