Rise of the Alpha Queen

Rise of the Alpha Queen

By:  Heidi Monath  Completed
Language: English
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Jamari spent her life living in her twin sister's shadow, only made worse when she found out she didn't have a wolf on her 18th birthday. When her sister disappears she learns a lot about herself and the destiny Fate has in store for her. She couldn't actually be the Wolf Queen? Could she? With the help of the Lycan King and Demon King, Jamari searches for the truth of her existence as an unknown threat threatens life in all the Realms. Will Jamari fulfill her destiny with the help of her mates, or will she crumble under the newfound pressure of being Queen?

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    Chapter 1- Samara
    Samara POV ‘They’re closing in on us Mara.’ Samara Smith took a moment to glance behind her at the five wolves gaining on her before she responded to her wolf. ‘I’m going as fast as I can Rieka. We just need to make it around that ridge up ahead and then we will be on sacred ground and safe from attack by those wolves.’ Samara wasn’t too worried about the wolves chasing her through the dense forest. They would not be able to catch up to her before she made it to the old Church. Samara possessed the power of the wolf queen running through her veins and was confident that she could out run those giving chase. She knew those wolves behind her were no match for the speed and power she possessed thanks to her wolf Rieka. What worried Samara was the yet to be revealed leader of the wolves currently chasing her in the night. How did they find out about Jamari? She worried to herself. No matter what, she could not let them get to her sister. Jamari must be protected at all costs. If the
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    Chapter 2- Enter the Demon King
    Jamari’s POV It has been one week since the disappearance of my twin sister Samara and I was getting desperate for answers. “You’re sure this will work?” I ask the shop owner skepitcally.  “Oh yes Miss. Just follow the directions exactly as they wrote it and you will be able to contact anyone you are searching for whether it be in this life or the next.” She says to me encouragingly.  I was still skeptical of the incantation but I needed to find answers on my sister's disappearance and the police and my pack were hitting dead ends at every turn they took. Forcing a smile I thank the shop owner and tell her I will take the incantation and all of the supplies that I will need for the spell.  After another thirty minutes of the shop owner and I wandering around the shop gathering the items I would need to do the spell I was finally ready to leave the shop and head home. “Thank you for your help today.” I told the shop owner, while walking
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    Chapter 3- Summoning
    Jamari’s POV As I sit in the middle of the circle that I drew  in the middle of my tiny living room, I look around, waiting for something to happen. I wasn’t sure exactly what was supposed to happen when I summoned my sister, but I am pretty sure that SOMETHING is supposed to happen.  Glancing down, I re-read the instructions written on the scroll that I hold. “SHIT!!”, I said out loud. I drew the damn circle wrong which explains why the summoning spell didn’t work.  I glance around my small living room uneasy about what I might have accidentally done instead of summoning my sister. When after another couple minutes nothing bad happened I grabbed my bowl of lambs blood and added the last part to my circle that I had previously forgotten.  Before moving on, I inspected my circle to ensure that no other parts were wrong or missing. I didn’t want to accidentally summon a demon and sell my soul to him by doing this spell wrong. That wo
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    Chapter 4- The Demon King's Claim
    Levi’s POV I stand there watching the wolfless werewolf slowly inspect every inch of my face. I could see from her expression that she liked what she saw. This caused me to smirk at her and raise an eyebrow in question. When the woman blushed, I felt a twitch in my little buddy downstairs which caused me to take a closer look at her in interest.  She was a scrawny thing from what I could see under her baggy t-shirt and sweats. I couldn’t see much of her boobs, but I believe them to be a handful size maybe. Why does this woman dress so frumpy!? She looks to barely be old enough to drink and yet she dresses like an old maid. I frown at the thought.   I watch as the woman casts her eyes downward when she sees my frown. Does she think that I don't like what I see? I mean, I am not a fan of her clothing choices, and I am not sure what body type was hidden behind the frump, but she had a beautiful face. The freckles that I could see scattered across her n
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    Chapter 5- The Demon King's Accord
    Jamari’s POV What is wrong with me? Drooling over a demon that may very well be here to take my soul. I look into the man’s beautiful galaxy eyes and wonder if giving my soul to this man would really be all that bad. He is absolutely gorgeous, I sigh dreamily. I glance back over at the woman with the beautiful cocoa skin, that she showed a lot of, and think again about their relationship. A stab of jealousy courses through me when I think about them being a couple, even though they already denied it. What is she to him if not a lover? Shaking myself from my thoughts I wonder if I should tell the pair what I had learned from my sister. My intuition was telling me I could trust them, but still I hesitate. They were both demons afterall, and Samara told me it was the Demon King who attacked and killed her. I sat there quitely weighing the pros and cons of telling them about their King and was grateful that they gave me the quiet I needed to think. After a few moments I decided to fi
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    Chapter 6- Deal With the Devil
    Jamari’s POV I stand rooted to my spot, staring at the man that my sister accused of murdering her. He denies being the one to kill Samara, and strangely I believe him. What is it about him that causes me to have total faith in him when we’ve only just met? I watch him as he paced around my tiny living room, running his fingers through his hair. How I longed to go to him and ease his anxiety, but I can’t do anything until I found out exactly what he meant when he said You. I glance again at the woman standing in my dining room with her arms crossed below her breasts and a thoughtful look on her face. “Who are you?” I find myself asking out loud. The woman glances over at me in surprise. I feel Levi’s eyes burning into me from the side but I don't dare to look his way just yet. The woman glances over at Levi before responding. “I am Ruth, Levi’s second in command and sometimes babysitter.” She replies, rolling her eyes at her King. I frown at her response. If his second in comma
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    Chapter 7- Birth of the Wolf Queen
    Jamari’s POV It has been one week since Levi and Ruth appeared in my living room and I miss him. How dare he kiss me senseless like that with the promise of more, just for him to disappear for a week!? My Demon King really is a cocky bastard.  I didn’t realize I was pouting until I heard my mother’s voice break through my thoughts. “Don’t pout Jamari. It’s not ladylike.” I roll my eyes at my mother’s scolding and hear her huff in annoyance.  Sighing, I turn to my mother. “Sorry mom. I have a lot on my mind.” Her eyes soften as she walks over to me, enveloping me in a comforting hug.  “We all have a lot on our minds Jamari. Until your sister is back home safely I don’t think anyone in the pack will be able to rest easily.” I gulp down my sadness and look at my mother’s tearfilled eyes. I should tell her about the spell I performed and that Samara is not coming home, but I can’t bring myself to it.  The pack says they
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    Chapter 8- The Hunt Is On
    Levi’s POV One week. It has been one whole week and I can’t seem to get Jamari out of my head. That kiss that we shared was not enough to satiate the hunger that I feel for her. Countless times I wanted to go to her, just to see her and touch her. But I had to control this urge so I didn’t scare her away. Not that she seemed scared when she was in my arms, kissing me. I feel a grin tug up the corners of my lips at the memory of her in my arms. “Thinking about Jamari again?” I hear Ruth snicker from beside me. “She must have really made an impression on you for you to remember her name.” I tease her. “It’s not like you to remember the names of, well…anyone really.” I chuckle. Ruth rolls her eyes and sits herself in the chair in front of my desk, putting her feet criss cross style atop my desk. I would yell at her for the disrespect but I would only get a dagger chucked at my head again. As fun as our back and forths are, I am anxious to hear the news she has brought me about
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    Chapter 9- Trouble is Brewing
    Levi’s POV Ruth shakes her head at my disregard for paperwork, then continues explaining her process to me. “I grouped together all of the demons that are able to teleport between the human and demon realm and put them on page one and the top of page two. I think our imposter is more than likely on that section of the list.” I glance down at pages one and two, taking in the names on the list more seriously. Could one of these demons be the one that is masquerading as the Demon King? I glance back up at Ruth when she continued to speak. “I then went through and got rid of any of the newer demons and those that aren’t able to hide their presence. This demon was able to go undetected in the human realm, even after using his powers to shift to a wolf and back. This leads me to believe he is more than likely from a top tier demon clan.” “That would make sense. Not many demons have the ability to reign in their aura as well as this guy has been able to do.” I get up to pace my office fl
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    Chapter 10- The Proposal
    Jamari’s POV “Oh Jamari, quit being so dramatic.” My mother hisses at me. Always the prim and proper one, my mother never liked how I was her polar opposite. I have seen this very same disapproving look on her face many times growing up. Taking in a deep breath through my mouth and pushing it out through my nose, I try to control my growing anger. This was all a setup from the beginning. They never wanted to have dinner with me, just sell me off to their warrior. My eyes swing back to the man seated quietly in front of me. I felt guilty at the flash of pain I saw flash across his face. Why are my parents doing this to us? That’s when a thought crossed my mind. “Doesn’t he already have a mate?” I ask, pointing at the warrior who’s name I have forgotten. Goddess, what was his name? And his mates name…Jessica! That was it! “How does Jessica feel about you trying to set us up?” I turn triumphantly to my parents. I watch as differing emotions flitted across the faces of those sitting
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