Bonded to the Devil's Right-hand Man

Bonded to the Devil's Right-hand Man

By:  Olivia Padge  Ongoing
Language: English
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Eliza's whole life is turned upside down when she crashes and rolls her car. A mysteriously beautiful man walks into the wreckage and saves her, but as she gets a better look at her hero, she knows he is more than just a human. Now it seems as though she is connected to this sexy demon and their fates are tangled together somehow, but humans don't bond to demons, do they? In search of answers, they adventure out together on a journey to find someone who may know and to escape the demons that are following them, threatening to get to Eliza before Ash can keep her from all the dangers that lurk in the shadows. Will Eliza be safe with Ash or is this love too dangerous even for a demon.

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5 Chapters
Eliza's Wreck
            Looking all over my body, I was thankfully able to tell that I was not badly injured. My legs and arms had a few scrapes and bruises, but I would be just fine. My car was another story. After rolling, it was beyond repair. The doors were smashed and too damaged to open. Attempting to keep calm and not panic, I took a moment to breathe easy before figuring a way out. The blood was starting to rush to my head as I hung helplessly upside down, my car flipped over with me intact. I needed to get out of this damn car. Finding the seatbelt, I fought to unbuckle it and set myself free. The thing wouldn’t budge. Shit. Now the panic was setting in.           To my left, I saw a pair of feet walking.           “Help!” I screamed. “Please help me!” I called out to the black le
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Eliza's Memory
            “You need to lay down and relax.” Ally told me. “The doctor said you should get some rest.”           “The doctor also said I am perfectly fine.” I reminded her. “I am just going to watch some TV in bed and go to sleep. Go on get ready. I appreciate you picking me up from the hospital and wanting to take care of me, but I am good, I promise. And I know you have that party tonight with Tom. You will be late if you don’t go soon.”           “Oh, it’s not a big deal. It’s just a get-together for his work. I can miss it.”           “Your fiancé just got a huge promotion, it’s not just a small get-together. They are throwing him a big going away pa
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Eliza's Night Out
           Music blared and people moved all around me, but I felt so alone as I sat in the corner at the club. It had been two weeks since my car crash, but I still didn’t feel the same. I wasn’t injured, but my heart was pained. Ash hadn’t returned at all.           I had only been with Ash for mere minutes, but his absence from my life seemed so heavy, as though a part of her was missing. It was a strange feeling, grieving for someone you hardly even knew.           “Eliza! Get your ass out on the dance floor with us!” Ally’s loud voice snatched me out of my daydream as I stared off into the crowded club. “Come on, we are all waiting for you.”           “Go on, I’m just going to finish my drink.&rdquo
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Eliza's Reality
           “Ash…” The man’s fingers loosened around my neck, and he nervously looked up at Ash. “I was only trying to talk to her.”           “I said let her go.”           “Of course.” Talla let go of me and jumped up to his feet. He slowly backed away as he watched Ash carefully. “I was only here because Onyx sent me. You know I wasn’t going to harm her.”           Ash looked down at Talla’s unbuttoned pants and dangling belt.            “She’s mine,” Ash growled, his silver eyes began burning red.            “I didn’t mean to…I didn’t know she was yours. She’s just a human.”           Ash mo
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Eliza's Breakfast
  Ash poured me a cup of coffee and placed it in front of me. It was oddly entertaining watching the deadly demon making me breakfast like a normal husband would on a Sunday morning. I was certain he’d feast on human flesh or hearts freshly ripped from poor souls, but he sat down next to me and began pouring syrup on his homemade pancakes. We were playing house in the cottage by the sea, pretending that Hell wasn’t at our feet, threatening us as we salted our scrambled eggs. “Wait, so let me get this straight, some land belongs to the demons and some land belongs to the angels?” I asked Ash. “And then some land belongs to no one and is free for all to wonder.” He explained to me, but I still couldn’t understand. “Okay, but demons can’t go onto angel territory, or they…” “They burn internally until eventually they go up in flames and die. And vise versa.” “But humans?” “Humans can go onto any of the territories without harm
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