Flames Of Sizzling Desires

Flames Of Sizzling Desires

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A Notorious Playboy || An Innocent Stripper || A Charming Officer In a blink of an eye, Cara Silencio lost everything in life. She was kicked out of her family at the young age of eighteen and since then she is working hard to make a place for herself in the world. During her zest to do something in life to make her dad proud, she met Keith Wilson, the charming police officer, whom Cara truly believed was her soulmate that god assigned to shield her from the demons of her past.  But destiny deceived her again, forcing her to leave everything behind and disappear into an endless tunnel of darkness where she had to sell her shame to afford two meals a day and as always Cara had no choice but to survive in the cruel world.  What will happen when the country’s notorious playboy and a heartthrob Aries Grayson will officially mark his entry into her life?  Will Cara ever be able to cross the dark tunnel and fight for her justice?  Who is Cara Silencio exactly and why Aries is determined to expose her every secret before the world?  Who will be Cara’s Knight in disguise? The playboy or the cop? Let’s find out in the story!

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68 chapters
Episode 1 Pleasure
Suite no. 5016The man shut the door of the luxurious suite with his foot and trapped the woman between the door and his hard body. In a snap of a finger, the room lit up with dark dim lights and the sensuous music played just right to set the mood.He kissed her mouth while his hand snaked around her shoulder, opening the strings of her red seductive dress that was enticing him all evening. The satin dress slipped off her body smoothly and bunched at her pair of golden high heels.The man groaned when he found her wearing nothing underneath, and his rough hands groped her breasts as he kissed her mouth hard, nibbling against her lips. His thumb and forefinger played with the erected nub while the tip of his tongue travelled down from her neck, disappearing in the valley of her bosom. “Aries, just do me!” The woman moaned and Aries looked up at her in the dim light.“The night is still young, darling,” He whispered in a husky voice. His hand opened the bun, and her long hair cascaded
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Episode 2 Damsel in Distress
Grayson Group of Hotels,The housekeeping department changed the bedsheet and cleaned Aries’s suite. “What to do with this?” The maid picked Aries’s white shirt and asked the other.“Throw it in the wastebasket! Mr Grayson never repeat shirts!” The other answered, rolling her eyes.***Cara was walking down the street, completely dazzled by her own thoughts. She was now kicked out of her job again and she had no idea what she would eat tonight. She continued to walk aimlessly when a hand possessively held her forearm, yanking back and saving her from an approaching high-speeding lorry.“Are you crazy? You’re walking on the running road!!” The officer growled in her face but realised she was crying and his tone softened. “Are you alright, lady? Do you need some help?” He asked politely.Cara looked up at him through hazel eyes and nodded. “Thank you for saving me.” She said, her voice came out broken and the officer knitted his eyebrows, leaving her arms.“Are you sure? You don’t look g
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Episode 3 Kiss In The Dark
Aries wore a blue jacket over his white tailored-fit shirt. He fixed his sleek tie, looked at himself in the mirror and combed his hair, pulling it back with a gel. He opened one of his drawers, selecting an expensive wristwatch out of his collection.Once satisfied with his look, he left his mansion and the chauffeur opened the door of the backseat for him. “Take me to Sasha Lewis!” He asked the chauffeur, dropping a message to Sasha to be ready as he hates waiting for women.An hour later, the car stopped outside the apartment complex. Aries entered the elevator and pressed the button of the twenty-fifth floor. Ten seconds later, the elevator opened, and he entered her penthouse with his fingerprints.His eyes sweep through her luxurious apartment, and he groaned, realising that she was still getting ready. He marched upstairs, pulling a long face, and knocked on her bedroom door. “Sasha, I told you to be ready on time!” He said in his deep voice.“Coming!” Sasha shouted from inside
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Episode 4 Playing Hard
Aries clutched her waist, kissing her lips while Cara stood frozen in his arms, unable to think straight. Her mind goes blank, surrendering to the demanding kiss of the stranger who tried to barge into her mouth. Aries had an unusual feeling. The more he tries to stop kissing and fuck her against the wall, the more he couldn’t stop kissing those soft lips that felt right against his lips. “Kiss me back!” He demanded, crashing his lips on her again and Cara felt butterflies dancing in her stomach. It was her first kiss. His masculine fragrance of wood and spicy scent engulfed her, invading her senses, but Cara composed herself and tried to push him. “You wanna play hard, huh?” Aries smirked, sucking hard on her neck and Cara repeatedly pushed his chest but Aries was too strong for her. He clutched her wrist and pinned them above her head with his hand. Cara’s eyes went wide as she struggled against him. “Leave....” She opened her mouth to protest, but Aries was quick to shut her up
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Episode 5 Chance Encounter
At Grayson Group,“You’re fired!” Aries slammed the file closed and threw it on his desk. “Collect this shit and get lost!” He growled, and the employee muttered sorry in a barely audible voice, walking out crossing the financial advisor of the company who walked inside with files and happen to hear their conversation.“What’s wrong with you today? That’s the tenth employee you’ve fired!!” He said while Aries took a sip of coffee.A deep frown appeared on his face. “Who made this? Fire him as well.” He slammed the coffee mug on the desk.“Are you alright?” The financial advisor, named Simon, asked Aries.“Yes! Why do you ask?” He glared at him and Simon sighed, keeping the files on the desk before him.“These are the files you asked for,” He said and Aries opened the first file while Simon waited, standing beside him waiting for his instructions.Aries read the file and closed it. “I think I need a break!” He said, shifting in his seat.“Break or a good fuck?” Simon lifted an eyebrow a
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Episode 6 Desire Nightclub
The manager played the video where Alfred Doyle appeared at the bar and misbehaved with Cara and the latter’s face turned red watching the video. “I understand why you disappeared last night.” The manager said. “I am so sorry!” She mumbled. “It’s alright, child!” The manager smiled and Cara looked up at him. It has been so long since anyone called her child, and the five-letter word felt foreign to her ears. “My daughter is around your age. I understand how you must’ve felt. It shouldn’t happen to anyone. I am sorry you faced this!” Cara’s vision blurred and a lone tear escaped from her eyes. “Thank you so much for understanding!” She pressed her lips in a straight line and the manager patted her back. She sniffled, wiping tears off her cheeks. “Can you please delete this video? I beg you!” She requested. “I don’t want this to come out, ever. I don’t want my dad to be ashamed of me.” She looked at him with doe-like eyes. “I hope you will understand, sir.” *** Aries walked to the
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Episode 7 Aries Saved Cara
Keith reached home and quickly took a shower, changing into black ripped jeans with a grey t-shirt and leather jacket. He tried calling Natalie several times, but she didn’t pick up any of his calls. He sighed, realising she wasn’t wrong in her place, but his job was equally important to him and he couldn’t jeopardise his duty. He took the car keys and left to surprise Natalie at the club, cancelling all his important tasks. *** Aries signed the last page of the file and sealed the deal with Russian investors. “It’s a pleasure working with you!” The Russian client shook hands with Aries and the latter smiled. “This project will bring us tremendous success!” Aries confidently stated. “Let’s celebrate our merger!” He looked conceivably at the investors and they agreed. “Paul, please look into the arrangements. Our guest shouldn’t get disappointed with our hospitality!” He smirked and his eyes travelled to the Russian beauty sitting across from him in a business suit. Her hazel ey
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Episode 8 The Complicated Man!
Desire Nightclub, Cara finally got off from work at two in the night. She changed into her blue jeans and plain white shirt and opened her ponytail, brushing her long, dark blonde hair. She walked out of the club checking her wallet but had no money to hail a taxi back home. She glanced at her wristwatch and it was past the time of the last bus. She sighed, preparing herself to walk to her apartment again when a bike stopped her with a jerk and Cara almost shrieked. Her wallet slipped from her hand watching the biker. Engulfed with fear, Cara instinctively took a step back, but the man held her wrist and picked up her wallet from the road. *** Aries intertwined his fingers with Alyona, and they walked out of the elevator walking into his luxurious suite. As soon as they were in, Alyona kissed Aries, backing him up against the door. Her hand moved down, and she slowly opened the buttons of his shirt. Aries smirked, he didn’t try to touch her nor tried to stop her. Her hands roamed
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Episode 9 Delete The Footage!
“What’s wrong?” Cara asked her roommate, Lily, who was a travel blogger, and most of the time out to explore the world. “You haven’t contributed in rent for the last three months! What do you expect?” She asked Cara. “I know I am sorry, but I’ll do the next month. I promise!” Cara said, but Lily wasn’t convinced. She slid the suitcase in her direction. “Please don’t waste my time and show yourself out. I can’t do charity anymore!” Lily gave a tired look and Cara’s eyes filled with tears. “Please don’t do this to me, Lily! Where would I go in the middle of the night.” Cara said. “That’s not my problem! Why don’t you sell your luxury car and pay for the damn expenses?” She raised her voice. “I have got the job in the famous club! See, this is my appointment letter.” She took out a folded paper from her bag and passed it to Lily. “The pay is good! I can pay the rent from next month and save something for myself.” “Please, Lily, have mercy!” Cara begged, tears flowing from her eyes.
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Episode 10 Cara and Keith's Encounter
“Are you kidding me?” Aries gawked up at Simon and the latter shook his head. “Why would I delete the only evidence of that night?” Simon pulled a chair and sat across from him. “What will you do if you find her?” He asked. “Will you marry her?” He raised an eyebrow. “What rubbish!” Aries gave a ridiculous look. “Will you force her to sleep with you?” “Of course not! I never force women to sleep with me,” Aries retorted. “Then why the fuck are you wasting your energy to find her?” Simon shrieked. “I just want to know who she is!” He said. “And what will you do then?” Simon asked and Aries had an ‘I don’t know,’ look on his face. Simon took his phone and handed him. “Here, delete the video and get over your obsession with her.” Aries groaned, taking his phone from Simon. His brain agreed with what Simon said, but his cold heart continued to win against his head. Pulling a long face, Aries deleted the video as he believed the heart always tries to mislead you. “Good boy!” Simon
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