Little Eddie Victim of Juvenile Injustice

Little Eddie Victim of Juvenile Injustice

By:  Sylvia Russell  Ongoing
Language: English
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Eddie's father died when he was 12 years old leaving him to provide for the family. His mother was blind, and he had a little sister named Carol. Eddie was convicted of killing a farmer with his BB Gun while hunting rabbit. Eddie was sent to prison. While in prison he meets Daisy that loved him like a son. Daisy was determined to help Eddie prove he is innocent. Carol becomes ill when Eddie is in prison. Eddie finds a way to visit Carol. Eddie never gives up on returning home to his mother and Carol.

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6 chapters
Chapter One
Eddie was born in a poor family. His mother was blind, and his father worked doing odd jobs in the community. His father Bo would take Eddie with him when he would steal. It all started with sealing food to feed the family. They would steal food out of farmers’ fields. Bo would always say “It’s okay they have plenty and will never miss it.” Eddie was twelve years old when Bo died. He felt it was his responsibility to provide for the family. When things would be tight Eddie would steal food out the farmers’ fields and sale it on side of the road. He lived in a farming community. There was always food available to be stolen. He would wait until the peanut farmer turned over the peanuts. The farmer would leave the peanuts in the field to dry before taking them to the market to sale.Eddie went back at the beginning of darkness, sneak into the fields, and load his wagon with peanuts. He would always get the ones close by the road and near his house.
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Chapter Two
Eddie was questioned at the police station. That night Eddie had his BB Gun. The investigation by the police discovered that Farmer Jim was killed with a rifle. The police obtained a search warrant, a legal document authorizing a police officer to enter and search a premise. While conducting a search the Eddie’s bedroom a rifle was discovered in the closet. Eddie was arrested for murder. Eddie was then sentenced to life in prison for murder.Eddie declared his innocents to anyone that would listen. The jury had declared Eddie guilty of Murder. Eddie was devastated. He was facing prison and no one to take care of his family. Eddie was innocent but did not know how to prove it. Carol cried herself to sleep at night waiting for Eddie to come home. Carol was not old enough to understand what was happening. She only knew Eddie was not home and she wanted him there.Eddie attended church every Sunday. Ms. Daisy a Chapel Volunteer can every Sunday afternoon. Eddie began
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Chapter Three
Ms. Daisy returned home. She could not wait until Sunday to see Eddie and tell him his mother and Carol were doing fine. Ms. Daisy knew she had to help Eddie get out of prison and return to Carol. Ms. Daisy did not tell Eddie about Carol wanting her to return the doll and bring Eddie home. She knew it would hurt Eddie to know that Carol was crying for him. She told Eddie that his mother loved the rose, and Carol loved the doll. Daisy had begun to feel for Eddie like a son. He had been wrongly convicted of a crime he could not have committed. Ms. Daisy hired a private investigator Mr. Holmes. She was determined to help Eddie prove his innocence. Mr. Holmes made a special visit to the prison to see Eddie. Special visits are usually when an inmate’s visitor has been denied on the visiting application. It is a visit that must be approved by the warden upon receiving a written request that may allow him to consider overturning the initial reason for denial and allow you a special
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Chapter Four
Eddie was devastated when he was informed by the Chaplain that little Carol had been diagnosed with influenza. Eddie requested to be allowed to see little Carol. The Warden of the institution allowed Eddie to see Carol, but he had to be in the custody of law enforcement and the family had to pay all expenses.Eddie knew his family did not have the money for him to see Carol. Sunday when Eddie went to church, he talked to Ms. Daisy. Ms. Daisy had become like a second mother to him. Eddie cried as he longed to see Carol. He knew if he could see her everything would be all right. He could comfort her. Carol needed him now more than ever. Ms. Daisy called the Warden and asked what needed to be done for Eddie to see Carol. Mr. Holmes collaborated with the Sheriff department in Decatur County. Ms. Daisy arranged for Mr. Holmes to take Eddie to see Carol.Mr. Holmes and Ms. Daisy picked Eddie up from the prison and took him to see Carol. Eddie was granted a two-day furlo
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Chapter Five
Mr. Holmes wondered if the four men that talked to Jim that morning were same ones that ended up dead. Sam the farmer, Tony the banker, Jack a moonshiner, and Carl the bootlegger. The investigation continued. Sam the farmer was killed with a rifle. Tony the banker was burned in the barn. Jack a moonshiner was killed with the explosion of the still. Carl the bootlegger was killed by drinking tainted whiskey. All of them were connected to the moonshine ring. Tony the banker provided loans to the moonshiners to buy the corn and the farmer for land and equipment. Jack the moonshiner produces the moonshine. Carl the bootlegger delivered the moonshine. Sam the farmer started planning corn. There had to be a connection. Who wanted all of them dead?Tony the banker was working at the bank. He had financial control over the entire county. All the money was in the bank. He held the keys to success and failure. What often happened, farmers borrowed money from banks to buy more land or n
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Chapter Six
Ms. Daisy bought Mr. Holmes an abandoned farmhouse on the other end of town. She would do anything to help Eddie to get out of jail. The farmhouse needed repairs. The farmland was small, but it would work for planting corn. Mr. Holmes worked on his all during the winter. The spring was approaching, and Mr. Holmes wanted to plant corn in the field. Mr. Holmes believed the corn is what connection between the two deaths together. Both farmers had visitor the day they were killed. Both were killed at dark with a rifle.Mr. Holmes went to the seed store and purchased enough seed to plant an acre of corn. That was not much. All the other farmers in the community were scared to plant corn. Mr. Holmes was the only one to plant corn. He only hoped his plan worked to clear Eddie. He wanted Eddie to be returned home to Carol. Carol was a wonderful little girl. She had fully recovered him the flue. Mr. Holmes and Ms. Daisy wanted to see the look on Carol’s face when Eddie returned.
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