Married to the arrogant king

Married to the arrogant king

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The princess was now standing in front of me. But she was not what I expected. In fact, to say I was disappointed was an understatement. Like what the fuck. I've heard stories about how beautiful and enchanting she was, but the woman standing in front of me was completely opposite from that description. The woman standing in front of me was chubby. What the hell? I thought they said she was slim and slender. She even had a mole on her nose and when she smiled at me, I almost puked. She had a huge gap tooth and looked like a clown. "Greetings your highness," she said, and I almost died. Please don't tell me that is my bride. Like, what the f*ck?!

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81 Chapters
1: Decision
        ZARA'S POV"You'll have to marry king carl," dad said, and I looked at him like he had gone nuts." Dad you are are joking right, why would I marry king carl?"King Carl was our enemy, ad he was very dangerous and ruthless. I've never seen him, but I've heard stories about him."Dad, I can't marry carl, not now not ever.""You don't have a choice, my decision is final. I'm not asking you, I'm giving you an order.""But dad, I can't believe you're willing to sacrifice me to that monster, how could you? I'm your daughter why are you treating me this way.""This is not about you Zara, it is about our nation Azrael, and our people. If it means I have to sacrifice one person, for the good of others, I will do it, even if that person is my daughter."But dad....."You're a princess Zara, you should know that you have a duty to your people even if it's hard, That's the price royalties ha
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2: Taming a horse and saying goodbye
              ZARA'S  POVIts was morning already, I got up lazily from my bed. Today I had to prepare all my stuff and say goodbye to my friends. It was too soon for me but dad said we didn't have time.I took my bath and dressed up in a simple gown. I looked just like an ordinary person and I loved it.The maids helped to pack my things, and I just sat down thinking about what fun thing I should do before I left.Princess, Lia called running into my room." Lia, what's wrong?""I found something fun for you to do before you left, Lia muttered." What's that?" I asked."There is a horse outside that needs taming, it refuses to allow anyone to ride it, I just thought that maybe, it will let you.I smiled, running outside, I saw a white beautiful horse and a man was trying to get on it but it wouldn't let him."Zara, that's the horse," Lia said from behind me.Read more
3:The journey
ZARA'S POV It's been two days since I left home, and we stopped at an inn to rest for a day before we continued our journey. King Carl's nation, Everton was a three days journey and by tomorrow, we'll be there. "Princess, I mean Zara... "Lia don't call me that, remember I'm in disguise." "What should I call you then," Lia questioned "You should call me captain, after all, I'm the leader of one hundred men." Okay, captain, she muttered, giggling. "Are you going in disguise all the way to Everton, or you will change when we get close?" Lia asked and I thought for a while. "Hmm, why don't I just play a prank on King Carl." "What do you mean prin..., I mean Captain?" "I mean, I will go in disguise and ask someone else to act as the princess." "But isn't that risky, what if the king gets upset." "It's not for long, I just need him to think that the other person is the princess before I introduce myself." "You are something else Captain," Lia muttered and I chuckled. I stuff
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4:Locked up
     ZARA'S POVThey took us to a place, which looked like their base. there were a lot of bandits there and also a lot of hostages. They were locked in cages like animals.The soldiers who were sent to accompany me, were also captured. Just about thirty of them, the rest were killed.They took Lia to the cage where they kept women and took me to the cage, where they kept men.I wanted to scream at them to take me to where they keep women because I'm a woman but I decided against it.I sat in the cage, along with my remaining soldiers and other men."Your high... I mean Captain, I'm sorry we couldn't protect you," Jamie apologized, and I was glad he was still alive."It's okay, we just need to figure out to get out of this place.""But prin..., I mean Captain, that seems nearly impossible, this place is heavily guarded."Even so, we still have to get out of here."I looked around and saw that most o
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5: Escaped
ZARA'S POV We grabbed our weapons, fighting the men who were close by and before you know it there was chaos. Everyone was fighting one man or the other even the women had been released and some already fled running for their lives. By the time the fight was over, most of the men are women were dead including the bandits, some were dead, while some fled. There were just about a hundred and fifty men and like three hundred women. Even my soldiers were just a few now like seven men remaining. "Captain, someone called, and I turned around to see Jamie and Theon walking toward me. I was so happy that they were alive, and I ran towards them, hugging them. Jamie cleared his throat and I chuckled. " Where is Lia? I suddenly remembered. I twirled, looking around toward where the women were. Lia, I yelled. "Jamie, you have to find Lia." "Lia, is that your wife?" Theon asked and I could help but laugh. Y...yes, I shuttered. I wanted to tell him, that I was a woman, but I decided t
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6: She's the princess
CARL'S POV What did she just say, she's the princess? "What did you say?" I asked to be sure "I am princess Zara of Azrael." "But you are a man," one of the council members blurted out and I glared at him. Is he so foolish that he can not see that the person in front of him was a woman? "I'm not," she muttered removing the boy's wig she was wearing, letting her long dark hair fall freely. How beautiful, I thought, letting out a breath of relief and the council members also did the same. Oh, I didn't they were also scared of having an ugly queen. "Then why is this woman dressed as the princess, and you're dressed as a man," Jerald asked. "I was embarking on a dangerous journey, so I needed to protect myself," she replied. That doesn't change the fact that she fooled me into thinking that the ugly woman was the princess. She could have easily changed when she got to Everton, but she choose to fool me, for that I would make her life miserable. ZARA'S POV When I entered Eve
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7: The feast
ZARA'S POV Lia and I turned to see a cute Little boy who looked like Carl. He was so cute with chubby cheeks and I couldn't help but pulled them."Uhh, what a cute little kid," Lia said also pulling his cheek, and he pouted his mouth angrily."You lady's have no respect, how dare you pull the cheeks of a man," he muttered, making Lia and I laugh."What's your name, and how old are you?" I asked the kid with a smile."My name is Prince Aiden, and I'm five years old."It's a pleasure to meet you, Prince Aiden," I said with a smile."The pleasure is mine," he replied raising his shoulder. He looks arrogant and adorable.What do you expect, he is the devil's brother."I heard you will be marrying my brother, does that mean, I'll be marrying that little lady with you?" Aiden muttered, pointing at Lia and I chuckled."Look here kid, I'm not Little, and I'm way older than you, so there is no way I'm marrying you," Lia muttered.""What's wrong, I'm handsome and hot, many girls are dying t
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8: Waking up in a balcony
CATHERINE'S POVI purposely sent Zara to the king's room, because I knew he was with that witch Gwen. I really didn't like her. Carl was my son and I didn't want that woman to trap him.She may pretend in front of everyone but I knew she was a corning woman.I watched as Zara staggered into the room. She was drunk and it makes my plan even more perfect.I smiled when Zara walked into the room, I could just imagine the look on both Carl and Gwen's faces.I walked closer to eavesdrop on their conversation. "What are you doing?" Someone said from behind, making me jump in fear. I turned to see Aiden staring at me."You scared me," I said holding my chest."Mom are you eavesdropping on Carl," Aiden muttered with his eyebrow raised."Of course not," I replied, with an awkward smile.He looked at me suspiciously, before he walked away. For a five years old, he acts like an adult. I looked at the door one last time before walking away, I didn't want anyone else to catch me eavesdroppi
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9: The dungeon
ZARA'S POV"Did you sleep well, Princess?" The arrogant jerk asked with a smirk, and I suppressed the urge to scoff.I put on the fakest smile anyone had ever seen, showing him my teeth."I slept well Carl," I Muttered, calling him by his name, and I saw his eyes turn dark. He didn't expect that I would call him by his name."How did you sleep, Carl?" I asked, emphasizing the Carl with a smirk."You should address me as your Majesty," he said angrily, and I scoff."But that's not your name is it," I questioned, trying to get on his nerves.He looked at me like he was going to kill me. I'm the one who is supposed to be angry after he kept me on the balcony. Stupid jerk, I just hate him."So, what if it's my name, you have no right to call me by my name," he muttered, walking closer to me.I looked at him, anger evident in his eyes, but I didn't back down, I met his gaze head-on. "Okay, your Majesty," I said in a mock tone. The way he was looking at me, if looks could kill, I'll be
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10: Payback
ZARA'S POVAfter eating, I went straight to take my bath because I stinked. I sat in the bath, with my eyes closed, loving the feeling of the warm water on my skin, Lia also sat beside me helping me to bathe.Zara, Someone yelled and I opened my eyes to see Catherine. She walked towards me with an apologetic look, I guess she feel guilty for what her evil son did to me. "Zara, I'm sorry for how my son treated you, I can't believe that stupid son of mine would lock you up in a dungeon, I only got to know about it a while ago," Catherine said."It's okay, you don't have to apologize to me, it's not your fault."She smiled, patting my head then she walked away.I walked into the devil's room after my bath, to put on my clothes. It was a good thing that he was not in the room, because maybe apart from being evil and arrogant, he may also be a pervert.I thought about leaving the room to find another room for myself, but I changed my mind. I grinned evilly, as I thought about what
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