Unhinged Alpha's Slave Mate

Unhinged Alpha's Slave Mate

By:  Cay Middlemist   Ongoing
Language: English
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“Reject me,” Naya sternly said with eyes full of hate. Kael smiled. “Why would I do that? I told you, didn’t I? You’re mine now. I don’t care about your mission. I’ll fill you up with my seed you will forget that damn mission of yours.” His fingers traced her lips. “Beg all you want but I will not reject you or let you go. You're my possession, Naya, from here on and until your last breath.” *** In a world ruled by powerful rivaling packs, Naya, a skilled fighter and beta’s daughter of the Light Shadow Pack, is sent on a dangerous mission to assassinate an enemy pack’s royal heir. But when she is captured by Kael, an alpha prince of the West Wood Pack notorious for his unhinged behavior and fierce power, Naya’s plans are thrown into disarray. Forced to submit to Kael and become his slave, Naya struggles to maintain her pride and wonders when she will ever escape from his grasp. As they all say, Kael is the most deranged alpha someone will ever meet in their life. To make things worse, Naya finds out Kael is her mate. Regardless, Naya has her own mission to fulfill so she does everything to escape. But with enemies emerging from the shadows and secrets revealing one by one, Naya is left to wonder who to believe and trust. Can Naya escape Kael’s grasp and fulfill her mission? Who is the real enemy and who is on her side? Will Kael’s power block her from reaching the truth or is he the key to everything she seeks?

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24 Chapters
1 - Naya's mission
"Alpha Prince has arrived!" Everyone bowed as a man with a mischievous smile walked forward. The guard by the pack house saluted and said, "Alpha Prince, the slave has been captured as you ordered. She's inside and waiting—" Kael didn't even let him finish before striding inside. The room filled immediately with his alpha presence. Kael's eyes locked onto a specific spot in the room – the bed, where a woman was seated. She was chained to the bedframe, limiting her movement to just a few steps. She heard the door and looked up, her eyes filling with coldness as they met Kael's gaze. "Do you have any new greetings for your master?" Kael asked playfully. Naya glared at him, her eyes seething with anger, but she remained silent. The way she stared at Kael made it seem like no words could ever shake her, whether in fear, surprise, or pain. Kael grinned, excitement coursing through him. Unable to restrain himself, he walked closer and grabbed her chin firmly. Naya kept her gaze icy a
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2 - Captured
"Run!" Naya's heart sank as her companions shouted, scattering in accordance with their training. A chill ran down Naya's spine as she glimpsed the source of the attack. It emanated from the Southern border's tower, confirming her suspicions. Their map had proven outdated, and the landscape had undergone significant changes. According to the map, they should have encountered only one tower, but in reality, another had been erected. Each tower boasted around fifteen guards or so. Now, they had spotted Naya and her group trespassing on their turf. Swearing under her breath, Naya sprinted and rolled, seeking refuge behind a towering, thick tree. "Hurry! Locate those intruders! Chief Martin's arrival is imminent! Don't let the rogues slip away!!" Naya's blood ran cold, remembering her father's warnings. "The Main Land is vastly different from our home. It's twenty times larger in size. While the warriors guarding these borders may hold lower ranks, considering their distance from maj
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3 - Alpha Prince Kael
Naya’s blurred vision cleared up. Under the radiant, full moon, she saw a man. He stood tall wearing clothes slightly different than the rest, his build rougher but more refined than the men Naya fought. Thick, dominant pheromones spread around his stature as he walked forward. Naya couldn’t help but freeze as she looked at the man, seeing his eyes – green, dark, cold, and carrying a peculiar depth that made anyone feel powerless at one glance. Time seemed to stop as those green eyes glinted and landed on Naya. Naya’s heartbeat turned faster and faster. Deep inside her soul, she heard her wolf making a sound. It wanted out. For some mysterious reason, it wanted to meet this person… The tall, handsome man crouched down. Slowly, his lips that had been shut tugged up into a wicked smile. Naya froze. “Well, well, what do we have here?” he asked mischievously while staring at Naya. “I heard rumors of a rogue causing a ruckus at this border. They described a formidable fighter,
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4 - Mate's touch
[WARNING: This story contains mature themes with profanities, hardcore graphical explicit sexual situations, and others. Strongly recommended for 18+ only. Otherwise, read at your own risk.]**Naya was dragged to a room, a black cloth wrapped around her eyes preventing her from seeing anything. Regardless, she could still hear loud and clear – the different footsteps across the wall, and the heavy breathing her body was making. Her wolf was writhing inside her. It wanted out but it was for a different reason, something that made Naya feel even worse. She was a beta and betas don’t go through heat. Unlike omegas who would often go to heat especially when there was a full moon, beta rarely ever experienced such. But for some mysterious reason, Naya felt her body was scorching hot. The blood coursing through her body felt like flames, and there was that desire – so intense and overflowing that it felt like exploding from her chest. She gritted her teeth as she tried to move but the
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5 - Testing waters
Naya slowly opened her eyes, her lips parting slightly as she breathed out and looked around. The light from the small cracks of the window allowed her to know the sun was up and that the skies were clear, opposite to her situation. Fortunately, Kael, the monster in human skin, wasn’t around. Naya let out a small sigh of relief at the thought. Her entire body felt awful, the bruises and marks on her flesh stung whenever air hit them. But these were the things that occupied the least in her head. She had to leave this place. Immediately. Her mission couldn’t be dragged on any longer. If her calculation was right, three days had already passed. The royal heir would leave the territory in two days. Two days left. Naya clenched her teeth and forced herself to move, the chains around her feet creating a metallic dangling sound. It was quickly followed by a whimper from her own mouth. She glanced down, seeing the purple bruises that Kael left on her legs. It was as if he had purposely
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6 - Playing with fire
Easy had always been a word unfamiliar to Naya, but her fighting power and skills kept her afloat amidst it all. Meeting Kael made that word seem impossible to reach now. Naya didn’t utter a word in three days, refusing to give in to him, his touches, and the heat that her wolf was trying to drown her with. She made an oath to her father and to herself. Even if it killed her, she wouldn’t reveal anything about her origin. Kael wasn’t the worst person Naya had ever met yet, but with his constant torture, Naya began to wonder if the sea she was battling against had ever been as strong as she found it before. She could feel herself struggling to stay afloat, but the current that surrounded her had become enormously stronger, sinking her deeper into the darkest and deepest parts of the water she had never seen before. Now, Naya stared back up at Kael, meeting his gaze full of lust. She swallowed down, hands reaching Kael’s manhood. She shut her eyes and started to pump Kael’s hard er
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7 - His possession
Naya’s eyes which had been too stubborn and full of deadly, cold looks now contained something different. They glinted, with fresh tears coming out, not out of pain and anger from the torture Kael had brought her, but because of something else. In those eyes, what Kael saw was one word: hate. But rather than towards Kael, it felt more directed towards herself. Did she hate the people around her? Did she hate that her companions were taken and about to be punished? Or perhaps, she hated herself for failing her mission? “Reject me,” Naya said, her voice anything but frightened. In this world where alphas were the only ones who could ‘reject’ their mates, a beta like Naya could never run away from fate. At least, not that easily. But if Kael rejected her like other full-blooded alphas do to their fated beta mates, it would be much easier. Naya had a mission to fulfill. And even if everyone on her team died because of it, she no longer cared. She made a promise to her father. She w
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8 - A question
“Jed, come here.” Hearing the alpha prince he followed all the time, Jed, Kael’s beta, entered the room. “I’m here. What is it?” Kael fixed his clothes and stood up. “I have something to do.” He pushed Jed to the chair. “Do this for me.” “What? Where are you going?” Jed suddenly had an idea and couldn’t help but feel frustrated. “The slave again? Didn’t you say—” “I don’t remember saying anything,” Kael said, shrugging and not caring for the world as he walked out and waved dismissively. “Take it easy, Jed. Leave those papers there or burn them, either is fine by me. I’ll be back before noon.” Jed’s heart almost exploded in anger. He grunted and sat back on the chair, sighing and shaking his head. Before him were papers – messages that came from the pack house all for Prince Kael. It had been a week since they left the main village to take care of matters in the borders. As usual, Kael didn’t care much about paper works. He always gave them to Jed, his beta, or Kristina, another
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9 - Sacred temple
Each year, all packs were expected to give their offerings as part of the world’s tradition. It was said packs who missed the offering will be cursed, with famine and drought befalling their territories all year round. That’s why each pack had an altar where they served and offered their prayers and offerings to the Moon Goddess. As the beta's daughter, along with other beta fighters her age, Naya’s task was to gather the offerings. The royal family would receive it and present it on the altar. Usually, it was the youngest child of the royal family who would do the job. During the entire ritual, Naya and the rest of the beta warriors and omega servants would be tasked to watch outside and wait until it was over. Once everything was done, the temple gates would be closed. Now, she stood in front of another temple, and for a second, Naya’s thoughts wandered off. Her eyes spotted the differences between the temple before her and the temple she had seen a couple of times before, its i
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10 - Midnight Seven
“They’re going to kill her!” Sage exclaimed, standing by the tree some distance away from the temple. “I doubt they’re going to do that…” Billy said standing next to her. He was panting hard, lips paling while holding his arm. Sage looked at his wound and dilemma filled her eyes. She and the rest of the team found Billy and were able to save him, but not before he was tortured. Fortunately, he was still breathing when they found him in that dungeon. After they escaped, they decided to find their captain, Naya but were stunned to find out she was taken by their leader of the border, a full-blooded alpha prince named Kael from the West Wood Pack. They were even more shocked when they heard Naya had become a slave. Chills ran over Sage’s spine each time she imagined Naya’s suffering. “We need to help her. She doesn’t deserve to be in that situation…!” Billy’s mouth hung open as he breathed with difficulty. He looked like he wanted to say something but what only came out was a cough.
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