The Pack's Girl

The Pack's Girl

By:  K.K.S  Completed
Language: English
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She was rescued by our pack, the Asara. We knew nothing about who she was before that. But with her delicious female scent, my brothers and I soon caught a whiff of her. We were quick to investigate. It didn't take us long to figure out what she was hiding under that oversized cloak. And we each wanted a part of it. She thought she could run from us? The best in enemy combat, the tracker and best sniffer in the pack, and the fastest one of us. Second only to our Alpha. The Mating Moon is on the rise and my brothers and I don't mind sharing. As long as we each get a taste of that sweet scent. And to partake of that delicious body. She might resist but we're strong, and she is one of only seven breedable females...she won't be going anywhere until we've had our fill of her. And under a Mating Moon, us males get insatiable. Go ahead. Run little Vanna Rae, it's more fun that way...

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112 Chapters
"What do you want, Rabbit?" His green eyes levelled on me in that way that felt like they were cutting through me. "Do you want my mark?" He made it sound horrifyingly intimate. I couldn’t think of a single time that Vanquish had ever asked me for anything. He was always the terrifying presence commanding me. Dictating my movements. Forcing me to leave my hut, to eat, to socialize. The one insistent on knowing my every thought. "Wh-what d-does that m-mean?" I stuttered out. Thinking I knew what it meant, but even more desperate to know for certain. I barely remember who I am. Do I even fully understand any more, what it really means to be mated? I’d heard all the terrifying things the she-wolves spoke of. Being killed during mating or marking. And some of the brutality of their mates under the Mating Moon. But I also knew it meant other things. It means never being hungry. Never wondering
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*** Note from the Author: Explicit sex. Rough sex. Forced sexual acts. And animal aggression. Please read with caution. It is dark erotica with brutality. Some individuals may find it triggering or upsetting please do not read if you do. The intent is not to upset anyone. *** Lost I remembered running. I remembered being covered in blood. Blood which wasn’t mine. It didn’t smell like me. Sticky dried blood which now matted my hair over my face. My clothes were thick with it making them nearly solid in the chilly morning ai
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Asara Territory
At some point I’d dozed off as evening descended. Sleeping against a tree weekly. Facing away from the wall to watch for intruders. Trying to be quiet. One squirrel had been kind but wasn’t enough. My stomach was growling from the hunger. Feeling like it was gnawing away at my backbone in desperation. “Jaecar!” I heard a man shout from a distance away. “Jaecar!” Another voice from another direction. “Let her in!” This voice was far too my right. How many were there? Let me in where? Was this help or more torment? The door groaned open and a tall man with black hair and a black goatee stepped through the door to meet me. “Who are you?” “Vanna…Rae…” I said slowly. Mechanically recalling my name. “Well, Vanna Rae, you look like warmed over hell.” I assumed this was Jaecar since he was indeed, ‘letting me in.’ “You need to get washed up down in the creek.” He pointe
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A Rescued Wolf
I didn’t know where I’d come from or why I ended up wandering hungry in the woods.I knew I was fortunate Jaecar had no interest in me.He had his eye on a she-wolf already.Samantha. He'd been chasing every male away from her for years, from what I understood.In some ways I envied her. He seemed to be the only kind wolf among the bunch of lascivious males.I used all the oversized clothes to pretend to be a frumpy little female to keep the pack from being interested.From preying on me under the Mating Moon.It worked. I kept the heavy bindings under my dress each day. And the bodice loose enough to hide any hint of shape. Then I kept my hood low over my face.Doing my damnedest to not earn any attention.I’d kept hidden in the rundown hut for a while, but those aggressive males had soon scented me.Three virile males that were never apart. They looked identical. Good looking,
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The Hayden Brothers
“That cloak certainly does.” Hunter cackled from behind us feigning holding his nose. “She definitely sweats in it.”“Round little thing, aren’t you?” Racer stepped aside me and lightly poked me in the belly. Unaware it was the soft bindings I layered under my clothes.I nodded hesitantly. Let them think that.But I was nervous. I always was around them.Vanquish led me near the creek.***Soon the other two were splashing and laughing.I was pointedly ignoring them.After a time, I was sure they were busy frolicking. I made a break for it. Trying to retreat back to the safety of my hut.I'll need more nails and boards to keep them out.But as I slowly edged toward the border of trees I bumped into a solid wall and flinched.“Where do you think you’re going?” Vanquish’s inescapable eyes were locked on me. Thick musc
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Catching My Scent
The next morning was the same.They liked bullying me into things.Vanquish banged on my door which barely closed on its weak hinges as it was.It couldn't withstand them if they truly decided to come in."Open the door, Vanna." Vanquish ordered. Something about his commands demanded obedience.I tied the cloak and ran to the door. Barely awake.These three were always awake with first light.I ripped open the door and Vanquish's piercing green eyes lit on me. His head lowered ominously.The two flanking him slightly to the side postured the same."We're going hunting." Vanquish turned and clearly expected me to follow.I was hungry."I'm not hungry." I objected.Vanquish rounded and returned to tower over me. "Then you won't eat until I say so."I hated that he knew I was a poor hunter. I had to rely on the males to leave me food because I was too clumsy to catch anything.Read more
Oh shit! In my state of confusion at them coming at me because of a smell. I hadn't considered that my dress was so loose that when they lifted the skirt, they'd be able to see up to my ribs."Answer me, dammit!" Vanquish roared."What is it?" Racer was dying of curiosity. He dropped to his knees to peer under as well.I closed my eyes against the humiliation. "Old cloth.""You've no underwear but you have that?" Hunter asked incredulously. "Bad plan.""What are you hiding, Rabbit?" Vanquish demanded."Just-just me." I stuttered out.My body. I was trying to be unassuming."You're trying to hide what you look like?" Racer sounded almost insulted.And they all looked it.***"Hold her." Vanquish barked. "I'm going to find out what the hell is going on here."While he unclipped his dagger from the sheath at his hip and withdrew it, Racer had sat atop my thighs and quickly unknotted th
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Their Way
I gasped and bucked trying to get away.Racer slid down to straddle my hips and forearms so he could take the other one. They suckled at me while I struggled.“Screw you two.” Hunter rounded to stand between my thighs. Disappearing from my view.I could only see Vanquish and Racer’s dark heads working my flesh. Vanquish cupped my breast on both sides. Molding it up to get more in his mouth.Both males were moaning in pleasure at the feel of the soft tissue.Racer showered little kisses around the edge of it.Vanquish’s mouth was nearly bruising. Making the small nub of flesh swell and become tender.I reared up when I felt Hunters fingertips circling my opening. Stroking my slit while he moaned. Pressing against one of my thighs to relieve the pressure in his pants.What’s happening?Just minutes ago, they’d all been playfully bathing in the creek. Now they were all grunts and
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Can't Hide from Us!
Racer used my discarded fabrics to wipe my chest and neck.“Get out of my way.” Vanquish ordered him.He and hunter slipped down to hold my arms and keep me from moving.Vanquish rotated around with his cock in my mouth as a pivot point. He grabbed my breasts viciously and pulled them back to him as leverage as he pounded into my mouth.I gargled around him. Catching the rhythm of when I should breathe.“She feels good. Her mouth is velvet. Eh, fuck.” He pushed deep. “I’m going to seed in her mouth.” He did two little jerks and swelled even more to stretch my throat as I felt something hot slip down the inside of my neck.Once he’d finished with me, he slipped out of my mouth and they all released me to stand over me.I rolled onto my knees and coughed. Eventually spitting out what he’d poured into my throat.Glaring, Vanquish crouched in front of me and caught my hair to ti
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Luring Them
Vanquish caught the back of my thighs and hoisted me like I weighed as much a bird, to drape my thighs over his shoulders. Planting his face against my entrance.The sensation was utterly shocking. The heat of his breath fanning my lower lips.At the same time, Hunter dropped me to brace on his knee. Holding my shoulders. Keeping me still for Vanquish’s ministrations.What are they doing to me now?This was something new. Foreign.My breaths came out raggedly.Racer dropped his pants down to his thighs and turned my face.I opened my mouth to object, but his cock filled it. Stroking across my tongue and stretching my cheek with hard flesh. He cupped the back of my head as he flexed in and out.The feel of his skin both smooth and hard at the same time.***I screamed and flailed, but barely any sound emerged around Racer’s cock. Everytime I tried to say something, it opened my throat
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