I became the king's obsession

I became the king's obsession

By:  Erhaneya  Completed
Language: English
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A mysterious magic sucks Aileen to another world, whereas the bloodlust king who was under the spell had decided to take her to his kingdom as his queen. She was desperate to find the mystery behind her transmigration in hope to find a way back to her own world before the spell wore off. And, if an opportunity to go back to her world knocked on her door, will she still leave the king after seeing his desirable traits?

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163 Chapters
00: How in the world…?
"Ready?" the man sitting nearby the filming site asked. Aileen paid attention to the clicking sound; the sign meant the camera was now recording. Hence, they need to play their part. "Run! Escape! Save yourself," says the woman who was stabbed and bled to death. Her expression was a bit bland for someone who's facing death. Aileen thought at that moment that her fellow actress needed more rehearsal to fit her role. "Cut!" The mad director stood up, and they had no choice but to redo the scene. "Run! Escape! Save yourself." Aileen practiced well to execute a lady hesitating to leave as she watched her nanny bathed with its own blood.Read more
01: Enchanted by a spell.
It has been half a year, at least in the Allandis empire's calendar since there’s no telling if the time in her world equals the time in the empire . Aileen tried her best to escape these past two months but ended up being caught by her husband’s marquises.  She sighed and raised her hand to block the sun rays emanating from the window in the bedchamber. “Is there really no way to go back to my world?” she murmured and decided to close her eyes again. She’s stock in the Allandis Kingdom, a portion of the Allandis empire on the western border. With her eyes closed, she recalled how she ended up being the queen of Viishaun’s kingdom. “Hmmm… that light… I think it’s no ordinary light, but a magic. I had seen and
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02: Find a way to figure things out.
"Madam, your bath is prepared. Since you have no lady-in-waiting yet, please allow us, servants, to help you while you bathe." "Thank you for taking care of me, but one person is more than enough, and the rest should go back to what you were doing. I'll call you if I need an extra hand," Aileen replied, wearing her sweet smile. "It is an honor to serve you, our dearest queen," The three servants replied in chorus. It was as if they had memorized every speech they had to say. Then, they bowed their heads to the queen before leaving the bedchamber. "Come this way, our dearest queen,” says lady Athena. Aileen followed lady Athena as they made their way to the extravagant lavatory. Everything in the palace looks expensive, if not made with gold, more or less made with diamonds. She still can't believe that this world truly exists. She only read it in the script way back when she used to film historical dramas, but now she's living a luxurious life in the real palace, not a rented old p
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03: Forced to get married: A flashback.
Some Marquises were against the king's decision of marrying the daughter of the traitor country of Lestinna. But, the greatest opposition to the marriage comes from the queen herself. She strongly refused to accept Viishaun's proposal and always sneaked out to her room, but she couldn't get away from the palace because the wall was high and impossible to climb up, thus the only means to leave was through the three gates guarded by Marquises. She has a lot of reasons why getting married to the king should be refused, such as; in her world, the 'Aileen' was already engaged to a fellow actor Flame Stephan Alvourde. One more thing, it's because he was 'King Viishaun Argus Allandis XVII', a killer king of Allandis slays and conquers bordering countries through the emperor’s order. He was a man who was born with wealth, prestige, and merciless-combat prowess. She blinked and fidgeted at the thought of having her neck detached from her. "He was the scary man who suddenly proposed to me,"
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04: His real personality.
They had been to three bookstores in the town, but she couldn't find anything related to magic, sorcery, or whatever they called it in Allandis, and it made her wonder why such a thing had no traces.  "Gosh! If I have a cellphone, and if only this place has an internet connection, then browsing would have been easy," Aileen muttered, and the two people with her were perplexed after hearing her statement. "Lady, it's almost sunset. His excellency must have been waiting for you at the palace," says the marquise through whispering in her ears.  "I guess. I'll come back tomorrow. Let's head back to the palace now," she replied in a voice just enough for the three of them to hear. Inside the carriage, the queen
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05: Weakening magic.
"What did you do to me?" Viishaun asked in a cold-baritone voice, wearing a gaze that could shred the queen into pieces. The queen was frightened, and her body started trembling. He wears the same cold expression when they first meet. He has that aura of ice-cold thirst for blood. "Are you going to answer me, or do you want me to cut off your tongue and be silent forever?!?!" Her voice won't come out because she wasn't sure what to say. She was too terrified, and it was more terrifying than a fellow actress bullying her. Aileen started weeping, and to her surprise, the king's expression shifted to a soft one. He reached her hand and held it, then asked, "My queen, why are you crying? Are you alright? Did I hurt you?
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06: Encounter.
"Greetings lady with shiny gold hair," says the guy who looks like a charming prince from a fictional book. The guy has red hair and brown eyes, quite different from the empire's trade look. Most people of Allandis have an innate sparkling ray of sunlight hair. "M-Me?" Aileen asked. She blinked her eyes twice while pointing at her chest. Then the guy smiled and presented her with a hat. 'Oh, he must have caught it accidentally.' "Is this hat yours, my lady?" "Y-yes. Yes, that is mine." Instead of simply passing the object to her palm, the guy placed it on Aileen's head. "T-thank you." "No big deal, my lady. Are you heading inside?" The guy asked, wearing a sweet smile on his face. Aileen thought at the time; it would be no good if she would see him in the future. He reminds her of someone with a sly smile from her showbiz industry. Moreover, she doesn't know who to trust in this strange world. "Oh! I forgot, I had something important to do at my manor, right?" Aileen glance
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07: Who are you?
 "Have you heard about the witch forest?" Aileen asked while looking at the overview of the mountain visible from the top of the palace. "Hmmm... they are pretty famous for being the house of a sorcerer who cursed the empire fifteen years ago." Aileen was surprised to hear that the empire was cursed. She really has no idea what is happening in this land.  'What am I supposed to do here? What if I'm a hero in this land?'  Aileen laughed with the absurd idea her mind bore and thought she probably had too much doze of drama she had filmed.  "What actually happened back then?" Aileen asked out of curiosity. Read more
08: Is she perhaps a sorcerer?
 Aileen was staring at her reflection in the human-sized mirror. She could not help but ask the woman. "Lady Szcheriziel, are you perhaps a sorcerer?" She heaved a heavy breath and accepted that the lady would not answer. Aileen wondered where the heck the soul of this aristocrat lady went to.  The queen left her chamber. As usual, the servants bowed their heads and greeted her. Then she told them, "Please don't enter the library without my acknowledgement. I want to read alone." "Yes, madam. Please call us if you need something." She locked the door and started browsing the books. "This may be a fictional story, but who knows if the spell written on the book would work. I need to try at least," Aileen mut
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09: Senses back.
"I won't let you in until you really are Shaun!" The queen yelled, and everyone thought the couple were quarreling.  The servants are wishing the two would reconcile sooner because they were afraid that their king would be back from being the cold and intimidating guy. Their madam had softened thy king.  "What do you mean? I am your Shaun. My beloved, it's me." All of a sudden, the king stopped knocking and started screaming in excruciating pain. As a result, the servant panicked. Aileen heard the commotion outside her chamber. Due to her curiosity and concern, the queen opened the door.  "W-What's wrong?" Aileen caressed her husband's cheek. Then, she asked two of the servants to help the king lay on
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