Rejection and Marriage

Rejection and Marriage

By:  Julie  Ongoing
Language: English
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I was betting on my mate, but he failed me. He was my worst enemy. How could the moon goddess be this cruel? " I Jake Aloysius reject you Violet Blake" I was stupefied to even speak, I expected it anyway. I thought it was over... not until our parents came up with a plot to get us married, des

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51 Chapters
Violet's POV"Let me go at once!"I said as I look at the group of bullies who pushed me into a dark room. It wasn't dark per say but the dimly lit candles were not aiding my vision either. I tried to stay calm and keep my head high as I was staring at the bullies at intervals. I can't make it known that I'm scared because I wasn't taught fear but was taught to be feared, I'm the beta's daughter anyway. I can see that my confidence was intimidating them, because those ugly smirks weren't on their lips anymore." you are quite fearless", a tall brunette girl said to me. I'm trying as hard as I can to stop myself from digging my nails into her flesh. That's Felicia, Jake's one and only. They are dating I hear."If this is about staying away from Jake you have absolutely nothing to worry about as I have no interest what so ever in that man whore" I replied. Felicia looked at me suspiciously as she pointed her long nicely painted nails to my face; "this is the last time I'm warning you sta
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Jake POV "I Jake Aloysius reject you Violet Blaze as my mate". Violet looked at me in shock as I let those words flow out of my mouth. I was waiting for her to say something but she kept silent. Not the usual Violet. The meeting ended soon just like I wanted but I still felt empty. My wolf, Zion, was really upset that I let my mate go but what can I do. I can't possibly betray her. Emily. I let my train of thoughts wander again as I hit the brake pedal waiting for the traffic light to give the go signal. … FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE READY OR NOT HERE I COME !!! Emily finished counting as she sets off to find us. We all hid in various different areas in the forest as we anticipate who Emily is going to find first. No one wanted to be caught so we kept quiet, too quiet that when Emily shouted "I caught you" it echoed round the forest. "I'm always the first to be caught" Thomas said as he came out from the back of the tree he was hiding at. "You always choose the wrong places to h
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Marriage talks
Violet's POV"I guess luck is keeping a distance from you because I don't understand why Jake has to be your mate". Kimberly said as I came down from the treadmill. We were at the gym. My mind has been bugging me since that episode at the café earlier today; I couldn't even utter a single sentence. "But what if you and Jake were really fated to each other, what if your wolf weakens because of the rejection of your mate, what if…""Let's go get some ice cream" I said immediately trying to change the subject. Ice cream always works out as Kimberly is now skidding her way through the gym doors. I really don't have the answers to those questions.…"Smells like mac and cheese" I noted as I took a whiff of the kitchen. Mum surely did wonders again, to me my mum was the best cook ever and anyone who has tasted her dishes can testify. "Change your clothes first before entering my kitchen" my mum spanked my butt as she sneered. Alright I grumbled but not before sticking my tongue at my mum.
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Violet POVSeeing Jake sitting across me brings back memories about the days I was head over heels for this dude. His words and actions are the reason for whatever negative feelings I've built up for him over the years. Instead of the love and admiration I once had, it's now hate and nothing more than that.Now to the issue that brought me to Jake's office. We are discussing our marriage and Jake doesn't seem to be embracing the notion that I'm going to be Mrs Aloysius. But who cares, I might as well use this opportunity to get back at him, and there is always room for divorce any way."I can't believe you are in support of this marriage of a thing, you and I can't work, there is no way that is possible. Everyone knows the very sight of you disgust me; what more living in the same house and having to see your ugly face" Jake said to my utmost dismay. The last thing I want right now is someone calling me ugly. I have worked so hard to build my confidence and now this dude wants to crac
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Jake's povThe plan was simple. Go let the family know that I'm in no way intrested in this marriage, not by words though, but by actions. I mean what parent will let a guy who has bad manners and lack of respect marry their daughter. Coupled with the fact that I detest their daughter ... I could already see the plan working as it plays in my head. I know that won't be enough to stop this marriage, but I'm sure I'll figure out something. With this thoughts I relaxed my heavy heart a bit. No way in this world will I betray Emily. My wolf, Zion growled at this. No one could hear him but I could. That's how werewolves are. Our wolves are separate from out human part. They have their own mind, can come out when the want to. But for the most part, our human side has more control over the body we shared.Right now I couldn't bother with Zion and the tantrums he keeps throwing because of the mate bond I rejected. I had other things to worry about, things like the marriage.Ever since the rej
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Violet's povI'm so nervous right now. We've been waiting for Jake for the past thirty minutes now, you could see the impatient look on everyone's face. The nervousness was making my throat itch so I ordered some water. The only thing you could find on our table were the serviettes that was placed there before we arrived. We wanted the waiter to take our orders at once and Jake is the only one delaying.Forty three minutes into the waiting, Jake arrived." I'm sorry I came late, something came up at work" He said as he hurriedly took a seat.I looked at Jake for the second time since he arrived, and I could say he came here with the intention to give a bad impression. He was all sweaty, his hair all ruffled. The first three buttons were undone, creases could be seen all over his suit. He looked like he just came back from a fight." I thought I told you to clear all your schedules for tonight, and looked at the way you dressed for a formal dinner with you future..." "I'm sure he didn'
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Kimberly's dilemma
Kimberly POVThat really happened, woah, Jake really got some guts, I say to Violet on the phone. She narrated all that happened at the dinner and all I can say was that if this marriage is happening then these two are really fated for each other , cause knowing Violet's mum, her only child can't marry someone with a character like Jake. I feel so guilty but I can't tell Violet that I put her in this predicament. Sure they were still going to marry with or without the mate bond, but me telling their parents they were mates made them more intent on getting them married. If only I kept my mouth shut.I'll call you back I said to Violet after hearing the commotion downstairs." She's mine!, you get that!" I heard Max say to Josh, mum's fiancè. He really got some guts to show his face here after all he had done." Get out of my house max" my mum screamed as she shoved Max but he didn't budge, instead he kept reaching out for Josh.I stood there watching the drama unfold. I wasn't in suppor
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"Do you plan on burning down the whole restaurant?" The manager asked as he pointed his finger to the burning dish."I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.""I know you didn't, your mind has been all over the place" the manager said as he took over from what I was doing. "You can take a day off if you want, just clear your head before you do something worse."I was grateful for the offer, but I rather work than go back to that tensed filled house."It's alright sir, I'll be more careful next time", I say to the manager who gave me a look before leaving the kitchen for me to handle.I'm working at a famous local shrimp restaurant downtown. I'm trying to learn how to make the jambalaya. I've been eager to learn it after a vacation Kimberly and I took to Louisiana. The stuff got me hooked. As simple as it looks it's quite hard to make a perfect one. I tried learning online recipes but it wasn't giving me the taste I needed, so here I am, stir frying veggies until I'm giving a chance to enter the ma
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Truth 2
Author's POV"Master Kendrick" one of the guys said as they turned around to see where the voice came from." Let her go" the cold voice sounded through the quiet alley."But..." The black haired guy proceeded to say."She's not the one we're looking for."" The priestess said she's the one, are you saying she was lying?" The brown haired guy asked suspiciously." She made a mistake." Kendrick said as he walked slowly towards them with his hands behind his back. " Leave her alone and go back before you expose more than you should."" And what makes you think we'll listen to you?" The brown haired guy questioned. He had always hated Kendrick, so if it means killing Violet just so that he won't have to follow Kendrick's orders, then he'll do with it even without Violet being the one they were looking for." Are you challenging me?" Kendrick asked as he tilted his head slightly with a smirk etched on his lips." What if I am?"" Try me. "The black haired guy just stood at the side watch
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Prophesy 1
Violet's POVMy mom is giving me weird looks right now. It's almost as if she's seen a ghost."I should have expected it" I hear my mum say.Expected what? I asked. I'm sure this is related to Kendrick and the witches. My mum looked me up and down as she checked for something on my body."Thank God they didn't hurt you" Now I'm sure this is related to the witches. She sure has a lot of explanations to render to me cause this is all too baffling, and in one night at that.Let's go in and talk mum. By now my mum had regained her normal poise and it seemed like the reaction from her earlier was all fake. But I know it wasn't fake. This is as real as it gets."They've really found me" my mum said as she stared at my body. I followed her line of sight and I saw the black blood that stained my clothes. Who are this "they" mum?"You don't need to know"Mum!I couldn't help the scream that came out when my mum tried to brush this off as nothing.I already know mum,and I suggest you trust m
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