His Secret Obsession

His Secret Obsession

By:  Josie frank  Completed
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Athena Ramirez The job is exactly what she want. she knows she can do it well. Athena was excited about the job opportunity until the woman at the agency says there’s no point applying since, the essential but unspoken qualifications are being either married, or middle-aged, and I’m neither. Apparently, Eros Ramazzotti the CEO is a workaholic who’s sick of having his young secretaries fall in love with him and lose concentration on their job. Turns out unattractiveness is considered a bonus since he didn’t want to be distracted either. But she did not giving up that easily. The job was her only hope and escape and so Athena convinced the agency to send her for the interview. She ditched her cosmetics, invested in a cheap wedding ring, put on some dowdy clothes. For good measure, she added a pair of ugly glasses, pulled her hair into an unflattering bun, and voila. Married and unattractive. Yeah, she got the job, Oh, and guess what? She finally understoodwhy the other secretaries couldn’t concentrate on this job. Eros Ramazzotti is the hottest CEO alive, which makes it impossible to work for him but her desperate financial crisis made her swallow any desire she has for him... The life of her little nephew is in her hands and it's her responsibility to take good care of him and secure his future and this new job of hers settles all her debt and allows her to send her little nephew abroad to school. So what she needs is the job and not the attraction..

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40 chapters
Chapter 1: Pilot
 Eros Ramazzotti “Drinking the good stuff today, huh?” Edgar Cayce, my best friend barges into my office saying..“What can I say I’m in a good mood.”I reply chuckling..“Damn, is that today? I forgot to check my calendar,” he jokes. “I didn’t realize today was one of the two days a year you’re in a good mood.”“You little shit.”I curse out at him playfullyHe laughs and raises the glass. “Thanks, but I’d rather just drink this delicious booze.”We chat for a little while about this and that, then go over a few of the points raised during the previous board meeting. Basically, we’re just killing some time. We’ve got a lunch reservation in about thirty minutes, but even with the traffic that’s a constant here, it should still only take us about ten minutes to get there. Fifteen at most.The door t
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Chapter 2: Trauma
 Athena Ramirez I pull the old Creaky Toyota into the parking lot and shut off the engine. It shudders, coughing and wheezing like some wild animal with emphysema, but eventually shuts down. The engine ticks and tocks as it cools, and I climb out of the car with a groan.“You look like how I feel these days, old friend”I say tiredly..I stretch myself out, my muscles sore after another long day at my new job, I stare grimacing at my car as I remembered how some of the employees stared at me while driving in. One looked at me like I was some pig they picked out of a pigsty post. I don't blame them, neither can I blame the car either...... It might be old, rusty and she might even have more oxidized spots than paint now but it still gets me to and fro from work. Although most days, getting to work is way more of an adventure than it should be. I know she’s not long for this world, which makes me ner
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Chapter 3: Balance
 Eros Ramazzotti2 years later .. So it's been 2 years since Athena has been working for me. He dosen't know if he should call himself crazy for the way he acts around her sometimes. Strangely enough he has no idea why his eyes are always pinned on her when she's so poorly and badly dressed, she's definitely not like the models he date or even plays around with, and even now he can't believe how fucking irritated he is right now.  For the past 2 years he found himself secretly drooling after her and he just can't find the reason why! She's freaking married although sometimes he wishes she wasn't..He has definitely lost count of how his embarrassed himself in front of her and fucking flirted with her.Fury slams into my head. The guy at the immigration counter continues to look her up and down. Then the smarmy bastard lifts his eyebrow in a completely inappropriate way. My hand clenches the handle of my
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Chapter 4: Secrets
  Eros Ramazzotti   The driver sings softly to himself as he navigates via the hellish traffic of downtown Shanghai. He has a lousy voice, the urge to tell him to "Shut the Fuck up" itched at him. Sighing out in frustration I stared out of my window. Shanghai never changes. Tall buildings, busy sidewalks, men and female in colorful clothes. Even where we are now, stuck in traffic, there are adequate glimpses into Shanghai’s subculture to make the area sense exceptional and mysterious. At least, that’s how it felt the first time I came here.   I’ve traveled a lot, viewed a lot, and done a lot. This is the first day trip I am taking with my PA. I assume I heard one of the managers point out that this would possibly even been her first outing abroad. All of this should be so new to her. I directed my attention to stare at her. She is leaning ahead and watching out the windows, her eyes extensive and shining. I obser
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Chapter 5: He Knows
 Athena RamirezIt's been 2 years since I've worked for Eros. He's a hard boss but also considerate and thanks to this job she was able to send troy to Canada, her paycheck is that full and fatty that she dosen't have to worry where her next meal will be from. Troy is at very high end expensive boarding school for the gifted in Canada, there he'll be able to receive all the help he can get to help with his trauma and her job as Eros PA pays that and her own lifestyle. She was able to move out of her old apartment and got a studio apartment for herself, As much as she hated the fact that she had to lie and conceal her relationship status and be her real self just to maintain her job ate at her but there was nothing she could do. It was what Eros stated that he wanted 2 years ago. A secretary who looks like a schoolmarm, unattractive and ugly and wouldn't dare to seduce him either... Funny as it seems karma has finally came
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Chapter 6: When Sparks Fly
 Eros Ramazzotti“Holy shit, Athena” I mutter.Athena smiles at me. “Oh boy is that a yes or a no"??”“It good, it's okay you look Damn good.” I look her up and down, mesmerized. “It’s just a surprise. That’s all.”She lifts an eyebrow at me. “A bigger surprise than seeing me in a towel?”“Actually, yes,” I reply. It’s not just the clingy dress that snags my interest, although it certainly did. But her face looks so different, too. She’s done something different with her makeup. It’s not like she painted on a new face. No, the differences are subtle, but powerful.  “Why aren't you putting on your glasses tonight?” I ask."Emm, like I have a confession to make.”“Let me guess.”“Yup. I don’t actually need glasses,” she says, her lips curving u
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Chapter 7: Submission
 Athena Ramirez Ero pulls me into the suite, and I’m tearing his clothes off before he could even close the door. What he did to me in the limo was amazing, but I need more. So much and a lot more. Years of craving and desiring someone she had considered forbidding and off limits, I enough to make one go crazy. His jacket comes off first. As I run my fingers over his chest, savoring the feeling of him. Then I yank his shirt open maybe a little too roughly scattering buttons all over the room. This isn’t the first time I’m seeing his chest, but it’s the first time I can actually touch it.After so many nights of sex dreams and painful desires, I could finally feel him!His muscles tense where my fingers graze his skin. Power radiates from him. It’s as if the spirit of a Greek god has been awake and his sexual power and arousal is vibrating beneath my palms. I shiver at the feeling. It&r
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Chapter 8: Red Hot Desire
 Athena Ramirez Damn, it hasn't even been that long since he had been inside her, we had both fallen asleep but he woke up with yet another arousal and it felt like something was missing.Eros's hands slowly move up my bare back, over my shoulders and down to my aching breasts. I am ever so grateful when his fingers begin to flick and fondle my nipples through the tight fabric of my dress. I let a moan escape through our fused mouths and Eros devours it, muffling my cry of pleasure. He lets a hand travel south, easing between my thighs, searching for my heat. I’m on fire- a white hot flame of scorching ecstasy. The gap between my legs is humid with expectation. He slides a finger across my clitoris with slow, relentless torment. My knees buckle at the contact, and he continues his torture- back and forth, back and forth- until my muffled moans can no longer be contained. Just when I think his assault has ended, he slides the finger insi
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Chapter 9: Memories and Pretence
 Athena Ramirez The first thing that pulled me out of my heavy sleep was my pondering head. My body felt like it had been crushed by a truck. My flick my heavy eyelids open and flinch at the glaring morning light. Yellow sunlight is streaming in through the windows. My head pounds, and my mouth is dry and sour and any slight movement I made , made my head throb terribly. Shit!I drank past my limit last nightt?I’m not a heavy drinker. A few glasses of wine to take the edge off after work was about as tipsy as I can or ever get. I don’t have time to go out and party like I did in college. Troy kept me busy for that.Our client last night didn't want to back down and turning down a drink offered by them would have seemed rude. Eros seemed to have been in the same boat as me..."Eros, Oh shit"Immediately I mentioned his name memories of last night begins to plague me. I swivel m
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Chapter 10: Power
 Athena Ramirez Eros's meeting with one of our investors was just in an hour and since the big discovery, I don't have to hide how I look anymore. Although the arrangement with Eros is still new and confusing but what's certain is that I needed a change of wardrobe and so I asked for directions from one of the staff at the hotel. They directed me to a luxury store and the shop turns out to be the gift that keeps on giving. Eros gave me his black card to use for any emergency and even a change of wardrobe so here I am, Like a kid in a sweet shop, I buy dresses, pant-suits, skirts, tops, jackets, shoes, bags and scarves. I leave carrying six bags of stuff for me. I even got a gorgeous silk suit too. It’s one of those classic once In a lifetime moments. If I had used my card, I would have blown six months of my Salary but heck, I won’t have to shop for the next year.After running up to my room to change, I come down in a fitted red
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