Her Ruthless Alpha

Her Ruthless Alpha

By:  Teddy  Completed
Language: English
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Omega Nina is a 19 year old virgin whose only wish is to experience true love. Unfortunately, she became a collateral bride in order to pay off her father’s debt. Nina ended up getting kidnapped by her Pack’s greatest enemy, Alpha Aiden on her wedding day.With her pregnancy making the whole situation messed up, will she end up finding love or will it end up in hatred? Aiden Vincenzo is known as the Italian Mafia Lord and Alpha of the bloodthirsty werewolves of the Silvermoon Pack ,his world revolves around cruelty,violence and bloodshed.Nina was just a pawn in his vengeance and he never imagined his ruthless heart can fall madly in love with his captive omega. R18 Note: This novel contains explicit, strong language and abuse scenes.

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great book
2023-12-31 06:48:09
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Hi Mimi, I’m glad that you enjoyed reading this book. Thank you so much for the kind feedbacks ,it means a lot to me and inspires me to write better.
2023-05-15 17:07:01
user avatar
Amazing story, unique from others, we got to see how this power couple fought together through it all. Bravo to the author
2023-05-15 01:05:09
user avatar
What an amazing story, it has the good, the bad, the gorey, but above all the love. Different from other books, in this one, the love of the main characters stood strong. We were able to foresee their future in the childbirth, parenting, strength & love they have for one another. A true power couple
2023-05-15 01:03:24
user avatar
Dear readers, I will love to inform you that the sequel to Her Ruthless Alpha Is up and is titled “THE LYCAN KING’s CAGED PRINCESS” . It can be read on this platform and I will appreciate your support as always. Synopsis: Alexander Vincenzo vows to be more powerful than his father who was t
2023-03-28 17:31:10
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Michelle Cornick
Good read!!............
2023-02-21 20:23:31
default avatar
Love the story!! So excited to see where this journey takes them, the way he has change just for her and the babies is so sweet! Can't wait for them to mark each other agai.
2023-01-18 23:06:43
default avatar
it's an awesome book ......️
2022-12-16 02:05:25
default avatar
Abigail Joshua
I love this book
2022-12-03 22:42:26
user avatar
Peggy Anderson
Really love the book glad I came across it. Very interesting storyline to keep you guessing
2022-11-25 15:26:21
user avatar
Great plot line. Very interesting to read
2022-11-22 23:43:26
user avatar
Hello Dear Readers, I’m the author of this book. Can you kindly read the edited chapter 51,52,53 again. It’s important that you know how Nina suddenly became rich and what’s going on with Aiden. Thank you for your patience and support. Sending lots of hugs and kisses.
2022-11-17 23:51:32
default avatar
Beverly Govender
Hi Author. Really great story. I’m so hooked.
2022-11-12 04:01:30
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Roshanne Annan
loving this, great story. Can't wait to see what happens!!
2022-11-07 17:03:02
user avatar
Hello Teddybears, I have reviews and edited chapter 33 and 34, kindly read them again for better flow of Nina’s journey. Xoxo!
2022-10-29 23:04:26
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123 Chapters
1. Ruined
Chapter OneNina Suddenly, his icy fingers grabbed my arm as I inched towards the darkness. “Father ! Please , don’t do this to me . My whole life is going to be ruined…I’m begging you father,please!“ I cried out,finding it hard to hide with my long legs underneath my medium sized bed. “You can’t run away from this, you are already 19 years old, don’t be such a heartless spoiled brat. Stop misbehaving,come out right now to meet and greet your future husband properly!“ barked father dragging me from under the bed with so much force that his hand left a red swollen mark on my bare arms. “Father , we have always heard terrible rumors about him. I’m just going to be one of his sex slaves! Alpha Lucas is a heartless beast and he is much worse than his wicked father” I pleaded with him, trying to make him understand amidst the tears that are now freely rolling down my face. “You are here complaining instead of you to be grateful , most of the ladies in the Moonlight pack already ha
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2. Collateral Bride
Chapter Two Nina “Nina, you should rest. Tomorrow will be a busy day for you “ was the only thing Nathan, my twin brother said with a grim face. Nathan and I look almost exactly alike. Both tall with long legs with the exception of my boobs ,my curvy hips and long hair. He only senior me for 3 minutes yet he acts too serious and invested in the bloody affairs of the Moonlight Pack and its mafia associates which I have zero interest in,besides women are only meant to breed heir and pleasure their mate according to father’s words. “How could you do this to me Nathan? You are my twin brother! You are supposed to be protecting me, can’t you fight for me?” I cried punching his chest. “It is always the Pack before the family. You should know that's the law of Moonlight Pack and whoever goes against it will be tagged as a traitor and an exiled outcast immediately ” he said loudly while holding my hands away from his chest. “Get out …” I barked at him feeling alone and dejected.What crim
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3. A Wedding Kidnap
Chapter Three Nina “Can’t wait to strip the innocence off you during the blood night ritual” You can go ahead and imagine why I despise him so much, this is the first thing my fiancé is telling me on our very first private encounter, a few hours before we exchanged our fake vows and get married. I swallowed hard and tried to stop my legs and hands from shaking, I can’t afford to show any sign of weakness before him . Beast like Alpha Lucas will only use my weakness to his advantage. The blood ritual is a Moonlight Pack mating tradition that happens on the wedding night when Alpha grooms mate and have sex with their bride on white bedsheets before they later show off the blood stain to the whole pack as proof of the bride's purity and virginity, if the lady is not a virgin. She gets cast out as a rogue and the idea of being an outcast seems like a nice escape route to me right now. “Good morning Alpha Lucas…” I stammered still sitting and facing the mirror while I ignore m
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4. You Are Mine
Chapter Four Nina The high pitched whirring sound that came after the rumbling airplane landing sound brought me out of my daze as I took in the cool dark exterior of the jet,the last thing my mind registered before I blanked out. I blinked my eyes several times still hoping that this is all a dream but the ding sound came up again and the pilot made some announcement about landing. “I wonder if your fiancé had a taste of you before the wedding” came a cold yet calm voice . Thinking of how best to reply to the voice with a spite for asking such an absurd question, I tried to sit up in my wedding gown which was already dirty, sweaty and damp with blood stains. Still dizzy and feeling weak, I raised my head to get drown in by two dark eyes that sent a shiver down my spine staring at my bare and exposed legs which I quickly covered up and started touching my body frantically hoping that I wasn’t raped when I got drugged by the kidnappers. “Trust me Red, if I fucked you.Every inch
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5. Please Don’t Force Me
Chapter FiveNina “I will rather let you kill me than have your filthy hands touch me or come anywhere near my body!” I shouted, really disgusted by the men of this Pack. Moonlight Pack’s Alpha King has a bad and wicked reputation too but at least we still have some decent people like my twin brother Nathan but over here in Silvermoon Pack, it seems like all of them right from their Alpha King down to the soldiers are sick perverts.I followed the gaze of the bald guys and caught him staring at my naked body thanks to Alpha Aiden. I'm only in the red lingerie which Alpha Lucas is supposed to be taking off me now. Look how the table turned and got worse!“Alpha Aiden commands you to take your bath and wear this then come out to eat something “He said still looking at my body lustfully. But at the mention of food, all thoughts of self defense went out of my head as I collected the loose gown he gave me and looked around to where he was pointing at a corner of the room to see an open b
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6. My Worst Nightmare
Chapter SixNinaI scream and scream and scream, blinded by tears, shaking with terror.“Please don’t do this. I am going to die if you touch me!” I force out, kicking my legs at the man as he closes in on me. “No, no, no. Please.”“Damn it !” the man shouts from across the room, as. I tried to shake and remove my hands from the locked chains, as if that would somehow help. I can feel his foul breath skim my face. He smells of alcohol and tobacco mixed with rancid body odor. I squeeze my eyes tight, my shoulders bobbing up and down in time with my sobs. He leans in, further and further...I fall to the ground hard, crying and trembling.Despite my cries and pleas, the man came forward and is looming over me with breath that now reeks of tobacco and dirty socks, and his lips are curled up into a grotesque smirk.I’m definitely in hell, but it’s not one I’ll be waking up from any time soon and it’s only just begun.I slither back on the cool cement, the soles of my heels scuffing agains
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7. Strip & Shower
Chapter Seven Nina Big. Dark. Dangerous. That’s the best way to describe him as my heavy eyes clashed with a pair of dark brown stares the moment I opened them, he looked so ferocious that it was almost frightening. He ran his hand impatiently through his short black hair, his expression grim. He wasn’t handsome in any conventional way, his features too sharp and his olive complexion marred by a small scar to his right temple and another on his left cheek. But damn...he was appealing in a carnal, sensual sort of way. I could feel the intensity vibrating from his body and entering mine, oddly making my nipples hard and sensitive. “Who are you?” I asked ,my raspy voice sounding unfamiliar as I turned my head sideways trying to know where I am but he still kept mute, his eyes assessing and roaming over my body which is still under a black thick duvet. “Beta Connor, inform the Doctor that she is awake '' said the man ,looking down at me with his big muscular arms crossed. “D
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8. Ah, A Virgin
Chapter Eight Alpha Aiden I don’t ever tell my plans to anyone, I execute. Sitting across from me in my private jet is the evidence of yet another successful mission. Her neckline is pure perfection, I didn’t get to properly look at her after all that fuse she was making when my men went to abduct her. It came as a pleasant surprise to me, I didn’t expect the omega bride to be this strong and fight back but she sure is something else. I stared at her lying down limply on the private jet seat across from me looking so angelic, who am I kidding? From a glance, I could sense that she is a pure and innocent omega even though her white wedding dress is ruined with blood stains and dirt,it still looked dashing on her. I kept wondering what colour her eyes were with such a fiery temper and red hair.The wedding gown is torn showing her delicate looking skin and some sensitive parts of her long legs, I had to grit my teeth and hold back the inpulsing urge to cover it up for her.
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9. Fuck, Rough & Hard
Chapter NineAlpha AidenI need to fuck now, hard and rough.Bored and tired of torturing and working all day which did nothing to make me stop thinking about my ginger-red haired prisoner. Nina is simply an unfortunate omega who found herself caught up in the web of my plans, the perfect bait to rage war against Alpha Lucas and the whole Moonlight Pack but she turns out to be so much when I look into her profile when I was at the office.She is meant to be just a pawn in my game of chess but I’m beginning to get excited by her noble and strong personality , proud like a queen and arrogant and spoiled like one too after obviously living a sheltered life till now. I emptied my scotch and hit the bar in my pleasure room , waiting for Beta Connor to get me the whore I’m going to be fucking tonight. “She’s so beautiful” I heard my werewolves soldiers whisper among themselves when the Omega Nina was abducted and I made sure they all saw what I did to that dirty bald bastard that tr
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10. The Pleasure Room
Chapter TenNina“Alpha Aiden wants to see you now!” Was the only thing Beta Connor told me as he led me down a narrow, dark hallway around the place that feels like a gigantic mansion with dark interior decoration.The interior designer must’ve been a vampire judging from the cold, lifeless colors and the giant iron chandeliers hanging from the ceilings. Even the floor was so dark that it looked like I was hovering over an abyss, which is no surprise. This place is hell and it’s built to intimidate, just the few places I have seen are already screaming extreme wealth and power, yet my mind still wandered away from looking around the house that doesn’t seem to have any escape route to the last sentence Alpha Aiden uttered to me.“Fucking weak women pisses me off and torturing a sick gabbage is no fun” Alpha Aiden’s words shut my mouth up but yet kept hunting me ,making me more desperate to look for an escape plan now that I feel a lot better after taking the drugs , eating and drin
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