My Mate is the Alpha

My Mate is the Alpha

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In a world where werewolves dominate over humans, Isabella was unlucky enough to be sold to Dylan Hayes, the alpha of one of the nation's most influential packs. It was until the night of Dylan's heat cycle when her luck has turned for the worse. After sharing a steamy night with him, Isabella had found herself in a series of unfortunate events...and an affair?

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30 chapters
It’s weird.I feel nauseous. I have eaten nothing for the past week, so maybe that’s why. But this was no ordinary pang of hunger I was feeling. It’s as if… someone drugged me.“Argh,” I grumbled as I struggled to open my eyes.I must’ve passed out a while ago since the last thing I remember was being dragged from the dingy storage room that I call home. I tried to move and my wrists throbbed in pain as the rough rope tightly tied around them chafed my skin.Judging from the way everything shook and the revving of an engine beneath me, I was most likely in a moving vehicle. It was difficult to sit up because of the bumpy road and the way my hands were secured behind my back, but after mustering barely enough strength to push mys
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Chapter 1: How It All Began
I sat up from the bed groggily upon hearing the now-familiar alarm blare off. My room was small enough that if I reached out an arm, I could open my blinds, which was convenient. The sky outside showed different hues of orange and yellow as the sun was only starting to rise. The alarm stopped automatically a few seconds later. I had been serving Dylan Hayes for a couple of months now. I wouldn’t say that my life was a lot better than before. However, my master rarely cares about what I do as long as I do my job well, so I would say that I’m luckier than most slaves. Although I did get in a lot of trouble before since it wasn’t easy for me to wake up to the alarm set for me in the beginning, but besides that, I think I’m doing great so far. I took a quick shower and wore my usual attire—just a plain white oversized shirt that fell until my mid-thighs. As if th
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Chapter 2: A Night With the Alpha
I dropped my hand to inhale deeply and my eyes quickly scanned the state he was in—bright yet bleary eyes, high temperature, flushed face, and uncontrolled release of sexual pheromones. I’ve never seen a werewolf in heat before, but I was certain. “Isabella,” he whispered into the crook of my neck. I’m going to have to give him a Raudona pill fast. The entire duration of my stay, he’s never been in heat, so I assumed that he’s been taking a regular dose of those heat suppressants. But the problem is that I don’t know where he keeps his stash. “Master, where do you keep your pills?” My body tingled the more I breathe in his pheromones. I’m afraid that if I stay in the same room as him any longer, I might lose my mind. I craned my neck from side to side, looking for a
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Chapter 3: The Marking
I opened my eyes the next morning with the sunlight streaming to the bedroom through the huge glass doors that led to the balcony. I tried to sit up and my body protested in pain, leaving me immobile and huffing on the bed.Last night’s events ran through my head and tears immediately welled up in the corner of my eyes. It was unfair how much leverage werewolves had over humans just because they could affect us with their pheromones.With a shaky hand, I dabbed at the swollen skin behind my ear with my fingertips. I felt normal, but when he bit me there last night, I couldn’t possibly have only imagined the strange sensation I had then. Did the pain only wake me up? That was likely. But it was just so odd that I couldn’t help but overthink that perhaps something else happened at that moment.Sudden
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Chapter 4: The Pack Meeting Pt. 1
There is one certain way to sever a bond made through marking, though.Death.I shivered at the thought and hugged my knees tighter. Dylan… He’s not going to kill me, is he?It’s not like he couldn’t, either. He has an entire pack of around a couple hundred werewolves under his disposal, after all. Dylan doesn’t even have to do the dirty work.“He’s more of a chemist than a medical doctor,” he continued to explain, snapping me out of my terrifying train of thoughts. “But I guess I should call him to come over tonight to tend to your bruises first.”“Bruises?” I looked down at my body, and true enough, my pale skin was dotted with red hickeys and
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Chapter 5: The Pack Meeting Pt. 2
Dylan had instructed me to stand idly in the corner of the mess hall during their meeting. I did as I was told, but I couldn’t help but feel anxious and uncomfortable being in the presence of so many werewolves. “I am sure that you all know the reason why this meeting is called,” Dylan said. He sat in his usual seat at the head of the table with his chin resting on his interlocked fingers. For the first time since I came to serve him, all the seats were taken. I now see why he kept the ridiculously long table in the house. A werewolf raised a hand, and when he was granted permission to speak, he turned to look at me and growled. I flinched in fear and took a step back, pressing my spine against the wall.  He pointed an accusing finger at me and said, “Do we not need to get rid of the slave, alpha? Even we ha
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Chapter 6: "Stay..."
I felt my body tremble as something soft and warm was pressed against my lids, preventing me from opening my eyes. My ears were ringing with the screams of the doctor, and as my pulse pounded obnoxiously loud against my temples, the terrifying sound got more and more muffled until I could no longer hear anything but the rapid rhythm of my heartbeat. Although I didn’t see what had happened, the noise was enough to render my legs weak and make me want to vomit. Just when I was on the verge of losing my mind, I heard Dylan whisper in my ear softly, as if he didn’t just tear apart a fellow werewolf like how one would a cardboard. “Can you stand up?” I surprisingly managed to shake my head, albeit meekly. Suddenly, I heard multiple footsteps shuffling in the hallway, followed by the doors bursting open. I raised a sha
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Chapter 7: A Slave No More
I don’t know how much time has passed when I awoke yet again. I sat up groggily from the bed, only to realize that it was nighttime and Dylan wasn’t sleeping beside me. I vaguely remember him telling me that it was normal for partners to share the same bed, so I just assumed that he would accompany me there. My backache was gone, but my joints were still stiff, which was no surprise considering that I apparently had been out for a week. I got out of bed and wobbled towards the door. The hallways were cold and all the lights in the manor were turned off, so I could only assume that it was some time in the middle of the night. “Argh,” I mumbled under my breath upon feeling the chill stinging my bare legs. I was tempted to go back into the room and grab a blanket to wrap myself with, but that would be rude since I was still one of the household’s slaves after al
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Chapter 8: A Newfound Identity
My heart thumped loudly against my chest. Dylan stuck out his tongue, begging my lips for entrance. So I opened my mouth wider to let him in. I mindlessly moaned into the kiss and arched my back. His hands roamed my body. He squeezed and rubbed the skin under my shirt, sending jolts of pleasure up my spine. Not long after, I found myself lying down on the sofa with Dylan on top of me, grinding his hard arousal against my thigh. “Dylan, are you in heat again?” I asked in between breaths once he pulled away from the kiss to seductively nibble on my ear. It surprised me how his name stumbled out of my lips so effortlessly. “No,” he whispered in reply, his warm breath tickling my skin. “Do you want me to stop?” Of course, I didn’t. Though embarrassed, I opened my mouth t
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Chapter 9: Intimacy
I flung my arms around his neck and stood on my tiptoes to compensate for the height difference. Dylan was just much too tall for me and he had to slouch to kiss me. He realized immediately what I was trying to do so he lowered his arms, and after one swift move, he was suddenly carrying me. I coiled my legs around his torso so tight that I could feel the hard muscles under his clothes against my skin. “We had some unfinished business…” he said after pulling away from the kiss. “Right, Isabella?” The kiss and the intoxicating smell of his pheromones have left me panting for air. I nodded meekly in reply as he started walking towards the bed with me still in his arms. “Aren’t I heavy?” He leaned in to peck the mark behind my ear. “You think this small body of yours is
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