Not His Princess

Not His Princess

By:  Lexi  Ongoing
Language: English
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His cold brown eyes were enough to send a shiver down anyone’s spine. They were numb, cold, and intimidating to everyone – but her -- a 22-year-old woman, Evie Davies. She was fearless in the most ways possible and faced everything with determination and wit. But will she be able to win the game when the rules are made by Damien himself? Fate tied them for eternity when he had to marry her. He had never laid eyes on any other girls because he never thought they were worthy. But can Evie change his perspective? What happens when Lucifer, the mafia boss of one of the most dangerous mafias takes a liking to her? Can Damien, who never cared about anything other than him, fight for her? Against all the odds and misunderstandings, can they develop a love for each other? Can Evie turn this heartless monster into a human who believes in love? Peek in some time to get a glimpse!

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    15 chapters
    Chapter 1: Prologue
    Damien's POV "And that is supposed to...what? Interest me?" I tilted my head in sarcasm and chuckled as I sat comfortably in my seat. "You have a death wish?" The man shivered with fear. I let out a calm breath."This is the third time you've wasted my time. You know that if you irritate me…" I left it at that because I knew my smirk was enough to complete the sentence. He had visible fear on his face. "I--I-am sorry, boss," he stuttered. "I-I will make this right—"  I took out my gun and pointed it at him. His eyes widened and he took a few shaky steps back from my desk. "B-boss---" "You stupid pitiful fools," I chuckled and got up. "You don't even know when to shut up, do you?" He looked down and continued taking deep breaths. I turned off the safety of my gun and he squinted his eyes. "Last words?" 
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    Chapter 2: Being Alone Is the New Normal
    Damien’s POV I was just finishing up my documents when someone knocked on the door. “Come in,” I said without looking up.“Oh, Damien. Always working!” I looked up, irritated. “Why are you here?”“Don’t be such a jerk, Damien.” She walked toward me and leaned over on the table, showing her cleavage. I looked sideways and then down at my paper, shattering her intentions. “Stop working!” She said excitedly so and was about to take my document away when I caught her hand in between. “You should walk out of here,” I said with a dark voice. “You know I get really tingly when you use your threatening tone. It is so… sexy.” I was reaching my level of frustration with her. “You want to seduce me, don’t you?&rdq
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    Chapter 3: Never-Ending Thoughts
    Damien’s POV “The work is done, boss,” Michael — one of my people — informed me. I nodded and he left the room. I rubbed my forehead and sighed. Things have been difficult without Trevor. He wasn’t just a business partner, he was my best friend. Now, he had just… disappeared for three days.I can’t find him. I don’t even know if I should. Anyway, the work was done, so it was time to go home. I got up and as I left the cabin, my eyes fell on a woman standing near the door. I raised my eyebrow. “Do I know you?” She looked at me and gasped. “Ah— no, no sir. I–I was, uh, just…”“Calm down,” I said as I sensed how scared she was. She took a deep breath.“Y-yeah. Uh, I was… um, appointed by Mr. Trevor Hall to assist you in
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    Chapter 4: Responsible Father
    Damien’s POV I let out a shaky breath at the person I saw. “You?” I asked with resentment in my voice, “how did you get in?” The man laughed with pleasure and let out a fake-warm smile. “Oh, son. I still have the key to this house because… why? Oh! Because this is my fucking house!” I chuckled. “Yours? Seriously?” I took a dominating step toward him. “Do you have the papers to prove that?” “Oh, you’re so naive. Always involving lawyers, and… police… and judges… courts… These are family matters, my son.” “First of all, I am not your fucking son,” I said, “Second, this is not a family matter.” “Oh don’t worry, I don’t need your house. I came here bearing gifts!” <
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    Chapter 5: Secret Mission
    Damien’s POV It was 4 AM when I returned back to my bedroom. The drinks couldn’t get me high, but I was okay with it. After all, I had to go to work. I took some rest and woke up at 6 AM, got ready by 6:30, and then reached my office by 7:30. I knew Evie must be coming soon, but I was reluctant to tell her what I wanted. Well, not wanted. It was 8:15 when she finally came up to the door and knocked. It was a transparent door, so I nodded and she came in.“Goodmorning, boss. I, um, will report to you regarding all the meetings in ten minutes. A lot of people—” I cut her in between. “I need to ask you something.”She stopped and some worry lines appeared on her forehead. “Y-yes, boss?”“If there was a demand, a not… normal demand from me, would you listen?”Read more
    Chapter 6: Ice Cold
    Evie’s POV “Who is she?” I heard Mr. Trevor Hall say to Damien with a shocked and worried expression. “You know her. You hired her, so you don’t need to act like you don’t know her,” Damien was rather cold and I felt as if I was between two icebergs. Shit, the titanic couldn’t take one iceberg. Trevor smirked. “Well, I guess you forgot the rules. No strangers.”“She is not a stranger,” he looked at me and I grew more nervous. Suddenly, he took my hand in his, and I stared widely at our connection. “She is my wife-to-be.” That didn’t go well because Trevor squinted his eyes and looked at him with disgrace. “You’re setting up your happy after with the person I hired after you ruined mine?” “Well, life is ironic.” He shrugged. “Do
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    Chapter 7: The Attack on Him
    Damien It was weird having someone with me at the house, but I guess, everything will change someday. “Which room should I take?” I heard Evie as she entered the house.“Your choice,” I said, knowing that it was impossible she would choose the one I stay in out of the sixty others. “Well.” She sighed deeply. “You live alone?”“The servants are gone, so yeah, I am alone right now,” I smirked and said in a tone that made her face red.She looked down. “I-I will find some room now.”I smiled as I watched her move toward one of the rooms.“By the way, I would suggest looking through all the rooms and choosing the one you like!” I shouted because she was a little far away. She looked back and nodded slowly. I smirked and went to my room, which was on the second floor.&nb
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    Chapter 8: Are You Sick?
    Damien “Where did you find Evie?” I asked him. He looked at me with suspicion.“How does that matter?”“Well, she was the only one new—”“So you brought her to our secret base and let her hear our conversation without trusting her?”“You know there is no one we can trust!” I shouted. “We can never be sure!”“No. No, that is not true. I trusted you and you failed our plan.” I scoffed. “You want to pin that on me?”“Yes, actually.” He got up. “I should’ve never called you.”“And I should've never accepted someone you hired.”“And I should’ve never told you about my fiancee because you are so fucking jealous of everything.” I chuckled. “What?”“Yes. That’s what it
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    Chapter 9: Call Me Damien
    Evie It was hell living with him. “You know you can’t go out.” He chuckled as I was completely prepared to go and buy some new clothes for myself. “I thought protecting someone meant giving them bodyguards and stuff. It doesn’t mean keeping them captive!” I exclaimed and sighed. He shrugged. “Should’ve thought about it before working with Lucifer.”“As if I had a choice,” I murmured. “Well go ahead but don’t bother me if Trevor finds you and kills you.”“Isn’t he your friend? Why can’t you explain to him?” The question was obviously ignored by him as he continued working on his laptop. I sat down on the couch, tired from being in the house all the time.It has been two days since I am locked here and God knows when I will get to
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    Chapter 10: His Wedding Plan
    Evie “But I guess you have to get ready to call me Damien.” I looked at him as my thoughts went all over the future. I was ready to be married to him — after all, that was the condition in exchange for my safety. But I didn’t imagine anything else than marriage. I didn’t imagine the thrill. I failed to think what I would be going through if I do that — how hard would it be to not fall for this bastard. He sighed and took a step back. “I’ve thought about it for a while but all the plans I made seem to fail.” I looked at him. “I don’t think I have much of a choice anymore. I will set the wedding day soon. All the preparations will be done. To avoid any backlashes, the wedding will be done as a grand one.” I slowly nodded my head. “But—” Read more Protection Status