Becoming Luna 2: His True Luna Awakens

Becoming Luna 2: His True Luna Awakens

By:  Eliza Selmer  Updated just now
Language: English
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Sequel To Becoming Luna One tragedy, one event, one single moment in time. Everything begins to change and relationships are tested. Will that which is lost be found? Or will everything change forever? The war between the creatures is over and life in the world of supernaturals is peaceful for Danica, her mate Mason, and their 8 year old daughter Bryllie. That is until the harpies re-emerge hell bent on revenge against Danica and all that surround her. After tragedy strikes and Danica is left broken, the mysteries of her past begin to come to life. However, that begins to create a rift between the life she once lived and the one that could become her future. Will Danica be able to defeat the dark before it destroys her world entirely? Will she be able to remain the same once her parents dark history is revealed? Read to find out!

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57 Chapters
Attack At The Cabin
[Danica's POV]Warm sunlight danced along my skin as I lunged beneath a large oak tree. For a while now, I had sat here enjoying the sight of Mason and Bryllie chasing butterflies while I relaxed due to my current condition.Closing my eyes, I allowed myself to relish in the peace that had become my life. At least for the past eight years, anyway.Since the war with the harpies and trolls, things were quiet and the damned traitorous creatures were nowhere to be found. Most days, I was happy that they stayed gone. In others, however, I couldn't stop the dread that overtook me.Images of the battle that night and the torture I endured still haunted me. No amount of time changed that."Mommy!"Shaking off
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[Danica's POV]A low snarl escaped my lips as I began the process of shifting. To the left, I could make out Mason fighting off three of the creatures. To my right, I could see four more preparing to attack.'Not today.' I smirked, giving a howl.Lunging forward, I bared my teeth at the first creature to notice me. It let out a shriek while diving towards me.I managed to grab it by the throat just before it hit me.Biting down, I felt the skin tear as another shriek escaped it.'I told you to stay put!' Mason's voice boomed in my head.Whoops, it seemed he was finished with his fight and had spotted me.Flingin
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Mother's Diary
[Danica's POV]"Come inside and have a seat first." Nigel instructed, grabbing my arm. "You shouldn't have even came."Rolling my eyes, I let Nigel lead me into their unusually messy cabin. I found myself wishing that they would stop treating me like I was fragile as I took a seat in the recliner."Why did you bring her?" Nigel asked Mason once I was situated. "Are you that ready for her to give birth?""I have a few more weeks." I huffed, trying to hide my annoyance. "All of you need to stop babying me."Three separate sets of eyes shot at me as I spoke, sending another wave of annoyance through me."Dammit," I growled. "If you keep this up, I'm going back to the packgrounds alone."Read more
The Beginning
[Mason's POV]I turned my angry gaze towards Nigel and Ash. Those two were aware of Danica being close to giving birth. Why the hell did they bring up something that could cause her to feel extreme emotion?"You don't have... " I began, but stopped as Danica shook her head.Looking up, she gave a smile and shook her head, sending her long, dark curls cascading around her overly plump breasts."Thank you for this." She said, looking at Nigel and Ash. "Would it be okay if I took this home and read it?""Of course." Nigel responded. "It is yours to do with what you will. Just don't forget to let us know if you find anything about the wolves that we may be dealing with. ""Why didn't you look for yourself?
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Midnight Fire Concentration Camp
[Danica's POV]February 2nd, 1979The Day It All Began...Papa Mackie woke me up early that morning, claiming that there was someplace we were to visit.At only ten, I didn't think much of it. So, I got up and quickly dressed as the excitement of the trip rushed through me.I wasn't the only child to be picked for this trip, Sanders and Rosette were chosen to go as well.Once we were all finished getting ready, Papa Mackie loaded us into a carriage that was waiting outside the orphanage. Once inside, we began our journey.I vaguely remember the way now, but I remember going deep through the forest leading far away from the small town we lived in. We continu
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[Danica's POV]Disbelief rolled through me as I blankly stared at the spot where Bryllie had just been."Danica, look out!"A gasp escaped me as Mason's warm, strong body slammed into mine, pushing me out of the way just in time to avoid having the quickly crumbling roof fall on top of me."We need to go." Mason growled, getting to his feet."But..." I whispered. "Bryllie...""We will find her." Mason insisted, yanking me to my feet. "But if we
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[Danica's POV]I searched around the quickly crumbling building for the source of energy that was drawing me. I didn't know what it was or what I was looking for, but dammit, it was like a siren's call.Extending my senses, I tried to determine the direction of the energy.'That way.' I muttered, shooting past a falling piece of roof, easily dodging it before it came crashing into my back.What I was looking for was just up ahead, and if I could just reach it, I could get the hell out of this crashing building.

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Father's Pack
[Danica's POV]I woke up to find myself in a strange room with a soft glow illuminating me. I was on a large white bed with fluffy pillows and a down comforter, but my wrists were cuffed to the headboard.There were barred windows on either side of me that allowed me to see figures roaming about."Hey!" I called, hoping one was close enough to hear. "Someone! Let me go!"Despite the urge to struggle, I remained calm. I needed to consider the innocent child in my stomach. Any wrong move could be detrimental to it.

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Dark Forest Pack
[Mason's POV]All the lights were on when I arrived at Nigel’s shack in the middle of the forest. I didn’t bother knocking as I kicked in his door, startling both him and Ash."What?" Nigel huffed, beginning to stand."I need your help, old man." I growled, storming forward."What has gotten into you?" Nigel demanded, as I grabbed the neck of his shirt. "Where have your manners gone?""How do you locate someone when you don’t know where they are?" I demanded, ignoring his question.

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[Danica’s POV]"How much longer?"A day had passed since I woke up in this strange room. A day wasted being a prisoner in a place that was claimed to be my very own. I didn’t have time for this. My daughter needed me, and I was wasting time."HELLO!" I knew that being annoying probably wasn’t the best solution to getting myself free sooner, but I was running out of options. The sooner they get the damn DNA results, the better.‘And if you are their future leader?’ A small v
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