I Summoned Death Itself!

I Summoned Death Itself!

By:  PhoenixArisen  Ongoing
Language: English
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Bound to an arranged marriage to release her father from debt, Journee reluctantly leaves her family and friends to wed a stranger, the rich pampered heir Montgomery Lewis. Everything overwhelms her and she retreats to a nearby waterfall to stretch her legs before the wedding. Here, in the peace of it all, she summoned Ma'oz, the King of Demons, the Master of Death. Attracted to her unusual aura and the magnetic pull of their souls, Ma'oz grants her 3 wishes. Little does she know that each interaction they have binds her to him. His eyes like endless pits, drowns her in its abyss as she shivers from the chill. What is it that draws them together? Is it true love? Is it that one of them desires a slave? Or it is an eternal connection where the sisters fate have played a part, intertwining their souls forever. Whatever the reason, whichever the choice, the price will be high. Much higher than either of them realise.

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24 Chapters
Chapter 1: I Don't Want This
"Is that a tear I see?" mother asked teasingly. "What? No way!" Journee was proud and not prone to showing her emotion easily, even though she was only ten years old. "Okay then my honey bunny. Lights out." Titanic is such a sad movie...why did the lovers have to part? Why couldn't they have stayed afloat together? Or why didn't any kind spirits in the sea save them? There are no such things as spirits...even if there is, they probably caused the ship to sink because they are evil! Journee rationalised in her dimly lit room, eyes heavy with sleep, her heart sank as heavily as the Titanic into the ocean. As tears formed at the corners of her eyes, she began to sink into deep slumber. "Never fear my sweet angel. I will always love you." A warm yet domineering
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Chapter 2: It's Goodbye
Journee's POV The week passed quickly. Too quickly, in fact. It was at the end of the week when the same black car Dorthy had pointed out in panic appeared again. In front of my house, no less, and out stepped my soon-to-be family."Come here, my dear. Our meeting was far too brief the last time. Let me take a closer look at you." In a robotic state of mind, I plastered on a smile and walked into the silver haired grandma's embrace. "It's good to see you again, mam." I lied. "Now, don't you think it’s time for you to call me granny?" Sharply inhaling, I politely obeyed "Yes granny." "That's a good girl. Have you packed your things?" Read more
Chapter 3: Help!
Montgomery's POV We arrived at The Datai where flower garlands and cocktails await. "Welcome Mr. Lewis, Madam Lewis. We cannot express enough just how pleased we are to have you here again." The General Manager himself greeted us. What was his name again? What is there to bother. All I knew is my marriage to Journee would be delayed. Flying tomorrow would mean our vows will only be exchanged in the next 24 hours, if we are lucky. Fuck! I marched past the entourage who warmly welcomed my grandmother and Journee instead. I asked for the key and headed straight to my chalet. I had work to do. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Journee's POV

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Chapter 4: The Demon King
Ma'oz 's POV I seldom ventured out of my domain. This would be the first in a few centuries. Dragging my closest advisor out with me, we decided to rest by the Lubuk Tuna waterfall. It was a beautiful place in my memory. The last time I had been there was with my father before he passed the reigns of the kingdom to me. Arriving through a portal, I stretched and yawned. "Eight hundred years I have been working, slaving away for the Demon Kingdom." I complained. "Told you its high time to take a break. How do you feel? Rejuvenated, huh?" Damon poked my ribs. "Hey! Show some respect." I rebuked. "What? I used to do this all the time when we were kids. You know how much I respect you." Damon was one lazy bugger. If he weren't the strongest demon after me, he would probably be wasting away in some hole now. "I mean respect yourself. Might General of mine." "Whatever...let's go
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Chapter 5: La Montagne
Journee's POV How I wish... My heart caught in my throat; I feel like I can barely breath. The air around me, within this very plane and its luxuries stifle the life I hold dear. It threatens to suffocate and kill ever so slowly, prolonging my torment.I wish for...a way out. To spread my wings and fly away. Perhaps even to return home... I sighed and closed my eyes to stop the tears from falling. The hopes I had had to lead a pleasant life with my husband-to-be has been dashed by his recent behaviour. He is everything I detest in the male species. From his rudeness to his presumptions, forcing his opinions down the throats of others without a care. I am a bird, one who survives and returns when let free. Now, I am caught and forced into a gilded cage of my father's doing.  At this point of time, even the dark prince no longer visits my dreams. If he comes, at least my life would be bearable. I could escape whenever
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Chapter 6: Wedding
 Journee’s POV: I awoke to the footsteps of Rosette’s footsteps and the sunlight that streamed through the parted curtains.“Good afternoon miss. It’s a brand-new day, if I say so myself.” Rosette was chirpy this morning but I on the other hand couldn’t help but yawn. “Did you sleep well, miss?”“Not particularly. Different bed I guess…” I had tossed and turned throughout the night. Today is something I dread but I know if I don’t go through with it, my father would be in deep shit.“It’s the nerves, I know miss. Being plucked from your family like that is not something I would like either.”“Yeah…its not exactly a life to be envious of.” I stretched and got out of bed.“Shall I run a bath, miss?”“You know, you can call me Journee.” I was starting to like Rosette. Life in thi
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Chapter 7: Your Wish is My Command
Montgomery’s POV: The main ceremony was over before I realised. Journee walking through into the ceremony space was everything my granny dreamt it would be. She has not stopped gushing over how beautiful Journee. She had been fussing about the details since the first time she saw the girl. Me…? I don’t know how to react. I am pleased that this affair is over and done with. Taking a sip of brandy, I couldn’t get what Uncle Humphrey said. “You’re a lucky bastard, nephew. Careful that I don’t steal her away.”It doesn’t truly matter who Journee is married to really. That witch doctor said the family must have a daughter-in-law born under some astrological sign or other. Apparently, she would be the change that will free our family from the yoke that currently shackles us from our true potential. At least this is what I kept assuring myself. To keep myself from being detached was the best thing I
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Chapter 8: Wedded Bliss
Journee’s POV I jerked awake. Half falling out of bed, I caught myself by holding on to the bedside table then propping myself back on to the pillows. Blinking at the bright chandelier that hangs just above me, I sighed.It’s all still so surreal. Many women would be envious. Surrounded by such luxury and married into a wealthy family. I should count my blessings. Perhaps I can ask granny if there is a position, I can hold to help the family business. As a graduate, I would be hunting for a job now if I had not gotten married. My phone’s alarm went off. 7.30 A.M.Do the family usually eat breakfast together? I should make a good impression before making my request. After a quick shower, I chose one of the most casual and least ornamented new clothes provided for me. A pair of bootleg Guess jeans, button-down silk shirt and the same white sneakers I had worn for my wedding yes
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Chapter 9: Fine Print
Journee’s POV: A loud wailing came from the floor above. “NO!!!! NO!!! IT CAN’T BE!”That is granny’s voice! Rushing up the stairs, the sobs grew louder, and the muffled voices grew louder as I approached.“What can’t be done, brother? Get the best surgeon! We have the money.” It sounded like Humphrey, though his voice cracked and hoarse instead of oily and over-oozing with charm.Surgeon? Is someone hurt? Who are they talking about? “No, there is no point in spending any more than necessary. The boy is in a coma. We have gotten 3 separate opinions and they all say there is nothing we can do for now.” my father-in-law spoke is a toneless, quiet voice.Is this about Montgomery?                Simple and unadorned, I stood at the wooden door on the 3Read more
Chapter 10: The Third Wish
Ma’oz ‘s POV “Dear heavens and hell! How do I get this human to see the truth?! I am up to my neck in silliness. Surely, she knows that Demons cannot lie.”“My word…you give your opinion quite frankly.” The human stared at me, her eyes round like saucers. Her face pale as snow as blood leaves its unblemished skin. She is obviously afraid but if she doesn’t believe that I am a Demon King, then why is she afraid? Wait…” You can hear me?! How?” I have only been speaking in my mind. How is she hearing it?“You are speaking, loud and clear. I would have to be deaf not to hear you.” The human answered boldly.“I wonder…” I picked up her hand to inspect the ring of Solomon, to speak to its inner spirit. Interrupting my concentration, she quickly snatched her hand back and questioned me. “What do you think you’re doing?
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