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His mouth moved towards my waiting nipple making my skin hot with anticipation. The feel of his lip on the tip of my nipple made it get rock hard instantly. My mind was spinning as he let it slide into his warm mouth. I moaned sharply. *** A boat cruise gone wrong… All sarcastic driven Cara McKay wanted was a pleasurable boat trip. She didn’t expect to be marooned on an island with the worst of the worst- cocky, man whore Zayn Dawson. Sexy as sin, the last place playboy Zayn wanted to be, was on an abandoned island. With only a girl who drives him crazy as his unwilling companion, Zayn doubts the fact of making it out alive sane. Not only does Cara fill him with the desire to throttle her, she also makes other things hard as well with her fiery eyes, pouty lips and curvy body. But what do two hotheaded people who are trapped together on an island do for several days? They wreck each other—in the most pleasurable way possible.

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24 Chapters
Cara McKay"Hello?"Nothing."Hello. Anyone?" My voice echoed with uncertainty. It was fair to say I was scared shitless. One minute I was in a luxury yacht. How the fuck did I get on an island?!My unsteady legs kept moving against my will walking along the edge of the island. Going in wasn't an option. What if they had a tribe of island cavemen or as I'd put it man-eaters. What if a deadly predator was lurking just out of sight. No. Staying here was the best play.I was still in the bikini I had been wearing the previous night. My hard breasts were hardly concealed as my nipples poked furiously at the fabric for freedom. The bottom half of the bikini was worse. I had been too drunk to notice how much my ass was bigger than the panties. The thick curves of each ass cheek twisted out of sight. The curve of my hips completed the look. I looked like a psycho nymphomaniac."Hello?!" My voice traveled everywhere and now
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Fuck yes
I slithered off the cargo pants effortlessly and tossed my panties away all in one motion. I had shaved completely for this cruise knowing fully well I'd be forced to swim sooner or later leading to my inescapable bikini appearance.The heat radiating from my pussy was enough to consume a fully-grown dragon. I squealed softly. My hands shuddered. My left hand moved to my thighs daring to be scorched. I felt the wetness trickling out of my pussy and purred. One finger slid straight in and a thousand and one dynamites exploded in my head instantly. Fuck!My whole body twisted. My muscles writhed under the spell of tremendous pleasure. I was lost to the world around me. The finger slid deeper and retreated slowly. My nipples turned to orbs of metal making my breasts ache with undeniable want. I continued the slow steady straight strokes. I dared not move to the spot. I couldn't even think about it. Even the slightest touch could burn my whole being. No way.<
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Assholes first
ZaynI heard it again. Louder. Clearer. More determined. I walked closer and saw her just as her body went rigid and limp. She relaxed with her eyes closed as her breathing leveled. She still had no idea I was there staring at her massive tits and rock-hard nipples. Her dark areola and nipples made my groins ache. I breathed out sharply. That's when she opened her eyes and gasped. She immediately reached for her cargo pants and used them to shield her stunning body. I turned around with a cocky smile."My bad. I had no idea th-""Just shut up about it," she spat, cutting me off.I turned around to see her fully dressed. Well not fully. She had on a bikini piece with the cargo pants. She caught my eyes feasting on her full round breasts and grimaced."Can you please not do that?" She still sounded mean.I shifted my attention to her face. It was small and cute. Her brown hair was a mess and it swallowed most of her face blocking her jade-colo
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Eat him
Cara McKayI can't believe he had walked in on me feeling myself. How much had he seen? How much did he hear? Arrrrrgh!I felt like pushing a knife through the asshole in front of me. He was enjoying taunting me with his stupid wide grin. Twice he had stopped halfway and cast a grin my way then he had continued leading the way without saying a word. Annoying piece of shit!The jungle wasn't as bad as I thought initially and so far we had not encountered any deadly predators; yet. We hadn't been ambushed by a native tribe of man-eaters; yet. So far so good it was going smoothly. We had even found a cleared path that was sure to lead us somewhere. I just prayed it wasn't into the belly of man or beast.He stopped quickly as if he had come in contact with an invisible wall. Fear gripped my toes as I stiffened going fully alert. He sniffed the air. Weird. He turned and sniffed some more in my direction."Why
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Hell no
CaraThe first few drops made me jump fully alert. He was up already looking at me grudgingly. I couldn't help but look smug. I knew he was expecting the, 'I told you so'. Instead, I just kept the smug look fired at him full throttle. The last thing I'd want was to be seen as predictable. He looked away trying to hide his shame.The rain tore ferociously hammering down at us. It got so heavy fast. I was having trouble standing as the ground got slippery. Twice I almost landed on my ass. Mud had formed where we stood. He looked like he was enjoying the rain and the bonus of my misery. My sandals had little hope of surviving the island but I watched as the mud and rain washed away every hope.He looked at me screaming something. I tried to listen but the sound of the heavy drops slamming hard on the wet earth made it highly impossible. I gestured for him to repeat and he did. I didn't get anything at all. I threw my hands out in defeat. I could barely see him as m
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Zayn DawsonShe was still laughing at what I had just said. Her reaction was something I expected. She didn't even notice she was no longer shielding her amazingly hot boobs from my burning gaze. I stared at them pretending to be hurt by her insistent laughter. Sucker!It took some time before she noticed the error of her ways and folded her arms once more. My groin throbbed badly. It felt heavy; painfully heavy. This impossibly stunning nerd would be my end before we found the inhabitants of the stupid island."Can we continue our journey?" I asked in an attempt to distract myself."You sound like I have a choice. Lead the way.""Someone loves me, you know. A lot of 'someone’,” I threw back at her as I resumed on the wet path."Well, not this someone." She laid down with a pout, her voice childlike.We walked for a while. My mind was busy the whole way. I couldn't remember the last time
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Cara McKayHis hand moved carelessly on my body touching every curve as if he owned it. His touch turned my body to hot coal, setting me aflame instantly. I wanted more so I arched my spine, thrusting my thick heavy breasts towards his wet lips. He looked directly at me; his steel-blue eyes burning with a passion I knew would surely consume me if I dared to touch it. His hands moved to take mine pulling both of them behind me. He held them there with one strong steady hand while his other hand released my left breast from the cover of my satin dress. The breast struggled before finally jumping out into his cold strong hand. He squeezed hard making my captured hands tremble. A soft purr escaped from somewhere deep within me. My breathing was coming out in ragged gasps. He held my escaped breast firm in his hand and I was so lost in the moment I couldn’t tell if it was my left or right titty. His mouth moved
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My cheeks went rosy. He eyed me suspiciously.“Did I imagine it or were you moaning in your dream?” he asked with a cheeky dimpled smile.I didn’t answer him. I couldn’t answer. I had been dreaming about him doing things to my body that defied the laws of both physics and life itself. How can I hate him so much and still have such vivid dreams about him? Was I slowly getting mad? Maybe I had drunk too much seawater during the wreck.He stood above me waiting for my reply. I just got up and shoved him out of my way. I walked past him away from the hut.Manuel was there waiting. Manuel was the man he had talked to when we emerged from the jungle. He had explained the island was called “Ementiti Loco” and currently it had fifteen inhabitants. Plus Zayn and I made it seventeen. But Zayn had rudely explained to him that they weren’t going to be there long. If you asked me, I didn’t mind living on the island for t
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Zayn DawsonI finally felt more human after the shower. It wasn't hot but it worked regardless. My short blonde hair tousled freely. My face was already having stubbles which gave me a wild dark look, one I was sure the ladies would definitely like.The history geek had been giving me a hard time with her subtle seductions. Then there was that one time she had full-on seduced me. I was sure now I hadn't imagined it. It had happened and she had been deliberate about it. Why would someone that hates me try to seduce me? I still didn't know her name.A thought crossed my mind and I smiled at the idea. I jumped off the bed she had just vacated, determined to take a well-needed stroll around. If I was going to be here for some days then I might as well get acquainted with the locals.***A bottle of liquid stood on an empty table. A set of acrylic dentures rested effortlessly inside. The liquid vibrated silently sending gentle
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I looked up to see a curvy young blonde girl with big eyes. She walked up to the mattress smiling. I had no idea what was happening till I looked down and saw the welcoming look on the face of mama dearest. She was inviting her daughter to join the show. Unbelievable but I wasn't complaining.The girl stood above us and slithered out of her dress that had no definite color anymore. Like her mother, her thick breasts swallowed a huge portion of her chest leaving no space for oxygen. It was hard to believe these were natural titties. She was the younger 25year old version of her mom.She moved down slowly, dropping to the foot of the mattress. I retreated from her mother creating room for the latest addition.The girl moved closer to her mom taking her blonde hair in one pull and yanking her backward baring the older woman's breasts. She sucked them savagely making me gape in disbelief.It was only later I found out they were sisters.The older woman
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