The Alpha's Mate Who Cried Wolf

The Alpha's Mate Who Cried Wolf

By:  Jazz Ford  Completed
Language: English
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Astrid lives alone with her dad; she has no idea she is a werewolf or that they even exist! It turns out the man that helped raise Astrid isn't her father at all, he tells her that her mother wanted her to have a "normal" life until the day she turned eighteen when she would have no choice but to tell Astrid the truth about her identity. After a tragedy that killed her mother, her father turns abusive towards her over the years for her mother's death. Astrid remained completely unaware of her heritage until a man named Ryker comes into her life claiming they are mates!

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Alpha's Mate Who Cried Wolf is a story of mystery fantasy fiction surrounding the adventures of Astrid and her journey to finding her own identity. After the death of her mother, Astrid finds herself in great torment at her father's hands. Until she realized that she is different and that she has been deprived of the perfect life she could have, would Astrid be brave enough to go on her own even without the assurance that everything will work in the world of the werewolves? Read the full story to catch up with the daring events of Astrid's miseries.                                            

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Chapter 1
I push myself up from the floor and wipe the blood from my split lip in pain. My bruised eye, swelling.'Please, no more, Dad. Mum wouldn't want this. She wouldn't want you hurting me like this,' I plead.'You should have thought about that before you killed your mother!' He shouts.'Please, Dad! You know it was an accident. I didn't mean for her to die!' I plead. We stare at each other with cold consternation. 'Please, Dad! Please forgive me,' I beg.He looks at me with hatred in his eyes before his expression changes. He smirks.'Oh Astrid, you're no daughter of mine! You never were: your mother told me your birth father died when she was pregnant with you. However, I loved your mother so much I was willing to pretend to be your father!' 'No! That's not true! Mum would never keep something like that from me!' I yell.'Your mother didn't want you to find out the truth until you were eighteen. She wanted you to live a normal life. She had said that you would find out your true identi
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Chapter 2
Quietly preparing the platter, I hear a loud thump. Someone is angry. I'm just glad I'm in here and not out there with all that commotion. I pull my hood up to hide my bruised eye. Unfortunately, I can't cover my split lip, so I figure I'll bite over my lip to hide it when needed.After approaching the counter, I ask the first man for his order. I avoid eye contact and keep my head down as I write them down. All these guys sound very grumpy and annoyed. Then, finally, Jim comes over to me. 'Alpha, I mean Ryker, would like a vanilla milkshake with some cookies.' I nod and write the order. I have served everyone except for Ryker.Lifting an enormous platter of biscuits and dips, I wince with the weight in one hand. My broken rib is under strain. Ryker stares at me.Pausing for a moment, I inhale a deep breath and hold it, brace myself for the pain, lift the platter again, and put it on the table where most men sit. In the kitchen, I exhale while keeping my hand pressed against my ribs.
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Chapter 3
Chasing after me, I hear Ryker's footsteps crunching on the gravel. I run faster, but he matches my pace effortlessly. Eventually, when I am out of breath and my broken ribs cannot take any more, I am left with no choice but to stop and face him. 'Why are you following me?' I demand to know. 'You're my mate, whether or not we like it. I have to follow you. It's my business to know who did that to your face,' he says, firmly but calmly.'You didn't care about me when you slammed your fist into the wall above my head!' I yell. 'Astrid, please, I'm sorry. I would never have done that had I known you were telling the truth about not knowing you're not human. I would have been more civil.' He looks at the ground guiltily.'You have lost it now! Not being human? What is that supposed to mean?' 'How old are you?' His tone has changed again.'I'll be eighteen in two weeks.' I try to avoid his eyes. 'You won't meet your wolf till then. I've had my wolf for four years. But I want to show
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Chapter 4
A few of the same men I served the other night are standing outside the diner. They're staring intently at me. One man nods, and another enters the diner. I quicken my pace, knowing Ryker might be with them. I am left unbothered for a while, and I think this will be a non-event before Ryker is suddenly standing in front of me. You've got to be kidding me. How did he get here so quick? I step around him. 'Astrid,' he says. I keep walking, and Ryker keeps pace with me. 'Astrid.' he repeats himself. I keep my head down and keep walking. He grabs my wrist, and I feel a subtle sensation from his touch.'Ryker! Let me go!' I yell. 'No. I looked for you all night when you ran off and all day yesterday and today. So, we are going to the diner to talk,' he says. 'There is nothing to talk about!' I say, trying to pull away.Ryker grabs me by the waist and lifts me over his shoulder. I cry out in pain from the injuries I sustained. Ryker quickly puts me back down. 'What's wrong?' He asks. '
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Chapter 5
I look up to see Ryker staring down into my eyes with sadness. 'There's more I need to explain to you, but it can wait till tomorrow,' he whispers. I nod and look at the clock. It's late! My father will kill me. I should have been home ages ago!Pushing myself out of Ryker's arms, I bolt for the door to leave, impatiently turning the handle clockwise and counter-clockwise to no avail. 'Where's the key?' I ask. 'Astrid! You're not going anywhere yet, and you sure as hell aren't going back to that house!' Ryker argues.'Ryker, you said you would unlock the door when I'm ready to leave! Please, you have to let me go. He will kill me if I'm late home,' I explain, trying to force the door open. 'Astrid, I won't let him lay a finger on you again. Do you hear me?' Ryker says sternly.'He will hunt me down, Ryker. If I don't go home, he will kill me. He will look for me here,' I argue. 'Good. Let your Dad come. Because it's the last time he will ever see you,' Ryker says.'What are you g
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Chapter 6
As we run back to the diner, I fear what is about to unfold, holding hands. My Dad is sitting on the bonnet of his car with his shotgun pointed at some of the pack members outside. He watches me step out from the concealment of the woods, holding Ryker's hand. 'How many men are here waiting to have their turn with you, Astrid? Fourteen? Fifteen?' He spits. Ryker lets out a growl. 'Astrid, you need to train your pet dog to behave. Otherwise, I'll have to put him down, like the dangerous dog he is for touching my daughter.' A warning shot fires toward Ryker's feet, purposely missing them but warning him. I jump at the gunshot. Ryker doesn't flinch. Instead, he maintains a steady resolve and holds my hand tighter. He glares at my father.'The only one around here who needs to keep their hands off Astrid is you! I'm going to rip you to pieces,' Ryker yells, letting go of my hand and tackling my father to the ground. I try to grab his arms, but I'm useless. The scuffling is too unpredict
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Chapter 7
It's around 1 am when we arrive at Shadow Crest. I wake up to Ryker carrying me in his arms. It's dark and quiet. 'Ryker, I can walk, you know?' 'I know, but I want to carry you,' he says with a grin. 'Put me down, Ryker.' He gently puts me down.We are at the mansion's front entrance. It's three stories high. A giant white staircase ascends to the second floor. The balconies on the second and third floors are to die for, and I admire the white French doors and windows. Manicured green hedges border the mansion, and flowers grace the garden sweetly. A giant water fountain sculpted in the shape of two wolves is a glamourous outdoor focal point.'This is where we live. This is the packhouse,' Ryker says proudly. 'It's a massive house for just two people,' I say.'Oh, many of us live in this house.' Ryker scratches the back of his head nervously. 'You never said I'd be living in a house with a bunch of werewolves,' I say.'It's normal for the Alpha and Luna to live in the packhouse
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Chapter 8
It's a beautiful town with lush trees and plenty of parks. I see a shopping strip and some cute cafes and clothing stores. There are plenty of people around who are most likely werewolves. I feel many unwelcome eyes on me. I perk up when I spot the watchtower and go there.After climbing hundreds of steps, I take in the view Shadow Crest sure is beautiful. A dense, green forest surrounds the town for miles, and I'm unsure which way to go. Finally, I sit down, defeated, and dangle my legs over the ledge, resting my head on the rail. What am I going to do? Turning into a werewolf scares me, but I can't run from that. It's going to happen no matter where I go. I reflect on last night: My dad shot Ryker, and he protected me from my father, and how my heart ached at almost losing him.Suddenly, I feel a presence behind me. Ryker lets out a heavy sigh and sits down next to me, dangling his legs over the ledge. 'Ryker, I'm sorry I ran off. I panicked and didn't know what to do.' I explain.
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Chapter 9
We decide to watch some movies downstairs. 'Can we make some popcorn first?' I ask. 'Sure, I'll make it while you pick a movie.' I flick through the list. There are so many to choose from that I can't decide. I close my eyes and press play on a random movie. Ryker sits close beside me, holding a large bowl of salty, buttery popcorn.'What are we watching?' He asks. 'I'm not sure. I couldn't decide, so I closed my eyes and picked a random movie.' 'That's cute,' he smiles. I giggle. Then, the movie starts, turning out to be a scary horror film. I have my face in Ryker's shoulder halfway through it, too frightened to watch the spooky parts anymore.'You can hold my hand if you're scared,' he says. I laugh. 'You wish!' I laugh. 'I wish,' he says, grinning. I smile back at his confidence and jump in fright when the monster appears on the screen, out of nowhere, capturing and killing the human who tried to get away.'Aww, baby. Did the monster scare you?' Ryker asks as he swings my le
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Chapter 10
The following day, there is a knock on my locked door. I ignore it. 'Astrid, I know you're there. Please unlock the door,' Ryker pleads. I don't want to hear his voice, so I lock myself in the bathroom, run a bath, and stay there for as long as possible.I put on a pair of jeans and the most oversized hoodie I can find. It almost touches my knees. I pull the hood over my head. It makes me feel invisible like I'm able to hide from the world. It's an enormous sense of comfort. On the twelfth knock on my door, Ryker is livid and enlists Mia's help. 'It's Mia, Astrid,' she says through the door. As sweet and bubbly as she is, I still want to be left alone.'I brought you some lunch. I'll leave it at the door,' she explains. The last thing I want to do is eat food. I feel sick to the stomach thinking about how close I have become with Ryker. He wants me, but I don't understand why. I get that I'm his mate, but he had already arranged to be mates with Vanessa. Have I ever meant anythi
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