Alpha's Sweet Lover

Alpha's Sweet Lover

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Amelia was always bullied by her twin sister Olivia, even worse, they have the same mate! You rob my thing, my parents, now you rob my mate! Amelia growled to Olivia. Olivia smirked. "Stupid girl, you deserve nothing." "Bullshit!" The most potent Alpha Alexander kissed Amelia before everyone and announced that Amelia is his luna. "Amelia, you're my destiny," Alex said before burying his whole face in Amelia's vagina and sucking on her labia like a starving man.

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    Chapter 1 Terrible Dream
    The sky is clear today. The breeze came, with a faint floral fragrance. In the deep of the forest, moans were coming from it. “Ahhh, yes, dear. You make me so hot. Please…squeeze me harder…hurry up…I'm coming...” A girl leaning against the tree half-naked. Her two slender legs wrapped around the waist of a young man, rising and falling on his body. Her lewd voice made the man more excited and panting stronger. “Oh, I’m crazy for you.” With a high-pitched sound, all of them get their orgasm. On the contrary, Amelia, who had hidden behind a tree was almost screamed. Why? Because the man was her male god, and the girl is her sister, Olivia. Today, Amelia was going to confess to the man she had been secretly in love with for more than half a year. Then she gave him a pink letter and invested him to date in the forest of the school. But what did she see? He was naked in his lower part, holding a girl in his arms! Even more ridiculous is, that girl was her sister Olivia! At th
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    Chapter 2 Same Mate
    "Amelia! You slacker, hurry upand make breakfast. Do you want to starve me to death?" Sister Olivia'ssharp voice rang in Amelia's ear as usual.Amelia was still immersed in thedream she had just finished. When she heard this voice, she immediately lookedat Olivia with an ice-piercing look.Read more
    Chapter 3 Sudden Attack
    After a while, the driver returned to the car. Amelia left. "I'm sorry Alpha, I didn't expect a girl to suddenly appear in the middle of the road. Did it scare you?" After the driver returned to the car, he started to bow and scrape the man in the car. Alpha Alexander slowly rai
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    Chapter 4 Accidental Kiss
    "Hey, your clothes!" Amelia shouted at Alexander. Seeing that no one came back, she sighed and entered the room. Werewolves have strong self-healing abilities. When Amelia came back to take a bath, the hurt was almost completely healed. At this time, she had time to think about everything that happened to her today. Everything was too dramatic for her. She first found out that she and Olivia had the same mate, then she was rejected by her mate. After that, she ran into the forest and was attacked by a rogue for no reason, and was rescued by a handsome man named Alexander. Oh, and she almost got hit by a car today. It can be said that all the surprises and accidents happened today. So, when Amelia came home and saw that her parents and mate were happily celebrating her sister's 18th birthday but to her only a scolding, she felt this matter was nothing more than that. Amelia sat in front of the windowsill and looked up at the bright moonlight outside the window, complaining in
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    Chapter 5 Companion Invitation
    This is the second time they have come to this forest. As soon as Amelia walked to the entrance, she couldn't help to go to the scene where she was attacked by the rogue and almost died. She was scared. Seeing Amelia like this, Alexander pursed his lips and said as he walked. "T
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    Chapter 6 Reject You
    "I decided to be your companion and accompany you to the banquet," Amelia said to Alexander cautiously. Alexander grinned. The moonlight shone on Alexander's body, covering him with a thin layer of haze, making him even more outstanding. "Okay, I will deliver the dress to you
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    Chapter 7 Break Bond
    Olivia was curious about where Jason went on such an important occasion, so she followed. Unexpectedly, she saw that Jason and Amelia got together!What annoyed her the most was that they were also mates!How can it be! Amelia must have seduced Jason on purpose.Olivia didn't want to believe what she saw. When she saw Jason leave, she walked toward Amelia angrily.Amelia was squatting and crying. The next moment, she was rudely pulled from the ground. Then Olivia's right hand slapped Amelia's tear-stained face."Ah!" Amelia was almost knocked to the ground by the sudden appearance of Olivia. She looked at Olivia with tears, puzzled. But this didn't make Olivia less angry, even more annoyed."You bitch, who allowed you to throw yourself at Jason?" Olivia scolded on her hips."What are you talking about? I didn't do that." Amelia said aggrievedly."Nonsense! I just saw it. Not only that, but I also heard all you said! I didn't expect you to pull the wool over my eyes!" The more Olivia t
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    Chapter 8 To Fight
    Jason stood up from his seat, looked at the soldier under his hand angrily, then went down the steps and kicked the soldier in the stomach. "What are you doing? Didn't anyone notice when Rogue appeared?" He felt that he was about to lose his face. Unexpectedly, Rogue would choose his pack to attack first, but the people under his command couldn't stop him. The residents were injured due to this. Read more
    Chapter 9 Attempted Rape
    The war soon started. Ameliafollowed the soldiers to the camp in uniform.It was mealtime, Amelia had justgot a bowl of rice and was about to find a seat to sit down, then sheaccidentally bumped into a soldier when she turned around. Even the rice andbowl were all buckled on him.
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    Chapter 10 Luna Amelia
    Amelia had just reached aunanimous decision when the rogues over there rushed towards them one afteranother. They hurriedly turned into wolves and greeted them in three differentdirections. The battle, at this moment,officially begins! Jarah and Joseph are high-levelfighters wh
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