Fated to Destroy

Fated to Destroy

By:  Aweda Hiqmat  Completed
Language: English
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Julie Scarborough is one of the most deadliest rogues in the werewolf world. She never really wanted anything and she was content with the life she’s living. But her fate changes one night when she mistakenly shares an encounter with one of her top enemies, Alpha Donald Manchester. The man who was blessed with everything. The last thing she ever wanted was a mate and the Alpha was exactly that. Their hatred for each other bloomed like wildfire but Julie soon finds herself wanting more of him. In a world where Rogue Werewolves are severely frowned upon, how was he going to protect her? What happens to his Pack when Julie finds out their dirty secrets? Was she going to continue her Rogue Life or choose Donald?

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137 chapters
Chapter one
Julie’s POV “Oh no! Julie the Rogue is here, run!” “That demon is going to kill everyone!”  “Take whatever you can, we’re leaving this Pack!”  “Our Pack is doomed, Julie is here!”  We among the several voices I heard from the terrified members of Black moon Pack. I hadn’t even set my foot into the Pack yet, I and my army of fifty were only parading by their borders. A devilish smile crept to my face, I was definitely going to enjoy the chaos that was about to set in.“Julie, looks like these people are aware of her presence. What should we do now?” Sharon, my best friend asked beside me. I stared into the sky, the moon hung brightly amidst the stars, the winds were gentle, my gaze returned to the deep forest befor
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Chapter Two
JULIE “That’s it?!” Sharon blurted in surprise. “He just let you do whatever you want?”  “Yes.” I answered, sitting down on one of the couches in the living room of Pack House. “We made a bargain. We let his people go and we take whatever we want.” I gestured. She frowned.  “This is unlike you, Julie. Normally, you wouldn’t hesitate to kill but you’re sparing them.” My eyes lowered to the floor as I remembered the little girl’s face.  “Let’s just say I felt like being merciful tonight.” I answered with a light sigh. “So now that
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Chapter Three
DONALD“Shit!” I yelled as my alarm blared, jolting me away from my work. “Ray is going to kill me.” I mumbled as I stared at the wall clock displaying twelve thirty. I quickly arose from my swivel, pushing the files I was working with away on my desk. I stared at my window where the sun rays were gleaming a lot more than usual, it was enough to dampen my mood. I mean who chooses to go out on a sunny day like this? It was certainly not me. My door suddenly barged open, making way for Ray who furiously marched in.  “Seriously?! Are you shitting me right now?!” He exclaimed whilst throwing his hands midair. “How are you not dressed at this time, I gave you an hour Donald, an hour yet…nothing!”  I gave a nervous chuckle while I scratched the b
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Chapter Four
DONALD After several dancing, eating and drinking to our fill, the night had finally dawned. We were in Roseville Pack House. Ray was entertaining Ria and the others with a joke while Dominic and I took to the minibar at the corner of the room.  “You know, I can’t believe you finally got hinged.” I toned with a slight chuckle. “I mean you were such a chronic flirt that we almost gave up on you, getting a mate anytime soon.”  “I know right…” He wriggled his head before taking a sip of his whiskey. “I guess it just kind of happened. Ria and I found each other and she changed me.” He paused, staring at Ria. “She’s the lady I want to spend the rest of my eternity with.”  Read more
Chapter Five
JULIE'S POV The night had been a blast, to me at least. I had gone to the club, taken a few shots and flirted with a few lonely men who definitely were not my type. But it was fun. Then I met him, and perhaps it was induced by alcohol, but I felt such an attraction to him that I wanted to tear off that shirt that clung to his body so nicely. We had left and gotten a room at the motel. It was a blissful night, in my opinion. A night well spent.It was not my intention to have such an encounter, but the man I had gone with was one I felt so attracted to, I could not control myself.Now, though, I was awake, and boy, it was a rude awakening.I was still just waking up when I felt him shift from me. I frowned in response,
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Chapter 6
Somehow, even with my head pounding and my scattered thoughts, I managed to take myself back to Dominic's pack. I paused in front of the pack house and quickly cooked up a story about my travels last night, because I knew they were sure to ask. Especially Ray. I sighed and walked to the door of the house, but before I pushed my way in, I stared at my reflection in the glass window and ran a hand through my tousled blond hair to smoothen and arrange it slightly. With that done, I moved into the house and was met with the smiling faces of my friends as they focused on the chess game on the kitchen table. They turned to me instantly and Ray got up, concern written all over his face as he looked me over once and asked, "Where have you been Donald? We were worried." The others nodded their heads at his statement, as they put all their eyes on me and I swallowed nervously. "Umm...well I left the club and met with a few friends
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Chapter 7
DONALD "What?!" He stood up from his chair and stood behind me and his eyes widened in astonishment. "That's not possible. How did that happen?"   I looked at him and opened my palms on either side of me as I shrugged. "I'd like to blame the moon goddess for casting such a cruel fate on me." I ran a hand through my hair again, this time messing it up as the image of Julie's body flew into my memory again. For goodness sake!   "Wait, hold on. If that's what happened, don't tell me you slept with her. Did you?" He asked again and when I nodded affirmatively, Ray sat back on the couch and looked at my table for a few seconds, before he motioned for me to tell the story. I told him what happened, from meeting her at the club to spending the night with her and then finally rejecting her as my mate, and when I was done, Ray whistled loudly.   "You rejected her, and she did the same?" I nodded again, and he shook his he
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Chapter 8
*JULIE* "What's wrong with you?" She asked with a worried look. I just can't tell her that I went out of the club last night with Alpha donald and we both had sex together. My head swollen with a series of anger as the memory refreshed my brain. I don't think I can get this thought off my head. I will just probably cook up a lie for her because I don't know how she is going to react. "Well, just tired and worked up." I said and she rewarded me with a skeptical look. "You can't tell me you are tired because you have been in the room resting." She said. "I said nothing," I clapped back, almost yelling. I'm really angry and frustrated. I would have told her but I don't know how she would react to the news, but I know that letting something like this out could start a grave tension between Valley field pack and the rogue. "Okay, I'm sorry for disturbing you," She replied, walking towards the door but I held her hand. "Okay am sorry for yel
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Chapter 9
*DONALD* It has been a few days since the incident happened. I don't really know what is wrong with me. I just couldn't stop thinking of the intimate moment I had with her even though it was over night. I ruffled my hair roughly as I remembered how beautiful and sexy she looked, her lips that were bright pink literally begging to be kissed over and over again, her beautiful scent still lingered on the shirt I wore that night even though I washed it. Why did I really reject her? I am beginning to regret it but I had to do it for my reputation and the pack. I think I'm going crazy, it seems the more I think of her, the more she drives me crazy. I don't really know if the decision I made is right or not. I was still on the bed thinking when a knock landed at the door. It was probably Ray."Who's at the door?"I asked as I stood up from the bed."It's me, Ray," Ray's voice blared at the door."Come in," I said as I sat on a wooden chair. The door
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Chapter 10
*JULIE* I shook my head and stood up to pace around the room. There were too many dangers with going against Villeyfield Pack and I voiced them out, staring directly at Sharon. "We can't do that, Sharon. Think of all the consequences it would bring," I said and brought up my fingers to my face as I began to count on them. "First, Alpha Donald is ruthless, and he has an unrivalled reputation for sniffing out rogues. He'll kill us all. Second, even without him, the Pack is the most powerful of all and very capable of destroying all we have within minutes. Thirdly, I...don't want to see him again." I let out a breath and sat down again, burying my face between my hands. It was getting increasingly hard to forget all about him and from the looks my best friend gave me, she knew it was obvious. Rejecting him immediately had done nothing to reduce the fire in m
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