Taken By The Demon Alpha

Taken By The Demon Alpha

By:  Agnesomalia  Completed
Language: English
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"Please, I don't know what grudge you have against my bloodline but I have nothing to do with it" Beth begged. "I'm going to enjoy tearing you piece by piece, limp by limp until nothing is left then I will leave them for your daddy dearest to find" he paused for a moment, his dark eyes trailing up and down her frail figure as though sizing her up. "I just have to figure out a way to get it done. You don't deserve an easy death. None of your filthy bloodline does" He growled at her as his grip fell from her face and her body immediately fell into an unstoppable trembling. *** Elizabeth Lincoln is what you could describe as young and naive with her innocent smile and green orbs. Fresh out of college and ready to live the life she has always wanted after being locked in a boarding school since age eight. Everything came crashing to the floor right when she finally thought she was about to live the life she has always wanted. Alpha Asher Romano Vega, better known as the demon Alpha has only one thing in mind when he set out that faithful day. To rip out the throat of the one man who has caused him so much pain and torment. Bradley Lincoln has taken something from him two years ago and now, he is out to return the favor. Warning: This is a story of revenge and malicious intent. Totally not for the faint in heart as they will be strong adult language, rape, sexual content etc. Read only if you are up for it.

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135 Chapters
~prologue ~
"Don't fucking die.. Don't fucking do it baby. Just hold on a little longer" Asher muttered through clenched teeth as he quickly shifted into his werewolf form and disappeared into the wild. It was a cold winter morning. The weather harsher than ever as it blew bitterly at his wolf as it continued to race through the tree lines and towards an unknown destination. The icy cold environment unable to stop it in its quest as the wild beast continued to race along. Pushing it's paws to go a tad bit faster. It dark furs were glistering with snow dust as it leaped over a few death logs in its path before arriving at a clearing just over the edge of the forest. And over there on the snow covered ground, lay a lifeless woman whose body was half frozen with ice yet mutilated with several bullet holes. The wolf was obviously offended by the sight before its blazing eyes, as it let out a soul shattering howl into the air over and over again before it quickly transformed into a huge man who is
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~call me Beth ~
Beth's POV Eighteen year old Beth sat down on a black leather arm chair at Marvel corps reception. Her spine straighter than a new pencil even though anxiety was starting to kick at her from every damn angle known to man. A sigh slipped out her lips when her stomach grumbled noisily and she patted it gently before allowing her back to fall against the comfort of the chair behind her and then glanced at the wall clock hanging on the yellow painted wall. She has been waiting for more than an hour already and looked like she will have to wait around a bit much longer. Beth bite down at her lower lips in subtle frustration when she realized how many more minutes she has to wait for her turn. This was going to be her fourth job interview in a single week. Beth was definitely racing against time, trying her possible best to keep up with the rent on her single room apartment in downtown LA. She was already down with two dead jobs and a flower shop that was starting to carter mostly for
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~Lincoln bloodline ~
By the time she got home that night, it was already dark into the night. Peeling off her damp clothes, she slipped into the shower to wash off then make dinner for herself. Her apartment was extremely small, housing only some household essentials. The thought of Asher kept making its way into her mind every now and then even as she poured her last bit of orange juice into a glass and sat down to eat her well cooked pasta. He was indeed handsome. His brown hazel eyes did reminded her of her mother's eyes. For someone who have never being in a relationship before, she found the thought of that stranger very endearing to her. In fact,the only thing stopping her from dialing his number at that moment is her moral upbringing. She might look desperate and cheap if she did. But then again, he'd said she could call him but still, calling him at that odd hour and so late in the night would only scream desperation and she is not about to sell herself off that cheap. She would definitely wait
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~Monster ~
Beth had no idea how long they have been driving but a couple of hours has past already and yet, they were still on the high way, probably heading out of the city and towards someplace secluded.She couldn't tell exactly where they were headed as she was later blindfolded the moment they made it to the main express. Because of the pain, Beth kept dozing in and out of unconsciousness until the car finally came to a stop and she was thrown out of the vehicle. she landed solidly on the ground like a bag of Irish potato.She was immediately yanked off the ground before she could even think to catch her breath and made to walk forward. She winced as her feet scrape painfully against the ground. She was barefooted and each time she stumbled on something, she got a backlash for it as there was no single moment of relief for her.Beth was forced to do whatever it took to spare her ears from the constant snarling and growling from every angle as she struggled to keep up.The further they went,
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~Doomed ~
Beth only had to blink once before he was standing right before her, with her jaw grasp between the palm of his hands, his claws digging into her flesh painfully as he forced her to look into those terrifying demonic eyes of his."So harmless and weak. You would really love me to believe that lie won't you?". He snickered, the sound of his laughter just as dark like the color of his eyes."Please, I don't know what grudge you have against my bloodline but I have nothing to do with it" She began to explain, totally out of breath."Do save your breath because nothing you say or do is going to make me change my mind. I'm going to enjoy tearing you piece by piece, limp by limp until nothing is left then I will leave them for your daddy dearest to find" He paused for a moment, his dark eyes trailing up and down her frail figure as though sizing her up."I just have to figure out a more painful way to get it done. You don't deserve an easy death. None of your filthy bloodline does" He growl
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~Escape ~
Beth awoke slowly with confusion. She wasn't exactly sure what had happened to her, if it was a nightmare or she actually went through all she had in the past hours and was still breathing.The event of having her bare back mutilated in the hands of that dark eyes monster flooded back to her and she heard herself gasped and made to jerk upright but was immediately greeted by an immense amount of pain, shooting across her back. Whatever was left of her shredded piece of clothing was still attached to her body but her back was left bare, from top to waist.Beth was forced to lay back down on the cold hard floor even though it smell like the damn sewage from hell. Her back ache with untold pain as she lay on it still. It feel as though it has glue on it and was stuck to the surface of the floor. Moving abruptly could cause her more pain, she was certain of that.Not withstanding the pain, she roll over on her side and gave a muffled scream into the floor, baring her back into the dark c
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~Alex ~
Beth opened her eyes moment later and couldn't help but whimper when she felt a brush of warm wet clothes against her sore back. She gasped under her breath when his hands brush slightly against the sensitive part of her breast in a bit to wrap bandages across her body.Once he was done wrapping her up, he made to discharge the water in the sink before handing her some painkillers to swallow. She pulled herself into a seating position once she was done swallowing it, her eyes darting around across the room curiously.His room was plain with dark grey wall that matches with the equally grey sheet on the bed. Not to mention the leather cushion that sat beside the bed. There is nothing much to look at which sort of reminded her of her little apartment back home. She wondered if anyone has noticed she has gone missing for the past hours now.Beth doubt if anyone has. It's not like she has friends that would probably check up on her after a while. Maybe her landlord would but certainly not
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~Primal Need ~
Asher's POVAsher seem to be in a terrible mood as he pace the length and breath of his bedroom before he moved to sit down at the neon cushion in his room, the motion made him very aware of a sudden problem with his pants. He looked down, noticing the huge bulge that wasn't even there before the moon came out in all its alluring glory.His cock was extremely hard and erect within the confide of his pant, begging to be released and answer the call of the moon and have it fuck someone. Asher growled in frustration not willing to get under the sheet with just about anyone even though he was well aware on how much, the female Betas in his pack would kill to have his cock thrusting between their legs.Asher knew he won't be able to resist for long before he finally gave in. His beast was starting to charge at him, urging him to find someone and do the needful but still he couldn't get himself to do it. Jerking himself off was starting to do less good as the beast within him wanted more.
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~Hunter's Daughter ~
Asher sat on his chair that night,long after he dismissed Kara but couldn't fully relax. The guilt of being with someone else other than his mate Macy was giving him a sleepless night. Asher couldn't help but feel as though he has defiled her memory by cumming in Kara's mouth.It's even more annoying to him that he was still covered in some of her scent and needed to be cleansed of it. Nothing a quick shower won't fix as he quickly went into the shower and turn on the tap head before stepping under it and droplets of water began to trickle down his naked flesh onto the tiles floor.Rubbing a steady hand up and down his length, he let out a deep throaty growl as flashes of image from his moment with his mate began to flood his mind.Asher was trying so hard to remember all of it. The feel of her skin against his each time he pulled her frail figure into his chest. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes briefly, willing his mind to take him back to that morning before he lost her for
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~The Hunt ~
The next morning came just as quickly, with rays of sunlight waking her up from a deep slumber as it shines through the thick grey curtains that hung heavily across the glass window. She blinked a few times, trying to adjust to the bright light against her face before she rolled over on her side.The awful aches she felt all over her body were minimal as compared to last night. It must be thanks to the pain killers Alex had given her. Speaking of Alex, he never returned to the room last night. He practically left his bed for her to sleep comfortably on and surprisingly enough, she can dare to say, she really did.Dragging herself into a seating position with her legs dangling over to the floor, she gave a half yawn with her eyes darting around in search of anything to probably look at other than grey walls and sheet.It was 10am in the morning when she glanced at the table clock and immediately struggled off the bed and back on her feet, wondering why they let her sleep that much.Did
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