I Am His Luna

I Am His Luna

By:  Fanny Brook  Completed
Language: English
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"Why are you apologizing?" "..." He didn't push me further when I didn't answer him. Instead, he suddenly leaned in closer to my ear and sniffed. I saw his throat swallow a little, and my heart skipped a beat along with him. "You..." His voice was low and husky, like music to my ears. "You smell wonderful," Enzo said.

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108 Chapters
Chapter 1
For as long as I can remember, I’ve lived in a small kitchen utility room. An adopted orphan can’t have a bed. When I was young, I slept under a low table. Melissa gave me her old mattress as she grew older, which was the only comfortable thing I had. Melissa was a year younger than me, and she was Alpha Michael and Luna Ellen’s daughter. My mother was Alpha’s sister and Luna’s best friend, and she died giving birth to me. As of my father, I’ve never heard anything about him from Luna and Alpha. Not sure if he is dead. The Alpha took me in because of my alpha bloodline but they still blamed me for my mom’s death. Their hatred has caused me endless torture and bullying. When I was four, I had to help in the kitchen. When I was tall enough to reach the bed, I had to help with the beddings. They’d beat me to half dead for the smallest mistakes I made, and cold leftovers would be too much to ask for sometimes. I was never allowed to eat at the table, nor to say anything other than “s
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Chapter 2
I place everyone’s breakfast on the table and only took a seat once Alpha Michael, Luna, and Melissa were seated.Alpha Michael rarely spoke during meals, but today he called out my name, which was unlike him.“Andrea, you’re 20 years old this year, aren’t you?”I frowned slightly. I put down my fork and shook my head, then hand gestured Michael that I was 19 years old.Alpha Michael raised an eyebrow, obviously not concerned about it. He continued, “You’re not young either way. It’s time for you to get married.”I tensed up at that moment. I knew what he wanted to say.He’s still enjoying his breakfast, like my marriage wasn’t worth discussing.“You know about the Cold Moon Pack’s Alpha, don’t you?” Michael said as he held a piece of sliced bacon to his lips, waiting for my response.I nodded.Michael swallowed his food and praised me, “The bacon tastes good today. I believe that it’ll be good for you to marry Alpha Enzo. It would be beneficial for both packs.”I stiffened and turned
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Chapter 3
I stared at the bucket of paint on the ground and held back my tears.Picking up the bucket, I found very little paint left in it.I sighed, then carried the bucket to refill it with paint.No matter what, I still wanted to paint the fence. It was Melissa's favorite color, after all.After painting the fence white, I took off my sun hat and wiped the sweat on my forehead. I felt a little better now that I had finished painting the fence.I think Melissa was going to love the new fence color."Andrea!"I turned towards the voice and found that Melissa had pulled back the window and waved at me from the second floor.I placed down the paint bucket and was about to head upstairs when I realized that the paint on me would probably leave stains in Melissa's room. So, I went to change first before knocking on Melissa's room door.Melissa opened the door, then pulled on my arm and complained, "You were so slow!"I gestured, "I went to change clothes since I had paint on me."Melissa blinked
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Chapter 4
The pain in my wrist increased. I frowned and turned to Melissa to tell her about it, when I saw the glare that she couldn't hide in time directed at me.Melissa suddenly pushed me behind her, stepping between Enzo and me when he tried to get closer to me.Enzo furrowed his brows, looking a little unpleased.Michael smiled and introduced, "This is my-""My name is Melissa. I'm my father's only daughter. Hello, Alpha Enzo." Melissa interrupted Michael before he could finish speaking.I stood behind Melissa, a little confused for a moment.I saw Enzo blink, and he gave her an awkward yet polite smile.He turned to Michael and asked, "And the lady behind this young lady is...?""She's-""She's my family's slave," Melissa interrupted once more.I shot Melissa a shocking look. This person was my best friend?!She never allowed me to call myself a slave, yet here she was, revealing my identity in full view of everyone present.I saw the astonished looks and regretful sounds from the people
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Chapter 5
Enzo raised his brow as he shook off Jesse's already crippled hand and snorted, "What, are you guys slaves in this house too?""What?!" Molly exclaimed.I could sense that she hadn't said that out of anger, just shocked and confused, as though she didn't understand Enzo's words.After all, Enzo was a murderous, bloodthirsty devil in the rumor.Enzo pulled a napkin from the side table and carefully wiped his hand that had touched Jesse's hand. Then, he sneered, "If you're not slaves, what are you doing here?"Jesse raised his chin and said, "This slave provoked us first. We were just-""I'm sorry, Alpha Enzo. This was our fault," Molly said and covered Jesse's mouth just in time.She was shaking so badly, as though she was terrified of Enzo."Since it's your fault, apologize." Enzo's voice was soft, but it was intimidating.Molly stiffened.After a few seconds, she gave me a forced smile, blinked her reddened eyes, and said, "I'm sorry, Andrea. Forgive my rudeness."Then, she tugged on
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Chapter 6
I tried to keepsome distance with him, but his voice was just enchanting."I'mnot talking about the cream. I was talking about your scent."My scent?What scent?I sniffedand only smelt whipped cream. His warmscent came closer, created a soft comfortable cage that I can’t and don’t evenwant to escape.He pressedhis lips on my lower cheek making me shiver. His breath was just on my rightear. I felt hishands on my waist, holding me hard not letting me go. His one hand reached outunder my cloth, rubbing the side of my waist, and going up.I started totry to hold back a moan feeling helpless on this strange pulse. I froze on thetingle between my thighs and my panties’ wet.His eyebrowsflew up higher at my actions.Just then, ascream suddenly rang out from the kitchen."Whatis that smell?! Who burnt the cake?!"I winced andrushed back into the kitchen, leaning over the door frame to peek inside andfound a cook holding a blackened cake on a plate, staring blankly at it.I
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Chapter 7
Enzo's POVShe was mymate!The nasty‘real daughter’ of Alpha Michael was nobody but she just scared the hell out ofmy little innocent mate!She wasglaring at my mate in a highly hostile manner, and I immediately realized herhostility was because of me.I blockedAndrea from Michael's daughter's view, frowned at the latter, and asked,"Is something wrong?"Michael'sdaughter took her eyes off Andrea, then took a few steps towards us, "Myfather is looking for you.Afterconfirming that my mate was in this Pack, I had told Beta Kyle Larson to findout my mate's relationship with this family.Now that Ihad the gist of the situation, I could return to the party without worry andcarry out my duties as the Cold Moon Pack's Alpha.I nodded."Alright. I'll be right there."Michael'sdaughter flashed me a familiar smile, of one on the face of every woman whowanted to climb into my bed.However, Ididn't like those kinds of smiles. Hated it, even.It's just ashame that Andrea hadn't ev
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Chapter 8
Andrea’s POVI wasembarrassed to see everyone in formal dress, and I was in maid’s apron.I thought Iam used to be the slave in the pack. I was not in front of Alpha Enzo. He wasdifferent.Slaves werenot allowed to have any eye contact with masters and guests. I didn’t even knowhow taunting he would be seeing me doing my slave job. He must behappy that he was not marrying a shameful slave like me."Andrea,"Melissa called me suddenly.I had a badfeeling instantly.I walked toher side, and my head was still bent low. I didn’t dare irritate her in thissituation."I wantto drink that wine," Melissa said, pointing to the wine on the otherside of the table.I nodded,then walked around the table to bring the bottle of wine over. Then, I bentdown to pour a glass slowly for Melissa.Unexpectedly,Melissa brought her hand up to touch the stem of the wine glass, then seeminglyswept the glass off the table unintentionally.The glasscrashed to the ground and shattered into pieces
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Chapter 9
Andrea's POVI wasshocked. What was he talking about? He reachedout to touch my hair, I frowned and leaned back away from me. Iwithdrew my hand hesitantly and instead said, "Can I stay with you? Do youwant me to stay with you?"I can’t sayI don’t. I wanted him to stay."I canturn into a wolf. I definitely won't do anything to you in that state."Mywolf's name is Ethan. It's very docile."Isthat okay?"I heard himsay. He was so patient, so comforting. I didn’t refuse.He startedto undo his shirt and tie. I was astounded to see his sun-tanned bare chest andperfect abs, didn’t know what to do.My eyeswiden at him loosening his belt, held my knees tighter to my chest. Usually,Alpha Michael undressing himself means he’s going to beat me with his belt.That hurts."No,wait! Because turning into a wolf will shred my clothes... I didn't mean tostart taking them off in front of you! I..."His voicereminded me that I was safe now. And I was a little embarrassed now looking at
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Chapter 10
Andrea's POVMybiological clock always woke me up at half-past five every morning, since I hadto get up to clean the house and prepare breakfast for Alpha Michael's family,Today, whenI got up from the mattress, my leg brushed against something soft and furry.I rubbed myeyes and saw a solid black wolf tail. I quickly remembered what happened lastnight and tried my best to hold back a shameful scream."You'reawake?"A low,hoarse voice floated into my ear, and I jerked around to meet thosegolden-brown, cloudy eyes.The giantwolf had also woken up, seemingly tired.He got upfrom the ground and walked over to me. He circled my back, then reached out torub my neck like it was the most natural thing. Then, he wrapped his bodyaround my waist and placed his head on my thigh."Goback to sleep..." he said blearily.I wasstunned speechless.I wanted topush him away and run, but he simply licked the back of my hand with his roughtongue and said, "Stop it.""..."Why did thiswolf
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