Weak to Strong : The Hybrid

Weak to Strong : The Hybrid

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I was a weak human; he was the Lycan king. Fate bonds us through a beautiful love story, at least that's what I used to believe. Then I discovered that I'm nothing more than a human pet for him, a sexual tool as he liked to call me. He won't ever love me out of the mate bond, and I'm too weak to be his Queen. Well, this Queen doesn't need a King, not anymore. Now that I'm ready to give up on my human side, he'll soon learn that he wasn't supposed to mess with me, not to mess with the 'Hybrid'.

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61 Chapters
Nothing but a Human
Elizabeth's point of view: My mother was a Lycan, my father was a Vampire. Being mated to each other was a surprise, none for just my father and mother, but for everyone around friends, family, and even strangers. A few years after being madly in love with each other, my mother got pregnant. Most people believe that vampires can't spread by birth, but Lycans can. It's true that my father was a vampire, but again my mom was a Lycan. It was like nature tricking itself while breaking its own rules. Funny, isn't it?! My mom got pregnant. It was a sort of miracle, at least that's what she used to believe. I wasn't the first child she had, but I was her first child with the one she loved the most - her destined mate. Different sorts of creatures, including my mother and father, were curious about the origin of the child - of me. They were wondering if I'll be a 'Vampire' like my father or a 'Lycan' like my mother, or the first of my kind - Hybrid. Most of them even made some kind
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The necklace
Elisabeth's point of view:Every single birthday during my last nineteen years, my brother used to come in person to celebrate my birthdays along with me. Every single birthday, he used to tell me something about our mother and the supernatural world.I still remember the first time he started talking to me about her, the first time he told me that we're brother and sister and that John and Tina are just taking care of me.I was just ten years old back then, I should've freaked out, but I didn't. Somehow, I have never felt that I was in the right place, not to mention that I've always felt a weird connection between me and the stranger who always showed up on my birthdays.Four years later, I was introduced to the supernatural world by Logan, and it was our first little secret to keep bet
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Visit to the Palace
Elisabeth's point of view: The night went so fast that I didn't know how the sun was already shining all over the house. It feels like whenever we're together, I stop having recognition for the time. But since it's already morning, I suggested making a house-made breakfast for both of us. I went down to the kitchen and made two Spanish egg sandwiches, along with two cups of coffee. I'm not good at cooking at all, but still, I know some tricks. When I was eighteen, I moved on to live alone. I couldn't support another year with my foster parents. Well, I'm technically jobless and I don't have money. Lucky me, my brother forced me to accept his help until I found a better way to count on myself. While having breakfast, we chit-chatted a bit, and we also changed some jokes about our daily life. I told my brother some of my stories from high school, college, and even about how messed up I was whenever I saw the boy I was crushing on. He seemed to enjoy each and every one of my storie
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Feel the love
Elisabeth's point of view: I felt all kinds of connections and love toward him the moment my eyes fell on his eyes. It's as if we have known each other for years, though it was my first time seeing him. It was like I finally found my other lost soul part. At first, I lost all my senses; I could not think or see anything but him, but he seemed like he was saying something. At first, I couldn't figure out what he was saying or what was going on at that time. But then it all started to make sense; he was my mate, and he seemed to not like it. I wasn't fully in control of my feelings nor my existence back then, especially when he began destroying every single thing that came into his sight or his way. I used all of my power to gain control over myself and to not show my fear of him. After he finished, I noticed that he was moving toward me. At the right moment, Logan jumps in between both of us, but he is thrown into the nearby wall. I screamed, not being able to handle seeing my br
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The end
Elizabeth's point of view: As I opened the door of his room, I was surprised by the presence of a woman. The woman was kind of familiar, I do remember that she was sitting next to him in the hall. "Not true, Selena! My Lycan wants her, but I only want you. I wouldn't even think about changing you to any female Lycan. How about nothing but a human girl?" He explained before crushing his lips on hers in a very passionate kiss. I hardly stopped myself from crying in front of him the day before, but now, I don't know how to stop the tears in my eyes. The reason why I decided to run back from where I came before I became not only a human but a pathetic human girl. I went back to the room I was in and started packing my luggage while crying hard. I am not going to stay here for another minute. Pain ran through my entire body while I was thinking about how foolish I am. He never loved me and He’ll never love me. Yet, he gave himself the right to play me. I can't believe that I gave my
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The traitor
Liam's point of view: While sitting in my office dealing with some serious matters, Albert's voice knocks me out of my business. '' They're here. Logan and his sister are here!'' I looked up in his direction for a while, then got myself back to work. '' What?!! Aren't you excited to meet her? 'The hybrid' Diana's daughter!!'' He wondered, and I answered him back. '' She's just a human. Why would I care to meet her? Also, the dinner held by the Queen herself in her honor, it's no more than a waste of time in our current situation''. '' We're talking about the daughter of one of the strongest fighters in the entire world. Besides, many people believe that her powers will rise sooner or later. She's the daughter of the two strongest creatures in our world. She can't be just a human after all.'' He stopped for a while then added, ''Besides, she's your best friend's sis...'' I cut him off. " Cut the nonsense ...." Before I could finish my sentence, Logan's presence interrupted me.
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My mate
Liam's point of view: After running for over three hours in my Lycan form, I finally decided to get back to the palace. Running is the only way for us Lycans to get rid of all fury and anger. You may ask, why the hell would I be angry? Well, I've just found out that my mate - The one I've been waiting for hundreds of years, is not just a human, but she's the most pathetic creature in the entire world. Her birth was such a waste of Diana's life. When I came back, I went right away to my room, threw my exhausted body into the bed, and tried to sleep. I was hoping to forget about all that happened tonight. As I was about to close my eyes, the whole scene of what happened when we met hours ago - for the first time - started to play into my view as if it was a movie. The way she was looking at me, the tears that she was holding. Not to mention the look of hurt in her eyes, it all affected me while it shouldn't. I mean, what? Did she really expect that I would fall for her love at fi
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She wants to leave me
Liam's point of view:"You were with her, your mate," she says. Her voice was a bit broken. "Now that you have found your mate, I don't think you still need me anymore. Is it so?" she added, and I found myself forced to make her feel better. After all, she is Sir Rowan's only child and my future chosen mate."Not true, Selena, you are my queen. My Lycan wants her, but I only want you," I explained, then I crushed my lips on hers. She's not as good as my mate, but I can't lose a strong ally like Sir Rowan. While kissing her, a small cry took me off guard, but no one was there, and all that was left was some smell from my beautiful mate. She was here, and I was so busy dealing with Selena that I di
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Liam's point of view:"... What's wrong with you?!! If you don't want her, then leave her." Logan utters while trying to hold himself. "She's the only person I have in this world, and I can't let you hurt her anymore."I kept quiet for a while, then I admitted to him honestly, "I care about her, too. It's not like I've known her since forever, but this fucking mate pull is doing crazy things to me. Everything about her is driving me out of my mind."'I looked at him, and he was looking at me weirdly as if I had grown two heads instead of one. He probably wasn't believing me, but I don't blame him for that. I wouldn't believe myself if I was him, and I don't even believe that I'm saying this to him.I stopped for a while, then I added, "She would be in danger if I let her go, and she would be in more danger if I kept her with me. I'm lost and I don't know what to do."He was about to say something when the noise of glass shattering came
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Liam's point of view: I went directly toward my room, not feeling that I wanted to meet anyone at the right moment. I don't know how to explain it, but she's not dead, nor alive. What happened today is nearly impossible to believe. I swear that the heartbeat from earlier was hers/ Even if I want to claim that it is all my imagination, it would still be hard to believe. I mean, how about the cut in her throat? If she's dead, normally she can't heal herself. I swear something weird is up right now. I was lost in my thoughts until the door burst open, and guess who was standing on the other side of the door - it was Logan. I didn't know what to say or do at the moment. For some unknown reason, I was glad that he was here. The look in his eyes gives the feeling that he had something in mind. I guess that he'll have to make the first move, and that's exactly what happened. As soon as he opened the door, he went straight toward me and threw a punch in my face, then he stopped, waitin
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