Falling for the Demon Prince

Falling for the Demon Prince

By:  Cassandra Kim  Completed
Language: English
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Clara lives a depressing life full of bullying and when she dies, she vows revenge on those who caused her death. A demon answers her call and offers her revenge. Clara accepts and is reborn into the body of an heiress. Together she and the demon set about getting revenge. Over time secrets are unveiled and feelings are revealed and Clara's second life becomes less about revenge and more about love.

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107 chapters
Chapter 1
The weather on the day she died was perfect. The sun was shining brightly against the blue sky which was unexpected as the weather had been cold and grey all week. The strangely good weather should have told her that something bad was going to happen. The warm weather meant that Clara sat on the outdoor benches to eat her lunch instead of inside the school cafeteria. It was considerably more fun to sit outside by herself than in the busy cafeteria with all the noise and disdainful stares. She stuck out like a sore thumb at Trinity Academy in her second-hand school uniform. The only good thing right now was that she didn’t have long left to go before she graduated. Clara’s high intelligence unfortunately meant that instead of attending a standard high school where there would be more people in a similar situation as her, she had earned a scholarship to attend a posh private school where all the students came from rich and well-connected families. As a scholarship student with fos
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Chapter 2
This chapter contains a very brief suicide scene that is not explicitly described. If you wish to skip it, go to the next line break (***). - Clara sniffed and held in the tears that were starting to fall. She wasn’t going to cry in a place where someone from the school could still see her. She would bottle it up like she normally did. The bus ride was a complete blur and soon she was outside the front door of her home. It wasn’t big or attractive, but it was the only place she could call home. The scent of mac and cheese hit her senses as she unlocked the door and she groaned. It was her least favorite meal. It would be the topping on a shitty day at school. She took off her shoes and continued on her way to her room. As the oldest foster child, she had been granted her own room. It was small, but it was all hers. She would change into her most comfortable clothes, read her favourite book and put on a cooling eye mask to relax. Her allowance for the past six months had been spen
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Chapter 3
Clara took a deep breath to steel herself before facing Caiden. She shouldn’t show that she was having second thoughts about the contract she had just made. She needed to look like she knew what she was doing. “How are you going to help me get revenge if we are still here?” she questioned. Caiden didn’t look perturbed by her question which gave her confidence in his abilities to help her out with her mission for revenge. “I can’t bring you back to life as you were. It’s not something I can do and it wouldn't be possible to get revenge as Clara Kennedy. I caught you here because there is someone with a compatible body available. Your soul can inhabit her body.” Clara narrowed her eyes. It was a relief to hear that she wouldn’t have to return to her old life again, but she was skeptical of his logic. “How is that going to work then?” she asked with a glare. Caiden put his hand on her shoulder and looked down at her. “To explain it in the simplest way, I am going to transplant
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Chapter 4
“Where have you been?” Clara demanded. “I’ve been feeling so lost.” Caiden had the grace to look guilty. Clara noticed that he was no longer wearing his cloak and was instead wearing a leather jacket and black jeans. Despite the oddly human attire, his horns were still visible and there was still an unearthly vibe to his appearance. “I had to be somewhere else. I knew the transplant was successful and this was the first opportunity I’ve had to come here. Demons don’t belong in the human world you know. I have a ruler to answer to.” The mention of demon life was intriguing, but Clara wanted to know more about her personal situation rather than his. “What happened to the owner of the body I’m in right now?” she asked in a calmer tone. “The doctor wouldn’t say.” “That is a conversation that we can have when we are completely alone,” Caiden said. “The nurse will return very soon and I don’t think it’s the best thing to talk about demon related things with someone else around.” C
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Chapter 5
Clara was pleased to hear confirmation that she was going to get revenge against those who had hurt her. It gave her some hope that everything would work out for her despite the odd circumstances. She smiled to herself and Caiden patted her head. It was an strangely tender gesture from a demon. “I would like to say that what I can see is far in the future. It’s going to take some time to build up to it. Are you willing to do that?” Caiden asked. Clara didn’t like the idea of waiting a long time to get revenge, she didn’t feel patient right now. She thought about the portrayals of revenge she had seen in popular media. Some people waited a very long time to get revenge and the phrase ‘revenge is a dish best served cold' was often thrown around. She could wait a while so she could perfect her revenge against everyone who had driven her to death. “That’s fine as long as I eventually get revenge,” she replied. *** Breakfast was a simple meal of toast, fruit and orange juice.
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Chapter 6
“Hello Clara,” the red-haired woman greeted with a snide smile. “I am glad to see you survived your near-death experience. I thought I would never see you again.” Clara felt a chill down her spine from the mysterious woman’s words. She had to be someone who had tormented the real Clarissa. Her body was telling her to run. “I don’t know you,” Clara said plainly and walked past the woman. “Beryl, I thought I said to greet Clara later,” James said sharply. “Did you forget? I don’t want her to get overwhelmed by lots of new faces.” Clara looked back at the woman. Now she had a name to put to the face. Beryl was a good actress; she did look like she was sorry. There was still an insincere look in her eyes despite the apologetic expression on her face. “I forgot, sorry,” Beryl said. “I’ll pop by later to say hello to her.” Clara hoped that she wouldn’t. She didn’t know why Beryl was standing there. James had said there were staff members who worked in the house, but it didn’t fee
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Chapter 7
Caiden nodded in reply. Clara could tell that he was pleased with her answer. It also felt like he had been expecting her to say that.  “I thought you would say that when you saw Clarissa’s memories,” he said. “I will leave now so you can shower in peace. We can talk about revenge later.”  He let go of her hand and promptly disappeared. By now Clara was used to the quick disappearing act and didn’t bother to wonder where he had gone.  She returned to the bathroom and gave the bath a wide berth. It wasn’t the same bath Clarissa had used as she had been in a guest bathroom, but it was still a bath.  Instead, she picked out a shampoo for dyed hair and a hair mask and had a long shower, being careful not to get the covered knife slash wounds wet. Feeling the hot water against her matted hair and sweaty skin was cathartic for her and she felt r
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Chapter 8
Clara found it hard to continue the conversation after finding out that Beryl was even worse than she had imagined. “Maria, I’m feeling tired now,” she said. “Talking about Beryl tires me out.” “You go and have a rest, dear,” Maria said kindly. “I will make your favourite for dinner to welcome you back. We can talk about this when you’re much better.” Clara walked back to her bedroom with Caiden in tow. As soon as the door was closed, she turned to him. “What happened on that day? Clarissa’s memories weren’t very clear. Why does Beryl want Clarissa dead?” She sat on her bed and Caiden sat down next to her. Clara didn’t bother to complain about how close he was. She would probably appreciate his close presence when she heard the truth. “Beryl dragged Clarissa into that bathroom after demeaning her verbally, gave her the knife and told her that she probably couldn’t even manage to take her own life properly,” Caiden explained. “As for her motive. It’s very simple; she wants m
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Chapter 9
Clara’s reaction to that line was to throw her pen at Caiden. He disappeared before it could hit him and she was left glaring at empty space. She sighed and picked her pen off the floor. Sometimes he was very annoying, but most of the time he was oddly kind for a demon. She still didn’t quite know what to make of the demon she was bonded to. She looked down at her notes again. Revenge didn’t seem as easy now that she knew she would have to somehow get hold of all the evidence needed to prove Beryl’s wrongdoing. How was she going to do that by herself? To obtain James’ financial records she would either have to ask him, ask his financial advisor or somehow steal them herself. She sighed and closed her notebook. There was no chance any of them were possible. James might love his granddaughter, but he was never going to disclose very personal financial information to her and neither would his financial advisor. She needed to ask Caiden for more advice. He would know a way to ge
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Chapter 10
Clara didn’t quite know what to say to that. It was no wonder that he hadn’t mentioned this plan earlier, he knew she wouldn’t like it.  “I have to flirt with this hacker to convince him to help me?” she asked just to make sure she had heard correctly.   Caiden shrugged.  “I was only joking. He will accept money; he needs it and he will most definitely think something is strange if you flirt with him.”  Clara threw her pen at him again. This time Caiden side stepped it instead of disappearing.  “I was trying to lighten the tone,” he protested. “You need to stop throwing things at me.”  Clara knew that he was doing his best to distract her from everything. After all it was her first day with Clarissa’s memories. She didn’t even know if she was going to sleep well tonight. Sl
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