Kidnapped By The Mafia

Kidnapped By The Mafia

By:  Deathslittlemistress  Completed
Language: English
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Julian was born in the world of Dead threats and Guns but he also had a caring side inside his heart for someone special , she was no one else his future wife Amrita. But Mafia world never leave you peacefully... Dark shadow never left them... Years later their daughter Adriana married with Colton, the devil king of Russian Mafia forcefully ..... Could they ever be a real couple ?or the love triangle lead them to a tragedy.... What will happen when Mathew , the heir of Russian Mafia gang follows his father's Path and forcefully marry a Mafia Princess...... Mathew's youngest daughter Adlin fell in love with Caden, the new right hand member of Russian Mafia gang and dreamed to have a peaceful life ... But Mafia world was not a peaceful place ... Many attack came but that never lead Caden and Adlin in the dirt of their family's Past... Everyone left a calm breath as darkness was no more but the Past never left them alone and years later it came being most darker....... It leads Adira ,youngest Mafia heir of the Russian Mafia gang and only daughter of Adira and Colton, to The British Mafia King Xavier ........ Who came just for revenge on the Russians...............

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    Start Of A New Life
    8 years old Amrita :My eyes fluttered open in shock, the walls spun as I tried to clutch my head but an invisible force held my hands back. The throbbing in my head and dizziness in my sight, brought tears to my eyes as I lowered my head and whimpered in pain. "Where was I? " "Why couldn't I move?" "Where was dad?" I was at the park with my father, my mother had forced us out since we had destroyed our home. It was the best Food fight in the history of food fights, sadly it only lasted the 45 minutes that mom was in the shower for. After that, she gave both of us an earful and then kicked us out.I smiled as the expression she wore, flashed through my mind. She was so irritated that she even ignored the fact that she had just bathed and immediately got to cleaning. We saw all this from the window of course, while snickering to ourselves.We had glanced back in through the window, only to mistakenly make eye contact with her and have her march her way towards us. Neither me nor dad had
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    Who's He ?
    I was picked up in one of the men's arms as they walked up the stairs and through a dark hallway. I felt so tired and sleepy, my eyes barely stayed open but I forced them to.It would be too dangerous to sleep around these people.I laid my head down at the indifferent mans shoulder as he took me through hall after hall turning through so many wide doors that I lost count after 13. It was a while later that the man put me down on my feet in front of a woman who was dressed like a maid. She assessed me from head to toe and nodded at the men, who turned around and left quietly. I watched them walk away and as they shut the doors behind themselves, I turned to the lady in front of me.She shocked me by bowing her head."Welcome to the nest, future donna."I stared at her in confusion as she raised her head and held out her hand."I'm Sally and I am going to be responsible for your grooming."I shook my head in response. My mother was the one who would groom me, not a random lady I met after bei
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    He Took Care of His Love
    14 years old Amrita:"Relax Honey, you're going to fall if you don't."Donna spoke up behind me and I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself down. The books on my head jiggled a little and I pouted angrily up at them before turning one last time. The Donna clapped happily and Sally stood beside her with a stern look.She was looking at me as if I had done something wrong, I really hope I hadn't because the Boss- Julian's father- was a creepy man. And if she thought that I didn't accomplish anything then the man would come to visit.He scared me a lot and the last time he visited, I had hidden myself behind Donna throughout the entirety of the complex greeting. Donna and he clearly didn't get along and Donna actually looked terrified of him. There was something about the way he smiled that scared me, Mama had always told me that if someone's smile didn't seem inviting, getting close to them was dangerous.So in a sense I was lucky, as far as I knew, the Boss had to be at the main base of
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    2 years Passed
    16 years old Amrita: I stepped out of the washroom and nearly screamed as I spotted someone sitting on the couch in front of the LED in my room. When a head of raven hair greeted me, I was confused. The person sitting on the chair hadn't turned around yet and I was sure that I didn't know anyone here with raven hair besides the Donna and Julian."W-who are you?"I questioned, clutching my robe tighter towards myself. It wasn't at all comforting to know that I was nearly bare in the presence of a stranger- or anyone for that matter-I heard a sigh that sounded awfully close to a depressed one, but from the tone of voice I could tell that this intruder was anything but depressed."I see you've forgotten all about me princess." he said.I frowned at his words and stared at him in confusion, this clearly meant that I had known him. At one point or another, but that was even more confusing as I wasn't very well acquainted with the people here. Sally and some of the guards and maids were the onl
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    Taste Of Him
    Almost 18 years old Amrita: I paced inside my room, my heart thudding as Sally's earlier announcement rang in my ears. It explained why Julian hadn't come to visit me in the past month and why Donna had been very busy lately."Your birthday is approaching, Donna. In regards to this monumental moment the boss has given you the chance to wish for whatever you want from him."Before I could've opened my mouth and uttered the words that I wanted to blindly throw at her, Sally cut me off. In the most stern way she ever had, since I got here."After the wedding of course, for now, you can only think about what you want." she said.All thoughts of demanding for freedom vanished from my mind, I should've seen it coming. That man was hellbent on keeping me here, even if it meant having to tie me up in a room. That fact Sally had clarified for me.I was frustrated, anyone who saw me could've guessed that. I couldn't talk to Sally because she could relay everything to him and Julian and Donna were bo
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    Finally Caught Up!
    "Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God!!!"Donna and Sally stood by the door, both of them looking extremely amused as I had a mental breakdown in the dressing room.They had woken me up at 6:00Am and basically kidnapped me, to take me to the hall that had been booked for today.It was a 4 hour ride in the car, filled with excitement from the Donna, silence from Sally and confusion from me. I had ignored the atmosphere and given in to the urge to get some shut eye. Once we had arrived, I was practically dragged into the hall, not even being given anytime to take in my surroundings.Several women and guards had launched themselves at me. The women leading me to the dressing room, all while gushing to themselves in shrill voices. The guards on the other hand, had formed a circle around us and led us to the room.It was after I was pulled inside and forced into the washroom that I realized what was happening. But I didn't have much time to think about anything again, as Donna and Sally start
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    Sometime After Wedding
    He didn't meet my gaze immediately just like the last time we encountered each other alone, instead he stepped up to a mirror and began fixing his hair as best as he could. I could tell that it had been perfectly styled before the Donna shuffled it. His eyes met mine in the mirror and we both scanned each other from head to toe.When our eyes met again, he grinned a Cheshire cat grin. A sneaky, cheeky, mischievous grin. That had alarms blaring in my head."Glad you didn't run away?" he said.I froze yet again, out of all the times he could've mentioned it, it had to be now. When no one was around and when there was no chance of Julian calming me down. But before I could go into full panic mode, he continued."Lets get this straight, You hate me, I hate you. End of story, everyone's happy."I frowned as his words register."I don't exactly hate you... I just don't like you."He paused and frowned at the mirror."Hard work gone down the drain then, I suppose."He mumbled to himself in an exaspera
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    What A Cruel He Was!
    I stood frozen as the doors slammed shut behind me, my eyes focused on all the- dead- female children in the room. Their horrified impressions printing themselves into my memory, sad faces with tears streaming down their cheeks. Mouths parted to scream, screams that were now forever silenced.All of them had boards carved right beneath their feet, boards that gave away their names, ages and time of death. Almost like a cemetery, this one though was only for kids. My eyes went from one girl to the next, there were so many. I simply couldn't believe what I was seeing. This wasn't a work of art, it was cruelty and maybe if I didn't know that these were real people at a point, I might've praised the artist.My head was swimming, my heart was thumping and my eyes were filling with tears as they followed the trail, every next girl breaking my heart into another piece. I could only imagine the fate they had suffered before this. My breathing halted as my eyes landed on one specific girl, the b
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    "I haven't mentioned this before so listen closely, it is very important information for your security." Julian said.I nodded in response and hugged the pillow tighter to my chest as Julian sat across from me, on the couch. A good few feet between us, as he put aside his laptop with care."The way it operates in the lair is slightly different than the rest. When a new boss is selected an oath is to be taken by the members of the gang, an oath that binds them to my command. But, after they had taken oath on my fathers hand, father introduced a method of choice and it's quite popular with the members so I can't remove it just yet."I nodded as he pinched the bridge of his nose in irritation, almost as if reminding himself of it gave him a headache."In the other gangs, an oath is taken right on the night the new boss is announced, thanks to my father, it doesn't work that way around here anymore. The members are given the time of a year to take an oath, during that year it is for them to de
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    It's Important
    His eyes raked over me in a way that would scare any maiden to death, in my case though, death wasn't an option. I was yet again, nearly bare in the presence of a man. It seemed that Edward and him were more likely to catch me off guard and undressed, than Julian was.But in Edwards case, I knew he couldn't touch me or Julian would be displeased, very displeased. I wasn't so sure about his father and from the way he was looking at me, I couldn't even force myself to relax."It seems I've caught you at the wrong time." he said.He tilted his head to a side and assessed me yet again before humming to himself. He looked away momentarily but when I made a move towards the cabinet his head snapped back to me."I would like to have a word with you." he said.I swallowed to moisten my dry mouth before nodding at him."Of course, just let me dre..."I was saying . "I'm afraid it cannot wait."He interrupted me making me frown as he met my eyes. What could've been so important that he would come all th
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