Rejected and Betrayed - A Luna's Broken Heart

Rejected and Betrayed - A Luna's Broken Heart

By:  Mia Lynn  Updated just now
Language: English
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When a young she wolf named, Layla, finds out on her eighteenth birthday that her own brother Lucas, the Alpha of Moon Star pack, is her mate, her whole world gets flipped upside down. Not only does she find out that she is adopted but that her mate has chosen another over her. She finds herself running to her real parents' pack, only to fall for the Alpha there, who is smitten by her and will do anything to make her his. But Lucas, her true mate, has secrets that he has kept to himself for a while now, that could change everything, even the way she feels about him. With Layla's heart broken into two, which Alpha will she choose after she has not only been rejected but also betrayed.

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Beth Anne
welldone author
2024-04-13 22:06:55
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Delinda Schumacher
160 chapters 3-29-24
2024-03-29 22:28:19
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Delinda Schumacher
133 chapters 3-7-24
2024-03-08 06:26:25
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Layla was crazy annoying but I did like the story was drawn out too much in some parts where I just wanted to say omg stfu already but other than that it was a good book
2024-02-24 03:16:12
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Anne Remm
Well written and well done.
2024-02-22 22:34:06
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Angela T
Read the first chapter, I'm hooked. However, 160 chapters later it's still going. I admire these writers for their confidence and determination. Nevertheless, too many chapters can put readers off, plus it can get boring so they stop reading. Hopefully this book will not be one of those.
2024-03-29 19:43:34
191 Chapters
Chapter 0001
Layla’s POV “I forbid you to take one step out that door.” Lucas says to me in a stern tone and it infuriates me that he thinks he is the boss of me. He might be the Alpha of our pack, but he is still my brother and he has no say in what I do. “You mean like this?” I asked him as I took my right
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Chapter 0002
Layla’s POV The party was well on its way by the time we arrived, thanks to my brother. As I looked around the party, I realized that my brother was so right with what was to transpire tonight as it had already begun to take place. I found my cheeks reddening at the sight before my eyes and I real
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Chapter 0003
Layla’s POV “Get in the car Layla.” Lucas said to me as he dragged me towards the car, finally letting go of my arm as he opens the door. He had come at the perfect time to save me from Daniel but I wasn’t going to let him know that I was grateful for his appearance. “I wasn’t doing anything wro
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Chapter 0004
Layla’s POV “A group of rogues came out of nowhere.” Rose said to me finally after we were back at the packhouse and in the comfort of my room as she continued to shake. I knew whatever she had seen must have been scary because I had never seen her like this before. “I’m sure everything is okay.
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Chapter 0005
Layla’s POV Daniel was dead. That was what my mother had chalked up my sudden outburst of pain that I had felt too. She had explained that losing a mate was the hardest thing that a she wolf would endure and that was the pain that I was feeling from the depths of my soul. But in all honesty, when
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Chapter 0006
Layla’s POV Emerging from my room for the first time in days, I move downstairs to see everyone hustling and bustling to get the packhouse ready for the ceremony taking place tonight. Making my way to the kitchen to get something to eat, I was stopped by my mother who threw her arms around me and
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Chapter 0007
Layla’s POV The day felt like eternity as I wished it away so that I could make my grand entrance to the ceremony, pissing off my brother and his soon-to-be Luna. I decided to sneak out of my room earlier and snatch up some of the boxes that were empty from today’s preparations to start packing my
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Chapter 0008
Layla’s POV The moment I had been waiting for came as the sound of the music stopped and I knew that my brother was ready to make his announcement. Opening the door to my room, I began to make my way down the hallway and stopped at the top of the grand staircase looking down at all the guests that
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Chapter 0009
“What the hell!” Lucas said as he stepped away from me and I did the same as the word “Ewe.” Came from my lips. Why would our mother even suggest that. The thought of being Lucas’s mate made me sick to the stomach, but my wolf began to purr to what my mother said and I had to wonder if my wolf was
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Chapter 0010
Layla’s POV My father carried me to my room after that and I can’t remember much of the rest of the night except for the pain I felt. I knew that the pain now was being caused by Lucas being with Brittany as I heard them tonight being louder than ever. It was apparent that he wanted me to hear eve
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