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Take my life but don't ruin my soul, please... I....I am a widow, " Tears were streaming down from her eyes by watching that demonic human hovering over her and she softly hissed, when he slightly pressed the tip of the knife against her chin. "I didn't take your husband's life in front of your own eyes so that I could let you go, " And her gaze got befuddled when she had found him to wipe the that knife against those tears in the corner of her eyes which made her fear to engulf her more vigorously because she thought he was going to pierce it into her skin because she had seen him taking uncountable number of lives with no remorse. She again shut her lashes and waited to feel the sharp pain of her skin penetration but in the very next second, she felt the knife to get apart from her skin and warm drops of liquid falling on her lips and her eyes got opened when that liquid proceeded inside her parted lips and her tongue felt that metallic taste and see saw his palm bleeding. She teared up like a child by watching his soul quivering smirk. "Leave me.. Lea..." Her words got stucked into her throat when she felt his palm to grab her jaw which made her stirred and then she looked into his flaming darken eyes with her redden watery ones and her body turned numb ,feeling his palm getting inside her panties whereas, her eyes never stopped shedding tears . "Why ? " That question fell out from her mouth which was reeking over her whole existence that why . Why she was going to endure all of that and why she was fated to get ruined by him ? "BECAUSE I AM AN INSANE FOR YOU "

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Insane For You is a mafia novel telling a story of a widow whose husband gets killed by a man obsessed with her just so he can have her all to himself. He is determined not to let her go, especially after what he had done. She is afraid of him, considering she saw him taking so many lives that she even lost count. She expected to have her skin penetrated by the knife he was holding against her skin but in the end, all she felt was his kiss. Curious about how the story continues? Read the novel. 

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"You're an insane....Inessa Suarez," Her beige hazel eyes shimmered with utmost amount of happiness by hearing those words whereas ,an alluring warm smile crept on her pouty pink lips by watching that little puppy snuggling in her arms."Well if it makes me an insane, then I am an Insane, Mirana. " She replied while giggling and stroking that puppy's head gently which in return, rubbed its face on her chest that was covering in mud."Oh! no. Ness , place it back on the bench. Look, it's dirtying your clothes, "A soft chuckle escaped from her mouth hearing her friend but instead of following her words, she rubbed that puppy's muddy face tenderly with the sleeve of her plain white middy which was covering her till her knees and then brushed her nose bridge against its cheek which made her friend sighed. "You're never going to change. Right?""Till the last beat of my heart, " Her response made her friend to suspire softly but then Mirana chuckled by watching Inessa snuggling that
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As soon as she let her feets to get inside that door and heard that door behind her to get shut, her blood turned cold in fear by witnessing those eyes gawking at her, like they were throwing daggers at her with its cunning and evil intensity. "Where the hell were you, you abhorrent girl ?" Her throat turned dry hearing that raged voice yelling at her. She darted her eyes down at the floor and didn't dare to open her mouth in front of that woman who was her guardian but in real was a living nightmare for her."I have asked you something, you deaf. You were suppose to be here before 8 from your work but now it's 9 p. m. . Where the fuck you were ?"Inessa heard her wrathful words piercing at her which made her try to open her mouth for replying but her mouth got shut hearing another voice."She was enjoying and celebrating her birthday with her special ones because I have just seen her getting out from a cab outside the door. " She darted her eyes towards the owner of that voice and
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Dark clouds had engulfed over the entire sky, making the darkness of night to turn more darker. Cool and chilled air was blowing in its full speed ,making the trees and its leaves to create a blood freezing sound ,specially in that deadly silence of the night where nothing and nobody could be seen and heard, except her slow and soft sobs ,who was sitting on the muddy ground on her knees .Her glossy hazel eyes were sticking on that white cemetery stone which was in front of her. Her palms were placing on her knees whereas ,her head was slightly hung as she was gazing at that white marble stone, which had bold black letters printing on it and her eyes turned more red with tears after reading that name over and over again ,which was written on it."Mamma... "Her slightly parted lips softly whispered that word whereas ,her tears silently flew down from her cheeks on the soil ."How are you, Mamma ? "Her question got no answer, except a painful silence which made the tears in her eyes t
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Inessa immediately got up again and roamed her eyes on every single inch of that place her gaze was capable of scanning ,but still nothing came in front of her eyes which made her sighed and then clean her palm by rubbing the blood on her midy because she thought it was of some animals or insects which might be roaming there on the ground. So she softly exhaled and again walked back towards her mother's cemetery and sat there which made a blood drenching smirk to appear on that person's sinistic face about whose living presence she wasn't able to feel and with whose blood she had engulfed her skin and clothes.. And once again, his gaze started peering at her but this time with a terrifyingly sinfulness in his soulless eyes for her. Inessa came back to the cemetery and again placed her head over the stone and surrounded her arms around it and closed her eyes and softly whispered those words. "Good night, mamma and I wish, I going to sleep here with you forever, " With that she clos
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Love Or Life
The loud voice of music was echoing against the walls of the entire place whereas ,the pendant lights chandeliers and many other expensive lights were shimmering in the darkness of that place . Bodies were shipping against each other and were swaying with the rhythm of the music whereas, their breathing were reeking of alcohol and their eyes were filled with its intoxication. "So, babygirl, are you enjoying our night...? " "More than you can imagine ," The woman replied, who was dancing with her boyfriend ,wrapping her arms around his neck, The man's arms were wrapped around his girlfriend's waist, as their bodies were grazing against each other. That couple had come to that bar for enjoying their evening. "Then I guess, it becomes your responsibility to give your boyfriend a return gift , " A blush crept on that woman's already flushed cheeks, as he whispered those words in her ear and then he buried his face into the crook of her neck and pulled her body more closer to his
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Wedding Invitation
LOVE OR LIFE ?" That man's entire body turned numb at his those words, knowing what exactly he meant by them. "Kill your love, right here right now if you want to live your life ? " He venomously uttered, extending his gun to that startled man. That man eyes got pricked with sharp tears of fear whereas ,his girlfriend looked at him shocked and totally broken after hearing those words of his. "I am giving you 3 seconds to choose. If you choose your love then she's going to walk out from this place, safe and sound but you will be dead ,but if you choose your life ,then you have to take her life and then you're going to be out of this place instead of her, " Every single person looked at him totally befuddled after hearing him "So choose because if you didn't... " He spoke and then pressed the gun again on his head. "In the 4th second, I'll take both of your lives and then you both can love each other forever ,but not in this life. " He hoarsely chuckled and then loaded hi
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To Save You
She was standing in front of a full length mirror which was showing her entire body's reflection. Her beige hazel orbs got deprived of every kind of emotions and feelings. They had turned totally numb and empty ,like there was no life remained inside her, like she was a breathing dead body. Her eyes was gazing at her own reflection and she saw nothing, except a totally broken and vulnerable girl. s She was feeling pity on her own state. There remained nothing inside her, not even tears in her eyes to shed Her eyes slowly trailed at her exposed neck and her heart got painfully squeezed inside her chest when she again saw those deep red teeth marks on her skin ,which made her disgusted on her own self, that how could a human be that much venomous to another human. Her painful thoughts got halted with a knock on the door. "Mam, your outfit for today's reception party .." She didn't trail her eyes towards the door, even after hearing those words and continued to stare at her own
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Every man and woman were dressed up in a perfectly well mannered way, showing their richness and abundance of luxury ,who were present inside that hall, which was alluringly beautiful and now was looking magnificently breathtaking after getting decorated so enchantingly. "Congratulations for your wedding, Mr Lorenzo, " A grin crept on his slightly wrinkled face after hearing those words . He shake his palm with the man, who had said those words to him . "Thank you, Mr Gomez, " Mathew replied smilingly ,which made that man Mr Gomez to beam back and then nodded at him, until both the men's attention got darted towards the person ,who came towards them. "Mr Lorenzo....! " Lorenzo tossed his head around and saw one of his man standing in front of him ,which made him to excuse himself from Mr Gomez and then straddled towards his man. "What happen....? " He asked his man, who in return gulped and his reply made Mathew's entire aura to get changed into barbarian. "He's here," E
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Those Eyes
People were coming and passing them after greeting and congratulating their best wishes to the couple on the stage ,where the groom was giving a warm and affectionate smile to everyone in return and was thanking the guests ,but the bride never took her eyes upward from the ground and continued to hung her head lower, which caught some people's attention and some people decided to ignore it, as they thought the newly wedded bride was a little nervous or was feeling shy in front of so many people, but the pain of reality was glistening in her hazel eyes ,which she was trying to hold back and was hiding it from each and every pair of eyes, which were around her. But those oceanic dark eyes, which got stuck at her like a life to its breathing gazed at every single movement of her body, even the slow and soft inhaling and exhaling of her breath, even after standing so far from her. Inessa, who was still looking down, just stood there like a breathing lifeless body. Her gaze which was tur
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107 Seconds
Every single thing around her turned blurry and at that moment her entire being just gazed at him with the only question in her heart that how he had her pendant with him ? That question made her bewildered ,that how it was possible for that stranger to have her most closest belonging ,but then her heart recalled something ...that night in the graveyard , when she had lost it, that night when she felt so much peace for the first time in her life , that night which made her aching pain to get calmed and that same exact night, when she felt that presence with her where she didn't feel all alone for the first time in her life after she had lost her mother. Those blood stains on her clothes was his. He was there with her. She wasn't all alone. He had seen her in her most vulnerable state, that state which she was hiding from the entire world because that vulnerable state of her was going to make the world around her to call her an insane, which she didn't want, but he had already seen he
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