Luscious Deal with a Billionaire

Luscious Deal with a Billionaire

By:  Athena Varinder  Ongoing
Language: English
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Vivian Stephen Chen was the epitome of a perfect lady. She was well-educated, driven to her career, knowledgeable, kind, and beautiful. She even had a figure to die for. But there was something missing in her life. She had never dated a man before, to the point that she was being mistaken to like fellow women. And then one day, as if it was a fateful encounter, she met him. Zander Li Martin, a bachelor multibillionaire, suddenly proposed a deal that turned her life around. He was much older than her but he had everything a girl could ask for. Money, power, looks, perhaps; even performance in bed. Vivian was not in dire straits for money. She had her own business and she had more than enough money for herself. But she had greedy vultures feasting on her. Zander’s offer churned something inside her. She had always been a careful woman and had never done anything crazy and unaccounted for in her life. She realized that she was bored with her current life that she was actually longing for a major unexpected change that would arouse her excitement. As if something was pushing her, Vivian accepted the offer. She wanted to do something crazy and dangerous for a change. Likewise, she would be able to satisfy the greed of the vultures that haunted her. All of a sudden, she gained a husband. What will her married life with him entail? Would she get the thrill she was looking for? Join Vivian in her life journey as the wife of a multibillionaire and discover what experiences await her.

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13 chapters
“Hmm.” She stirred in her sleep. Something felt good. Her body felt like it was on fire, especially down there between her legs where the heat was concentrated. Then she felt it. Something moving in and out of her body. It was a bit uncomfortable but it felt good. “Mm.” A moan escaped her lips when she felt something soft move lazily over her most sensitive spot. The in and out motion inside her continued as well and she heard wet sloshing sounds as she became more aware. 'Wait. What is all this?' The movement inside her became rough, rubbing her insides so deliciously that the pleasure felt like it was pooling up. “Ah. More,” she moaned as she felt the pleasurable sensation continue building up. She wanted it to continue reaching greater heights until she could not take it anymore. It built up
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Chapter 1: Ill-boding News   
The sun was shining brightly amid the vast expanse of a clear blue sky. Birds were chirping happily. Flowers were in bloom. Children were out and about having fun. Beaches were full of people enjoying the warmth of summer and the scent of the sea breeze. Meanwhile, a certain lady was at home, enjoying her rare vacation. It had been a long time since she was at home doing nothing. Perhaps, several years ago when she was still young. She had almost always gone to her office or was on a trip to who knows where, that she could count with her fingers the days that she just stayed home doing nothing, especially in summer. She was often on tour during summers. It was almost like a miracle that she was not going out today. She had almost always enjoyed summer on the beaches before. Even she, herself, wondered why she had no plans this summer. She had only thought of staying home or going to her office. No tours to lively beaches or beautiful lakes and rivers. She had not even booked any f
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Chapter 2: Hide
Vivian concluded that if her husband wasn’t dead, she might be putting him in a more precarious situation by exposing herself to danger. She may be kidnapped and used to catch him if he was hiding somewhere. It was common sense to her that she held no value to Zander, but she was still his wife-in-paper. And based on the days they had spent together three years ago, he seemed to be a good man. Zander would surely think she was his responsibility and would try to get her back. Of course, Vivian did not want to be harmed in any way either, so she had to go into hiding. If there was something she hated in this world, it would be pain. She had run away from pain all her life and she had succeeded. She did not want to experience it now. Just imagining what kind of torture her husband’s enemies might have prepared for her sent her packing her bags quickly. Opening her wardrobe, she was relieved that she still had a lot of new clothes that she had never used before. It would be useful in
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Chapter 3: Phone Call
Three days had passed and her husband was still declared missing. Vivian watched the news fervently in hopes of something positive. The forest fire had been put out a long time ago and the remains of the plane crash had been scrounged but no bodies were found. They only found burned pieces of clothing. Zander’s representative had turned visibly pale when the pieces of clothing were shown to him and they recognized a partially burnt necktie as the one that Zander wore when he departed with his entourage. The representative and the Li Group quickly responded, though that it didn’t mean that their young master was dead. Vivian sighed. Of course, the Li Group representative would deny it. If they admitted that their Chairman was dead, their investors may pull out, and there may be chaos about who would be the next to lead. There were already a lot of rumours about the Li Group being on alert all the time and its employees were tense and nervous about what changes might happen after th
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Chapter 4: First Meeting
“I couldn’t reach your phone. It was never switched on. You’re neither in any of your properties nor in the house that I had gifted you. And you have never been to any of your offices for the past three days,” her husband exclaimed, and Vivian looked away guiltily. Vivian recalled that she had shut down all her gadgets since she heard the news. She had contacted her workplace that she would be on travel and said that she may not be around for some time. “We were able to locate you just now when you sent me a message.” “I didn’t believe what happened to you was an accident so I tried to hide,” she reasoned like it was enough for an explanation. Zander’s entourage nodded in approval. She was right after all. It was indeed an assassination attempt. Her husband smiled and sat down on the couch closest to the bed without asking if he could, so Vivian sat down as well. He also gestured on his men to sit on the couch opposite them. Someone still stood guard by the door and another one b
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Chapter 5: Intruders
Vivian noticed how everyone had one hand on something on their waist. She could guess it was their guns. She had actually felt the gun when her husband hugged her the first time. But now she felt a bit nervous as they were preparing for a shootout. ‘Well, who knows if his enemies already found us?’ That was quick though. Her husband and his cohorts had just been there for a few minutes. ‘Damn. Why the hell am I in this situation?! I shouldn’t have been tempted by the sum my dear husband offered me.’ This was the first time they met in three years and yet they might die the next moment without even having a proper talk. Vivian felt annoyed. ‘Was I meant to die a virgin?’ she recalled that she haven’t had her first time yet. Zander dared seducing her with his good looks and hot kisses when he offered her the deal in Hong Kong. And Vivian thought she would finally have an exciting life, but she ended up still alone in bed for three whole years despite being married. And worst yet,
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Chapter 6: Danny
“Not yet ready?” Danny looked at her suspiciously when she opened the door and closed it behind her again. “Oh, it’s fine now. But to be honest, my boyfriend is inside.” “Since when did you have a boyfriend?” Danny said with a deadpan look and she wanted to punch him. ‘Way to go, dear friend. You really know to poke where it hurts the most,’ she wanted to snarl at him. “You were single for the longest time,” Danny continued and she truly wanted to punch him in the gut, or the face. “I have a boyfriend!” Vivian said defensively. “I just hid it from everyone since I can’t reveal who he is,” she continued and Danny just raised an eyebrow. He clearly didn’t believe a word she said. “He’s a celebrity from another country,” she said in a lower voice but loud enough so the ones inside would hear. “Huh? Stop playing with me Vee. Are you having delusions now?” Danny looked at her and soundlessly mouthed: “Are you really alright? Are you sure no one is blackmailing you?” “Humph. That’s
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Chapter 7: Careless Mistake
“We both knew each other for so long, you know,” Vivian winked. Danny finally accepted the money. For the others not to hear, he mouthed at her, “Damn you, Vee.” Then he continued loudly, “When did you have the time to look for a man like this? You didn’t sell yourself for money did you?” ‘Exactly! You got it right, my dear friend,’ she wanted to say but didn’t. It’s not like she became a prostitute or anything. She just married a super-rich guy for his money. “Ara, that’s rude of you, baby. Just go on and enjoy yourself at your favorite spa. He was the one who found me, okay?” She could tell that Danny was envious. “Yeah, yeah. Whatever. He’s not beating you to death when you’re alone does he?” Danny asked as if the person in question wasn’t around. “Of course not. Do you see any bruises on me? You know I won’t remain in a relationship like that,” Vivian was incredulous. How could her friend think she would endure something like that when she hated pain? “Hey, do I look like I
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Chapter 8: Jealousy
Before Vivian could talk, she felt his lips on hers. Her eyes grew wide with surprise. Her husband was roughly kissing her such that her lips might end up bruised. Vivian tried pushing him away but he had cornered her against the wall. He pressed his body against hers so that she could not move an inch. His right hand was at the back of her head, so she could not avoid his kiss. ‘What the heck is wrong with this person?! This was the first time he did something like this.’ Sure they kissed before but never that way. Mostly, they only kissed for show. Their first kiss was when she signed the deal. The second was when they shot a video for their engagement and the third was at their wedding. The others were after their wedding night before he departed. But this was entirely different. It was a searing kiss out of anger and he was so violent. Not that he was truly hurting her or anything but it’s not the kind of kiss she wanted the first time they met after three years. He had neve
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Chapter 9: For Show
“What are you planning to do?” Vivian blinked. She had to prepare herself to escape if she had to. She could hide in the bathroom if he lost his cool again. “Oh, nothing much. Exactly what I just said,” Zander smiled. Vivian sighed in relief when she noticed that he was calm. It must have been just her imagination. She wouldn’t mind a few kiss marks here and there to serve as proof of his cohorts. So he didn’t need to scare her by looking like the devil. She thought he would eat her alive. “Jerk! Stop scaring me like that.” “Call me that one more time and you’ll be naked on that bed,” Zander pointed at her queen size bed and she instantly shut her mouth. He looked serious. No one must have ever called him a jerk before. ‘It was his fault for scaring me in the first place,’ Vivian thought but didn’t dare say it out loud. She shivered and bit her lips as he kissed, licked, and bit at both her arms, trailing kisses and bite marks. It felt weird and good at the same time. She wished
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