I Fell For The Boy His Daddy Was A Bonus

I Fell For The Boy His Daddy Was A Bonus

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"Marry me. I would rather spend one lifetime with you – than face all the ages of this world without you," said a green-eyed, six-year-old boy before her. "Liam, why do you want to marry me?” Scarlett asked the young boy. "I want someone to be there for me," Liam answered. "To put me to sleep, bring me to school, and someone to play with when daddy is away. I want someone to make me and my daddy smile. I want someone to love me and love my daddy, too.” The boy sighed and added, "I want my daddy to be happy too.” Liam gazed up at Scarlett and asked, "Miss Scarlett, will you give me a brother and a sister too?” "Wait. Wait. It sounded more to me like… you want me to marry your daddy," Scarlett said, bemused. The boy's eyes sparkled. He replied, "Why, Miss Scarlett, I like your proposal. I'll go tell daddy.” Scarlett, “???” *** Scarlett Barnes was abandoned by her parents, and shamed by her childhood friend and lover. Being labeled as the bitter ex, she yearned for her well-deserved revenge. What better way to have it than to be in the arms of another man, one that genuinely loved her? Her future love life and happiness were supposed to be her vengeance, but after a year, her surprise marriage proposal came from a handsome six-year-old boy. Was this her chance at happiness? Scarlett soon found out that the boy's father was a smoking hot billionaire heir to the Wright Diamond Corporation in Braeton City, Kaleb Wright. Just when she thought the boy had won her heart, will she… fall for his daddy too? *** Book 4 of the Wright Family Series. Note that this story can be read as a standalone.

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56 chapters
"You disgust me, Scarlett. I never thought you’d be this desperate.” In an ice-cold tone, Luca said while dragging Scarlett by the arm outside the office building of the James and Powel Law Firm. Betrayal at its worst. Luca James used to be her sun, the one who lit up her world with his smile and the special look he always had for her whenever their eyes met. 'Was this the same Luca that I love?’ Even she could not recognize him, not with the way he seemed revolted by her presence. "Did you really think I would choose you over Courtney? No, not when I now know the kind of person you truly are,” He hinted. The words he said pierced through her heart in ways she thought were impossible. 'What? What was he saying? And why would he choose her over me? I have known him the longest. I was there when he needed a shoulder to cry on when he was at his worst!’ "Are - are you really breaking up with me?” She weakly asked before sucking in a deep breath, holding back the tears that threatened
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Chapter 1: New Suitor
A year passed. "Marry me. I would rather spend one lifetime with you – than face all the ages of this world without you,” said a green-eyed beauty before her. "Marry you?” While completely entertained, Scarlett was fairly taken aback. She absolutely did not know how to react to such a sweet and genuine proposal, no matter how young her new suitor may be. Raising both her brows, she sought, “Where -where did you learn that?” "It’s called, G - O - O - G - L - E. Lines from Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R Tolkien,” the young man answered with a wink. Scarlett snorted and laughed at her handsome and utterly adorable admirer. After Luca broke her heart, she claimed to get revenge one day. Sadly for her, Luca crushed her dreams of becoming a lawyer, thanks to his connections. She never got to take the bar examination. Luca blocked her from taking it, including getting hired from big to small enterprises. Since she never left Braeton City, she could not get a stable work either. Whene
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Chapter 2: Mister Pooh And Miss Beauty
Earlier that day at the Herbal Twist Restaurant. Wearing a hat over his head and dark sunglasses to cover his eyes, Kaleb Wright smirked at the sight of the woman who, for him, had the most beautiful espresso-colored eyes. Her straight and long dark brown hair cascaded down her back, and her smile easily brightened up his day. "Hello, Mister Pooh, I see you wearing my favorite character again. What would you like to have?” Said Miss Beauty. "I’ll have the usual hibiscus tea, please. Tha nk you,” Kaleb replied, and behind his dark-shaded glasses, he winked at her. Too bad she could not see it. That was all he knew about her… that she was beautiful. It was weeks ago that he discovered this restaurant and bar, a hidden gem in the heart of Braeton City. They served the best kinds of floral teas, which he had hoped to bring into the Diamond Hotels, the hotel chain belonging to their company. Back then, When Kaleb first spotted the establishment, he was only wearing a polo shirt,
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Chapter 3: My Beauty
“Liam! You got us all worried, son!” setting aside the presence of one, Miss Beauty, Kaleb leveled with Liam. He pulled him abruptly into his embrace and took pleasure in his arrival. He was feeling him, smelling him until he cupped his face, saying, “Why did you do that, Liam? You could have gotten hurt, or -” Kaleb stopped himself at the thought of Liam being taken. Considering his family’s wealth, that was not too far from possible. He gulped and pleaded, “Please, don’t do that, ever again. Do you understand me? I don’t know what I would do if anything bad happened to you.” Liam’s arms returned his father’s hold. He took a deep breath and said, “I’m sorry, daddy.” His green eyes wandered to Boris and asked for an apology, “I’m sorry, uncle Boris. I - I did not want to have my injection. I wanted to hide. Don’t worry. I wasn’t hurt. I was with her.” It was as if it took all of him to resume, “I promise not to do it again.” Kaleb was stunned. Liam had the tendency to push whatever
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Chapter 4: See The Doctor With My Beauty
The next day, Kaleb was busy at work, listening to a new investment proposal from inside a conference room at the Wright Diamond Corporation. He noticed his phone vibrating inside the pocket of his trousers, but considering how important the meeting was, he ignored the calls. After some time, however, the trunk line to the conference rang, disturbing the presentation. Kaleb’s eyes narrowed, wondering how important it was for his assistant to forward the call. No one else knew about the meeting, except for his assistant, and of course, the CEO, his brother. One of the managers took the call, and then he turned to Kaleb. "Mister Wright, it’s an emergency from the Third Diamond Hotel.” 'Emergency?’ Kaleb took a second to grab the handset and another moment to scan the team of employees who were equally curious about the emergency. “Hello." "Mister Wright. I’m very sorry to disturb you, but we have a situation.” Kaleb was familiar with the voice of the hotel’s General Manager, Miste
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Chapter 5: Hide
Heading back to the parking lot, Scarlett bit her lip at the sight of the splendid car. She pursed her lips and thought, ‘This may very be… my only chance to get a picture of this baby.’ Turning to Kaleb and Liam, she asked, “Can I possibly get a picture with the car?” She pouted and reasoned, “I really love this car. You have no idea how many times I’ve fantasized about this in the past.” Kaleb smirked. He replied, “You love the car? How about...” He coughed, covering his mouth, and faintly resumed, “the owner?” “What?” Out of excitement, Scarlett missed his last word.  Liam, however, heard it perfectly. He said to Scarlett, “My beauty, who do you love more, the car or me?” Scarlett just could not help but be amused by the young man. She snorted as she laughed at his cute bluntness. She lowered her gaze and pinched his adorable cheek, saying, “Of course, you are the cute one. I’d choose you over the car on any day!” Liam reflecte
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Chapter 6: Scarlett Barnes
Scarlett’s heart was galloping profoundly. Her breaths were heavy against Kaleb’s frame, and the fluttering feeling in her stomach was going wild. She might have escaped from Luca that evening, but she may very well get a heart attack from this strange excitement she was riding out. As the tip of her nose brushed against Kaleb’s inviting neck, she took a good whiff of his spicy cologne, and that further added to the static that ran through her body. ‘God, I feel so hot,’ she thought silently. ‘How long have I been in his hold? How long did it take for them to leave this hallway? Seriously!’ She sucked in a breath and use everything in her willpower to free herself from what it felt like a spell, binding her toward Kaleb. Faintly, she managed to find the words to say, “They should be gone by now. It’s already been what? Five minutes?” It was as if she heard the man groan, but Kaleb quickly coughed, pulling away. He responded, “Yes, they are gone now. Damn, who walks that slow? That
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Chapter 7: Kaleb Wright
“So, Mister Wright? Will you allow Liam to be friends with Scarlett, despite what you have learned about her?” Boris asked, his brow raised with curiosity. “With the time I have spent observing her at the restaurant, Boris, I sensed she has a noble character. Maybe she made a mistake. Maybe her mistake was that she tried to fight for her past relationship. We don’t know for sure. Until I get her side of the story, I won’t judge her," Kaleb sighed and suggested. “Still, a single or a few mistakes do not define us. For those who learn from mistakes, it molds them into a better person.” Kaleb’s eyes narrowed, thinking about the words that Scarlett said in the car. She mentioned how Luca and Courtney were part of her past that she wished she had never had. He concluded how she regretted whatever happened or regretted getting involved with them. “I made many mistakes, Boris, but my mother and father never stopped being my parents. If there is some truth, even for a little to the accus
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Chapter 8: A Five-Star Hotel Ran Out Of Slippers
Earlier that evening. “What’s your name, darling? You are beautiful,” said the man who was introduced to Scarlett as Mister Sanders. He was the president of a small enterprise, a group of hardware stores, to be exact. Scarlett had never served the VIP rooms at the Herbal Twists Restaurant. Management only gave the opportunity to the tenured attendants. She had heard that VIP guests gave a lot of tips. On one occasion, her co-worker was rewarded with two thousand dollars. She never understood how one could give such a generous tip. However, Scarlett also heard stories about how customers were a little too demanding. Thus, she never looked forward to getting those extra tips. This time, however, she was forced into the situation. A few days ago, she brought Liam home without the approval of her boss. Now, she had to choose between getting fired and serving VIP guests. “I said! What’s your name?” Mister Sanders repeated, alerting Scarlett completely. “My name is Scarlett,” she cur
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Chapter 9: To Touch Or Not
“Scarlett, I don’t think it’s wise to go to your house. I heard Mister Sanders sent some people to your address. I have your wallet and your phone. We can meet tomorrow and I can give it to you.” A friend of Scarlett's at work said over the phone. Since she fled the restaurant earlier in a hurry, she left her belongings in her locker. Thankfully, her co-worker was kind enough to take it for her. “Thank you, Dale. I owe you one. I will contact you again when I collect my things,” Scarlett said before bidding goodbye. She handed the phone to Kaleb, saying, “Thank you for letting me use your phone.” “You are welcome, Scarlett,” Kaleb answered. Pointing to the door leading to the bathroom, he suggested, “Take a warm shower so you won’t get sick. I have asked the hotel manager to buy a dress and shoes for you to wear.” “Okay, thank you, Kaleb. I am so grateful,” she said before seeing the man leave the room. *** Two hours later. Wearing a yellow floral sundress, Scarlett scoute
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