The Playboy's Woman

The Playboy's Woman

By:  Starr  Completed
Language: English
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What happens when the playboy needs a woman to play with?Niko is the first son of the Sutton family but yet he has no authority in the family. With his playboy identity and unserious ways, he is stumped when his family needs him to have a serious relationship before they can consider giving him an opportunity at the family business.There come in Reyna, who agrees to be a pretend fiancée for Niko considering that she has an urgent need for money and he is known to not look at one woman twice. Will she really be safe from him or would they both end up with feelings they can’t describe?The plot changes however, when they discover that not only is he not what they think but is even stronger than the entire family.

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171 Chapters
Chapter One: Running for her life
Reyna ran as fast as her feets could take her, the fast and firm sound of feet hitting the ground was a constant reminder that those men were still behind her.Like most times, she had agreed to follow her uncle to his business meetings so she could gain some experience, unknowingly, he had the intention to sell her to one of the men he wanted to work with.She couldn’t believe that he wanted her, who was barely twenty two years old  to be with a fifty year old man? The lecherous man who he had brought her for had taken one look at her and was certain that he wanted a piece of her, unfortunately Reyna was not one to sell her body for money or any benefits at all.As soon as she realized that they wouldn’t let her leave there, she had requested to go to the restroom and then knowing that the guards were outside, she had used the restroom window to escape.Unfortunately, they had caught on quite quickly when they realized she w
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Chapter Two: Toying With Her
Contrary to what she had expected, Niko took on her the fastest ride she had ever been on and Reyna felt her heart was going to jump out of her rib cage more than once.By the time he came to an abrupt stop with tired screeching loudly, she had to open the door to throw up almost immediately.Niko watched as the little girl emptied her stomach right beside his car and laughed heartily.What would usually be quite unbearable to look at for him usually now looked like the best scene in the world.However, he was kind enough to pass her a bottle of water for her to clean up.“You don’t seem so fierce and threatening anymore huh?” He asked cockily as he looked at her pale face.Somehow, it was so satisfying to see her this way after all the stress he had been dealing with all day.Reyna on the other hand was too stunned to have a reaction. Somehow, she could feel like he had done this to punish her and yet there was noth
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Chapter Three: The Playboy Is Gay?
Niko dropped his cell with a satisfied grin, of course, he was certain that James couldn’t fail, after all, he had trained the trior himself for things like this and although they were his subordinates, they acted more like brothers.He was certain that in some minutes, he would get the call from home. He was used to this, a routine they enjoyed but yet made it seem like he was the one at fault.The first time had been unbearable for him, there had been a video of him beating someone who had beaten his younger step brother and yet, the video had contained only his own violence.For days and weeks, it was online and no matter how much he pleaded with his parents, they refused to budge on believing that it had only been self defense for his brother.And for his brother? The little brat had pretended like he knew nothing every time he was confronted while his mother and grandmother would rush to protect him.As a young boy at the age of thirteen
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Chapter Four: Waste Or Billionaire?
Niko chuckled coldly as he saw the news on his way to meet one of his subordinates, he preferred to carry out his work at night since it reduced attention.Also, it was easier for him to pose with women at clubs to make his dad see the news he wanted to see.Currently he was watching Thomas, his younger brother give a speech about saying how his family had no idea that his elder brother was gay and how they were going to make sure that this was something that wouldn’t affect the family business.Niko rolled his eyes with mockery laced in those green orbs.Being gay wasn’t even such a bad thing but he could trust his family to use any card they could.As a second teir family, the Suttons were struggling to make sure nothing ruined their new standing since they were a third teir family before now.After all, the finances and capital for all their family businesses has come from Niko’s maternal family and mother. Unfortunately
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Chapter Five: In Trouble
As she served the men in the bar, her mind repeatedly went to her brother in the hospital and wondered if anything was going to happen to him. Without knowing, she had already poured more wine than she was supposed to into a wine glass while thinking of her brother. “Where did they get such a waitress from? You are so terrible at your work!” A man yelled angrily as some of the wine that poured on the glass table dripped to his leg side. His words snapped her out of her thoughts as she hurriedly pulled back her face paling so bad that it looked like she didn’t have any more blood on her face.“So sorry sir, I’ll get the cleaning team to come over immediately” she said while bowing her head to let them know how sorry she was. The moment one of  the men set his eyes on her, his eyes brightened as he appreciated her beauty. Immediately, a lascivious gaze was clear in his eyes as he delibe
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Chapter Six: Spinning thoughts
CHAPTER SIX“I met the little cat sometime before” Niko said simply deliberately not saying more. Lucas also got the memo and said nothing more as soon as they got outside, each person left with their cars.Since he had a playboy reputation, Niko always drove himself avoiding anything that would make him look like a proper heir and always stuck with the noveau rich vibe. As he sped along the city road, a ring from his other phone made him slow down as he looked at the phone screen, he smirked as different thought process came into his mind. If that grandmother wanted a show, a good show would he send her way. An image of the girl he has seen just now flashed in his mind, his lips curled up and his eyes gleamed brightly at the idea that came to him. ****As soon as her shift finished she raced to the hospital spending extra money on a cab so that she could get to her brother quickly. Since she didn’t have a lot of money, her brother stayed on the first floor which was a less expe
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Chapter Seven: Sold off?
“I’ll do all I can to keep you safe” Reyna said as she held onto Alan’s hands tightly. She had finally been able to get her uncle and Aunt to leave yesterday, however, they had made sure to drill into her ears that they would be back today. Although she was scared to death, she couldn’t let her brother know that she was so she acted like she got it all under control. “Sis, they mentioned something about you ruining a business transaction for uncle. Did you do such?” He asked his voice weak and slightly even lower than a whisper but since Reyna was so close to him, she heard it all loud and clear. “I don’t really know if I did. However, uncle wanted to send me off to someone. I couldn’t take it and ran away. I had no idea it was actually a business transaction” her body shivered slightly at the thought of that. He had actually planned to send her off or rather sell her off?Alan was shocked by this revelation as his eyes dimmed. If he wasn’t weak and sickly, he wouldn’t have to hold
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Chapter Eight: A Perfect coincidence.
“Grandmother.” Niko called out to the old woman who was engrossed in her phone. Unlike other people her age, she was technology and entertainment obsessed. Niko couldn’t remember seeing her either without a phone or a television playing some series. After some seconds, the woman lying on the bed finally managed to tear her gaze away from the phone as she looked at Niko with disgust in her eyes. “You are here.” Niko nodded and before he could say a word, she was speaking again. “I thought you wouldn’t come. After all, you have never obeyed me.”“Is there a reason why you decided to come?” With her raised eyebrows that made the wrinkles around her face more obvious despite the tons of surgery they had gotten done for her, nothing could hide that she was getting on in age. Besides, she had spent more than sixty years suffering, there was no way the remaining twenty years spent in money could make up for it. “Mother said you were dying. So I had to rush down and see you one more tim
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Chapter Nine: Be My Woman
Reyna was shocked to see her uncle call the bouncer and his wife out after which she didn’t see them again. Out of curiosity, she went out to search and saw that they were really gone. Although she was suspicious, she was still glad for the slight peace of mind. “Alan, I need to go back to where I worked last night, I was unable to get my payment before leaving. Make sure you use your mobile to call me as soon as anything happens” she said for the third time making the young boy roll his eyes which made reyna pinch him. “I know that I’m being a nag but you are too important to me and nothing, I mean nothing is allowed to happen to you.”Looking at her emotional eyes, Alan nodded his eyes turning red at the rims too. After confirming that he was okay and everything he needed was in close proximity, she left the hospital ward. “Miss, we request that you follow us for some urgent matters.” One of the two men blocking her way said. She remembered that she had seen them just now in the
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Chapter Ten: His fiancée
“I won’t hide it anymore” Niko said when he saw the apparent confusion on her face. “I need a woman to be my girlfriend and soon to be fiancée for a period of two years, I’ll pay you a total of fifty million and you get half payment now and the rest after our two years contract.” He chuckled lowly when he saw the wide eye beauty in front of him. He wondered what was unimaginable to her. “I’m sorry but I think I’ll have to decline this. Firstly, I’m just a young girl in college and I’m an orphan. Secondly, everyone knows you are a playboy and I don’t want everyone to think I’m with a man because of his wealth and probably a baby” she said as her brows furrowed up. “For someone with so many challenges, you have quite the amount of reservations” he said as he took a sip of the wine in his hands. Reyna shrugged even though his words were quite embarrassing, she knew he was only being sarcastic. Besides, her impression of him was changing very quickly. “Well little wild cat, this is
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