The Luna's Revenge

The Luna's Revenge

By:  BlackSwan  Ongoing
Language: English
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Powerful Lunas Series I: The Luna's Revenge "Accept my rejection or I will going to make your life a living hell!?" The future Alpha King of Bloodlust Pack announced his rejection to his Luna, Gabriella, an Omega. "But, you are my mate, Prince Javier!" Gabriella insisted. "I don't care! I am an Alpha, and rejection will not cause me any pain!" "I will not accept your rejection, Prince Javier!" "If that's the case, prepare yourself, because I will not allow you to be my Luna!" Because of not accepting the rejection, Gabriella experienced living hell in the arms of his Mate, until a tragedy came to Gabriella that she thought Prince Javier planned it. What will happen to Gabriella after she survived the tragedy? What if another Alpha King helped her? And, what will be Gabriella's destiny if a Lycan King announced that she is his Luna?

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36 Chapters
Chapter 1: Gabriella
Serving here at the palace was not bad. The Alpha and the Luna were very kind to us and all members of the Pack. Sometimes, it was inevitable that the higher ranks would lower our gin. Who doesn't? We are just Omega! But even so, as long as I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m not trampling on other werewolves. I ignore them because what’s important to me is that I live quietly until I achieve my plans."Gabriella, please place this meal on the table!" Veronica, the head of the maids, gave the order to me.I approached her fast and snatched the food Veronica was holding to place it on the long table in the dining area."Gabriella, make your move quickly. Prince Javier is on his way!"I just responded with a nod. I began walking towards the dining table, where I would place the meal.According to what I heard, Prince Javier, the Alpha of Bloodlust Pack's son, returned from his three-year training to become the pack's next alpha. I hadn't met him yet because Prince Javier had already left f
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Chapter 2: The Man Last Night
I gulped while looking at the man in front of me. His eyes were red, and I could smell the alcohol on him. I know that this man was drunk, and maybe that was the reason why he brought me here! But he said that he was my mate! "Don't come anywhere near me!" My hands and feet trembled as I stared at the man in front of me."You're my mate!" Even though the man's voice was faint, I could hear the words he had left out.I gulped, unaware that the man in front of me was my Mate.I do not have the capacity to detect or recognize my mate's scent like werewolves do. I catch no smell from the man who claims to be my mate."Why did you bring me here if you're my mate?" I inquired of the man.The man remained silent. When I noticed the man approaching me, I took a step back.We were in the woods, and I already knew what the man intended to do to me.My legs and entire body trembled, causing me to lose my balance and fall to the ground. The man stooped slowly in front of me and caressed my cheek.
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Chaoter 3: The Rejection
"Please understand Gabriella, Alpha Bernard, Luna Gladys, she is in bad shape, so she accidentally threw the food," I heard Eury apologize for me to the Alpha and Luna. I couldn’t take my eyes off Prince Javier. I can’t believe he was the one I was with last night, the guy who declared I was his Mate!"If she isn't feeling well, why is she still working here? She should be sleeping to recover from her illness," Alpha Bernard was the one who inquired."She insists on serving you today, Alpha Bernard, and what we know, there aren't enough maids available today, " Eury explained.Alpha Bernard cocked his head to the side, "No, I don't think so. She is in desperate need of rest!" Alpha Bernard made a statement.I know that Alpha Bernard turned to look me in the eyes, but I still fixed my eyes on Prince Javier."It's Gabriella, isn't it?" My attention was drawn to Alpha Bernard.As I looked at Alpha Bernard, I bowed her head slightly."Alpha Bernard, please accept my apologies for the curr
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Chapter 4: Rejection Denied!
What did he say? Was he trying to reject me as his mate? as his future Luna? My mouth was wide open, and my entire body stiffened as a result of Prince Javier's abrupt rejection."Please accept my rejection, Omega!" Prince Javier raged at me.I regained consciousness as he screamed in front of me."What?" I faltered as I looked into Prince Javier's eyes."I told you to accept my rejection!" Prince Javier reiterated what he had said."But why is that? Why do you want to turn me down as your Luna?" I inquired, confused.Because of my question, Prince Javier's eyes furrowed. I felt his anger at me because of his look, but I did not show fear in him. "What do you think you're expecting, that I'll accept you as my Luna?" With a scornful tone, Prince Javier inquired once more."I just wanted to let you know that I looked into your information today and I discovered who you are and where you're from!" He added to inform me."I'm not insane enough to accept you as Luna! An orphaned woman, an
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Chapter 5: Is this a Romantic Date?
"What can I do for you, Prince Javier?" I asked him when I arrived at the butterfly garden."Get yourself ready at 8 in the evening, we will go out!" said Prince Javier as he turned his back on me.I widened my eyes, and I felt like my body froze because of what he said to me. Why did he order me to get ready and what was his reason for us to go out? "Wear your best dress. I don't want anyone besides me with unpleasant clothes," he added.'Are we going to go out? To have a romantic date? ' I asked myself."Prince Javier ..." I wanted to ask if we were going to have a romantic date, but Prince Javier interrupted me."I don't want to hear anything from you. Go back to your quarter to prepare yourself!" he said to me."And one thing, don't ever mention that you are my Luna! Do you understand?" Last words of Prince Javier before he walked away to enter the palace.My eyes followed the back of Prince Javier. When Prince Javier finally entered, I couldn't help but feel my heart pounding as
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Chapter 6: She's My Slave, My toy!
Gabriella's Point of View:Because of the yelling of the he-wolves and some she-wolves present, and the rock music all over, it's really loud inside the bar, and I can smell alcohol and cigarette smoke around.I gulped my saliva as I looked around the bar, carrying two buckets of beer for them.I can't even imagine my current condition. I'm wearing a gown, and Eury worked hard to make me beautiful, but where am I? I'm here to serve some betas and Prince Javier."Hello, lovely lady!" I turned to face the man who had yelled.As he gazed at me, I noticed his right hand lifted."When are you going to bring us the beer bucket? Why are you still standing there staring all over?" He asked, his brow wrinkled and his eyes glaring at me.I gave him a kind smile. I approached him and handed him one of the buckets containing drinks."If you continue to execute your work in this manner, we will report you to Prince Javier! You will undoubtedly be punished!" He informed me. His voice sounded threate
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Chapter 7: Gabriella's Punishment
Gabriella's Point of View:"Wait, Prince Javier, you're intoxicated!""Shut the fvck up!""But..."When he covered my lips, I was unable to continue what I needed to say. The look in his eyes seems that he intended to kill me. I gulped, and I have no idea what I may have done wrong!I continued to serve the he-wolves and she-wolves betas as if nothing had happened after the earlier incident in the bar in which Prince Javier broke a table. As a result of the string of commands that were given to me, I was so exhausted, and I had no idea what to do to fulfill all the orders a while ago.I have no idea what time it is right now, but I do know that the sun is soon to make its appearance. As we entered his bedroom, Prince Javier led me in by gently pulling on my hand. It is impossible for me to predict what he would do to me, but based on what I can see, he does not have any good intentions toward me.As soon as we entered his bedroom, he flung me down into his bed with great force. I clim
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Chapter 8: You are not my Luna!
Because Amanda, the Alpha daughter of the Alpha in White Moon Pack, was scheduled to arrive this next evening, all of the maids had a lot of work to do in preparation."What exactly are you up to, Gab? Will you kindly assist us in getting ready?" As Eury was coming closer to me, she questioned me.I turned my attention to Eury. I have absolutely no interest in assisting them in getting ready. How could I possibly put in the effort if the person I was preparing for was someone who may sabotage my intentions to become Prince Javier's Luna?She felt my forehead, "Aren't you feeling better yet?" She inquired.I responded to her by inclining my head and telling her, "I'm good, Eury; don't worry about me anymore.""In that case, you really ought to provide us a hand in getting ready for the visit of Prince Javier Luna. If they discover that we did nothing, I do not doubt that we will be reprimanded for it," Eury told me about it."What are you doing at the moment? You are aware that an impo
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Chapter 9: No! It is not going tk happen!
"Gab, where have you been hiding out? What happened to make you look like you were hit by a hurricane? What exactly took place with you?" As I entered our room, Eury immediately started firing off questions at me.I just responded to her by saying, "Prince Javier commanded me to find his pet in the forest.""What?" She was really taken aback by what I said.She asked me, "How many hours have you been missing, and you're in the woods hunting for Prince Javier's pet?" She confirmed to me that I was in the woods looking for the animal.I told her, "I can do nothing but fulfill Prince Javier's commands to me, Eury," as there was nothing else I could possibly do.She let out a long sigh and closed her eyes as she said, "I wish I could say that you need to relax even for a few minutes, but all maids need inside the palace, Gab."She told me, "So hurry up and prepare yourself because Prince Javier's Luna is coming!" and I immediately went into action.She continued before she left me by sayi
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Chapter 10: I will Fight as His Mate!
Gabriella's Point of View: There was not even the tiniest hint of a nasty attitude to be seen in her.All of the people who live in Bloodlust Pack have nothing but warm feelings for her as a result of the fact that she was so stunning, as well as generous, kind, and genuine.She makes an effort to be kind to everyone she meets and keeps a charming smile on her face at all times. It was impossible to tell the difference between her and an angel because she always conducted herself in the kindest manner.I recently glanced across at Princess Amanda as she was appreciating the plants that belong to Luna Gladys as she strolled around the Pavillon Garden. Eury, Gwen, and I waited behind them to see if they had any orders for us to follow so that we could then follow those directions.I overheard Amanda remark to Luna Gladys, "This is a pretty and unusual flower, Mom, and I think I'd appreciate it. It looks like a heart," when Amanda was gazing at the flower that had the shape of a heart.L
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