Substitute Groom: Married To An Enemy

Substitute Groom: Married To An Enemy

By:  Phoebe Heather  Completed
Language: English
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Life wasn't that good to Moriah as her groom decided against the marriage and left two hours before the wedding began. As if life hadn't been satisfied being cruel to her as it yet gave her another huge blow as she ended up marrying her sworn enemy. For her to salvage her reputation and that of her family, she has to walk down the aisle and marry the substitute groom. Walking down the aisle, she saw the man waiting for her. He was her archenemy, the billionaire business mogul, her fiancé's best friend, Ethan Miller. The blissful marriage she had been dreaming of with the love of her life turned into a nightmare.

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215 chapters
"Let's start, it's getting late," Ethan spoke in his usual frosty tone. Wedding night, a time for a newly wedded couple to consummate the marriage. It is a much awaited time for a bride who had saved herself for her husband but not for Moriah.“Look at me, Moriah," commanded Ethan in his husky voice.  Her eyes opened at the odd, husky note in his voice, and she found herself gazing into fiery blue eyes, his finely chiseled lips poised just above her own.She eagerly waited for this day that she will give her body to the love of her life and that they will share a blissful night in the arms of each other. Her dream to have a night of bliss with the man of her dreams turned into a nightmare because she ended doing it with the man she loathes so much. “Open your eyes, wife” Ethan growled, seeing Moriah shut her eyes again. Moriah’s eyelashes fluttered as she reluctantly open
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Chapter 1 - Jilted At The Altar
It’s a beautiful springtime morning in England, squinting, Moriah looked at the sunlight that was already peering at the half opened curtain. Every single cell in her body was charged with excitement, she jumped out of the bed, darted to the French window and flung it open. The chirping of the birds and fluttering sounds of their wings waltzed into her ears like a symphony. Countryside fresh air filled her lungs as she took a deep breath. A smile painted on her face, she couldn't contain the joy in her heart and it's overflowing. The entirety of her body was filled with energy like that of a four year old child that could jump and run around for hours without feeling tired. What made her feel that way? Today is the day she had been waiting for. The day of her wedding. Read more
Chapter 2 - Family Tradition
Moriah looked at him with incredulity, she couldn’t believe her ears. Her enemy called her his sunshine. “I promise to love you as I love myself. I love you forever, my wife,” Ethan continued and kept himself from chuckling at his bride's reaction to his vow. It was apparent that she couldn’t believe her earsMoriah was stupefied, his tender voice and gaze were telling her that what he said is true. But, this is Ethan Miller. This couldn’t be true, it’s just a ploy she thought. Cyndy’s jaw dropped hearing Ethan’s vow, she tried to find a hint of disdain and mockery in his voice, but all she could hear was the tenderness of his voice. After they exchanged vows, they exchanged wedding rings. Moriah’s h
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Chapter 3 - She Isn't Guilty
“Very well, if you don’t want to do it. I will talk to your father about it,” Ethan said and walked toward the door.  Hearing Ethan’s words made her panic and quickly held his arm, “No, don’t talk to my dad.”  Ethan turned towards her and told her with a straight face, “If you don’t like to do it, I will not force you. But I can’t deceive your parents, so I’d better talk to them.”  “No, no, please. Okay, I will —” she could not finish her sentence because of the discomfort and dread about the thought of consummating their marriage.  She didn’t want to do it with the man she doesn’t love. However, it came to her mind what her parents told her after the wedding banquet. She should give her husband his marital privilege. She is his wife and ought to
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Chapter 4 - Be At Each Other's Throats
Annoyance rose in her heart as he looked at her accusingly. Moriah felt her blood rushing up to her head, it should be her giving him that look because a woman was clinging to his arm like they were lovers. However, she maintained her composure. Moriah briefly assessed the woman beside her husband and she seemed like a model, the likes of the women Ethan had always seen with. She wasn’t surprised in the least, models and celebrities are his types. It puzzled Moriah why did Ethan marry her, a woman who wear a scrub suit almost every day, wherein she was the exact opposite of his type. Moriah deduced that Ethan must have an ulterior motive in marrying her. And that left her heart to become cold. Moriah’s gaze swept from the woman to Ethan. She gave him an indifferent look that utterly irr
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Chapter 5 - She's Denver's Favorite Person
Moriah was surprised to see Ethan was having breakfast in the dining room when she came down after getting ready for her duty in the hospital. ‘Didn’t he leave the house last night? When did he come back?’ She asked herself while she sat. They had their breakfast in complete silence, ignoring each other’s presence. Moriah's phone rang when she was just leaving the dining room. She pulled her phone and responded to the call immediately. "Denver, is anything wrong?" she said. “We need you here right now, there was a road accident and many victims needed an urgent surgery and we lack doctors,” Denver was panting when he spoke from the other end of the line. &ldquo
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Chapter 6 -When Did Their Animosity Begin?
Cindy huffed while her eyes followed Ethan and Hazel’s departing figure. After that, she looked at Moriah, her harsh expression softened when her gaze settled upon Moriah. “Are you okay?” she sat beside her and gave her hand a gentle squeeze. “Yeah, I’m fine,” Moriah chuckled, she wouldn't allow herself to be ruffled by what had just transpired. She told herself at the onset not to expect anything good from Ethan since he was her sworn enemy. Denver was puzzled to see that Cindy gave Moriah a sympathetic gaze, thus he couldn’t hold back and asked with worry, “What’s wrong?” “Nothing, let’s eat. I’m starving to death,” Moriah said and began digging in. <
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Chapter 7 - Is She Your Mistress?
A knock on the door took Moriah back to the present time. She sighed before telling the person to come in. Her heart almost jumped out of her chest, seeing Ethan come in. "What are you doing here?" coldness seeped through her voice.She stood up and looked at the files behind her desk so she could turn her back on him. She can't bear the sight of his face. It disgusted her. "Picking you up," Ethan said casually as if it was their usual routine. Her hands froze momentarily and continued to search. "I have somewhere else to go, you can go back first," she said, still pretending to look for a file. Moriah finds it nauseating that after he went with his lover for a check up and the possibility that his lov
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Chapter 8 - It Takes Two To Tango
Hazel's face was like a beetroot while Ethan gave off a distant and dangerous aura. He swallowed his wrath, considering Cindy to be Moriah's best friend. He couldn't do anything to her. "Let's go," Ethan turned and walked to the counter. Hazel proceeded in haste. The moment the dress was paid for, they left the shop. "Why did he marry you to begin with, if he wasn't serious with your marriage?" Cindy asked with a huff while they were dining after they were done shopping. "He married me just to torture me. Remember that he loathes me as much as I do," Moriah said and sipped her fruit juice. "Yeah, you're right," Cindy said while nodding her head in agreement. "But I won't give him the satisfaction
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Chapter 9 - What A Joke
Fiona knocked at the door and entered when she heard Moriah give her permission to enter. She went in and found Moriah sitting on the couch reading a book. "Moriah, dear," Fiona called out to her. Moriah turned towards the owner of the voice and put down the book on the coffee table. Moriah smiled. "Mom, do you need something?" "I want to go shopping, can you come along?" asked Fiona with puppy eyes. Seeing her imploring eyes, Moriah can't say no to her mother in law. "Mom, give me a bit of time to get ready," she headed to the closet to change. She undressed facing the mirror. She gasped upon
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