My Little Gray Witch

My Little Gray Witch

By:  Amarachukwu  Ongoing
Language: English
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Devil's travels to a new city and would be staying with Mr. Young. What happens when the man she thought would be in his mid forties ends up being a young and handsome vampire. * * * His six-foot-something-tall frame towering over my 5'6 frame as he asked "And what Devika?" "Nothing" I replied with a trembling voice that I didn't recognize. The proximity was fucking with my mind and body and I just can't help it. The way he spoke to me excited me as much as it scared me and I'm unaware of how to act or react. "Really?" he asked again making me shudder. He began to take slow steps toward me while I backed away slowly from him until I hit the wall. "Look at me" he ordered in a domineering way making me feel like a predator hunted by prey.

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16 chapters
01 * Is He Your Lover?
Devika's POV"I'm envious," Pheobe says for the thousandth time as she sat on the bed. I shake my head at her little attempt at being a drama queen."Being a drama queen doesn't suit you Pheobe" I tease with a smile as I zip up my box."I mean it, I wish I could come with you," she says pouting."Me too" I replied seating beside her."Make sure to enjoy every second of every day, don't stay in your room all day, go for walks and make conversations too""Yes ma'am" I replied sarcastically "I'm serious" she added seriously with her eyes fixed on me as if to decipher if I was understanding or not."I know" I replied"You deserve this, hope you know that?" she asked and I nod."Good girl," she said as she hugged me, falling to the bed.It's finally getting real, my 1st solo trip to one of my favorite towns. I've been wanting to go explore Achara town, a small magical town across the country for a year now.It's been my dream e
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02 * Playing With Fire
Devika's POVThe next morning, I came down by 6:30 after my morning ritual to find Mr. Young making breakfast in the kitchen."Good Morning Mr. Young" I greeted as I poured myself a glass of water."Good Morning Devika, how was your night?" he asked casually making me remember the feel of his hands against mine."It was nice Mr. Young" I replied taking deep breaths to calm the stupid thoughts am having."Drop the title already and go back to the way you spoke to me yesterday" he scolded lightly in a tone that made me wonder if he was joking or if he was serious.The thought of being casual with him excites and arouses me beyond comprehension as I find my stomach clenching and unclenching."I'm really sorry for that Mr. Young I didn't expect that you would be so young and ha..." I began to say without thinking at all. I wasn't even done speaking when I found him standing in front of me. His six-foot-something-tall frame towering over my 5'6 fr
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03 * Whatever You Say Goes
Damian's POVMy mate is seating in my car and we are driving through town. She doesn't seem like she's enjoying the ride at all. Her mind must be occupied and I hope it is occupied by thoughts of me.For months after I met her, I stayed in the shadows planning our meeting. I didn't think I could have that kind of patience but after you've spent a millennium waiting for something, waiting a few more months would be nothing.The only problem is the insanity and restlessness of not seeing her face. She's still so young and bright and I don't want to take her life away but am selfish. She's mine and I want it to be that way. I'm too old, too demanding with urges she may not be able to handle while she's human but I want it to be her choice. Hopefully, she'll choose to be with me. I take a left turn, driving straight to wema avenue as requested. This is witches' territory and is sure they've sensed my arrival. I drive straight to one of the biggest shops on thi
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04 * Priestess Camille is his Mom?
Chapter 4Devika's POVThis is the 5th time I'm waking up tonight and it's not even 5 am yet. No matter how hard I try, I fail to fall asleep so am going downstairs. I walk slowly and steadily downstairs, not wanting to wake up Damian.Opening the backdoor, I walk to one of the pool chairs there and lay down, looking at the sky.Over and over again, the images of Damien fucking me keeps hunting me and I keep suppressing it as much as I can. I haven't even been here for 10 mins when a hand grabs my leg making me scream. I'm sure that was a hand but I can't find anyone. Without a second thought, I run to the light switch and turned it on.Coming back to where I was seated, a figure emerged from the water with a mocking smile on his face."You idiot!" I scream, finally able to breathe."What? Thought it was a ghost?" he asked with that sexy sweet smile of his."Nope, ghosts are way nicer than that, they don't just grab you without reason" I retor
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05 * No Explanation
Devika's PovThe streets were dark, the night eerily calm and there was no one or cars in the distance. I don’t remember how I came here but I know I should keep walking so I do just that. The street lights were on and there were fairy lights on most building giving off a vibe of celebration. The more I walked, the weirder things became until I woke up in a bed with a man beside me.I couldn’t make out his face but I could tell he was handsome, we were both naked, cuddling each other. I should scream right? But I don’t want to, it feels peaceful like home or at least how I imagined a real home to feel like.“Who are you?” I asked the strange man.He smiled and replied “Your beginning and your end”.“What does that mean?” I ask“You’ll Know soon little witch” he replied and placed a wet kiss on my lips.I was about to ask him more question when the sound of my alar
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06 * Tears & Joy
Damian’s PovJust like every other year, Camille has me teaching Occult 101 to her witch students and sometimes, giving how I willingly agree, I wonder if she has me under some sort of leash. This year, am here eagerly for a different reason, Devika Clare, my little mate.Seeing her stand there in the midst of the crowd, reminds me how young and bright she is. Sometimes, I get caught up in the fact that she is my mistake that I forget how young and fragile she is, inside and out.“Camille, how did it go?” I asked with hands in my pocket. If am going to teach Occult with my mate here, then I need to make sure my secret remains a secret.“You are Damian so we’ve got your back” she replied with a smile.“I’m not one of you” I replied. Fixing my eyes on my mate. She was wearing a long sleeve black cropped top and a denimjeans. Her bright brown hair, running down her shoulders in beautiful wave curls. Her brown eyes shinned under the sun, a pure reflection of the
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07 * Wait a Few Days Little Witch
Damian’s Pov“Hey what’s wrong?” I ask holding her face in my palms. Instead of answering, she shifts her gaze away from me as she struggled to get her face away from my grip.“Are you okay? Is there anything you want?” I ask looking intently at her but she still doesn’t.Running out of options, I got out the car and came to her. Opening the door, I turned her to face me yet she won’t look at me. “Did I do something wrong?” I ask and she shakes her head.Not knowing what else to do, I pull her into my arms letting her cry as much as she needed.“I’m sorry about your shirt”, she said pointing at her tears which had soaked my shirt. “Sorry doesn’t always solve everything little witch” I say making her look at me with wide eyes.“I didn’t mean to” she argued“Yeah, but you did so you have to pay for it” I reply, clos
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08 * Damian's Little Bitch
Devika’s PovWhy do I care? Why am I such a busy body? I can’t even understand what am thinking or what am doing, I just want him back so badly but why?!This is so infuriating, am not this type of girl so why am I reacting the way I am? I can’t think or focus on anything but him, his face, ocean blue eyes and shiny brown hair.I can feel myself spiraling slowly and I have no idea how to save myself. Sometimes, I begin to wonder if he has me under some sort of spell. It has to be right? It’s been 3 days! Three fucking days since he and I last talked and he didn’t come back even though I literally begged.After all efforts I’ve been putting into my practice, I still can’t sit still to meditate and relax, it’s barely working and here I am today, ready for another day of school. Phoebe did fulfill her promise of calling that night but I didn’t feel like talking so we only chatted a bit.I want to bail on sch
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09 * Teach Me How
Damian’s Pov“Dude go back home already, are you planning to stay here forever?” Aaron says as I walk into the living room. “Yes” I reply and he gasps, sometimes wonder if he still thinks he is 19 not or something.“But why?! I’ve been able to have a proper snack with you around.” He whines and I almost laugh. “I’m having a mid-life crises Aaron, so I’m sure you see how that could be a problem for you?” I ask teasingly making him sigh in frustration.Getting up from his seat, he turns to me and say “It is none of my business dude so please just go home.”I relax further in the chair, completely ignoring him as I stare from my phone to the door.“Why have you been staring at the door?” he asks wearily“Why have I?” I ask back in amusement as someone knocks on the door. Aaron looks at me questioningly and I just gesture for him to open the door. Opening the door, my favorite person in the world walk into the room with one of my most annoying underling.“Sir!” Jason greets,
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10* Laying On Him
Devika’s Pov “I’m sorry, that came out the wrong way”, I reply awkwardly, hoping he didn’t misunderstand. “It’s okay Devika you don’t have to apologize” he replied with a smile. “So? Am I forgiven?” he asks and I nod. “Great because I have something planned but it all depended on you accepting my apology”. He replied, pulling me back into the house and to the living room. “Where are we going?” I ask curiously as I try not to focus on the butterflies in my stomach nor the tingling sensation coming from where her held my hand. “Wait here” he said as he let go of my hand and walk into the dark living room. He lit a candle, letting its tiny light illuminate the room as much as it can. He uses the single lit candle to light the other candles, giving the room a very warm and cozy vibe. There was a tent and white blanket at the living room floor, the couch and sofas were nowhere in sight and in front of the tent is a circle tray with goodies in it. There’s pizza, glass cups, biscuits,
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