The Alpha's Little Luna

The Alpha's Little Luna

By:  Florence Su  Completed
Language: English
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MATE,' roared my wolf, Jax when he first saw the ten-year-old girl hiding behind my Beta's legs. I couldn't believe my ears, sure, I'm no pervert, but how could a tween be my mate? But Jax was determined; Mercedes from the Silver Moon pack is the little Luna of our pack. After he convinces her parents and Alpha, Alpha Zane of the Midnight Moon pack gets to visit his mate with her parents and Mercedes gets to spend her free time in his pack. Zane knows he cannot claim Mercedes until she turns eighteen and only if she recognizes him as her mate as well. The two grow into a solid platonic bond, are inseparable until her Alpha's jealous son has his eye on the beautiful Mercedes. Glary goes to great lengths to seduce Mercedes and even promises to make his Luna. Alpha Ahri teams up with his son and forbids the couple from meeting any longer. To make matters worse, they falsely accuse Mercedes' father, the Beta of Silver Moon, of fraud and treason and sentence him to death. Mercedes must then choose: to mate with the Alpha's son Glary or execute her father. But then it turns out that Silver Moon has seriously underestimated Zane....

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109 Chapters
Found Her
Alpha Zane discovers that the girl his Beta found on pack terrain is his fated mate. But Mercedes is underage, coming from a nearby pack where the Alpha is known to be a very dubious figure. Zane realizes he'll have to wait until she's eighteen to claim her. Alpha Ahri grants permission for them to meet and bond until Mercedes also recognizes him as her fated mate. In the meantime, he ensures that she is trained for her position as Luna in his pack. Zane visits his mate more often in her pack and she spends as much time with him as possible. But then Alpha Ahri's son becomes jealous of the close bond between the two and tries to drive them apart. His father cooperates and forbids Zane further access to his pack and Mercedes is also no longer allowed to leave her home. To force her to accept his son as her mate, the Alpha accuses her father and Beta of the pack, of fraud and betrayal of the pack. These suspicions of high-ranking wolves carry the death penalty. Mercedes faces a choice,
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"What the hell, Jace?" I yell at my Beta, staring at the little goddess behind him.In the short time, she has been in his company, the girl has put all her trust in Jace. She counts on his protection as she takes all the time to examine me. Jealousy bubbles up in me.“Hi Alpha, my name is Mercedes”, she suddenly speaks up, her innocent marbles still pointed at me. Her voice is hoarse and soft, I could listen to that all day long.I get down on my knees to get a better look at her. “Mercedes. What a beautiful name you have. You can call me Zane, okay?”, I whisper to her. She gives me a beaming smile and steps out of her hiding place. “Would you like to come with me to the packhouse, Mercedes? I want to ask you some questions about how you got here," I say still softly. "And you must be hungry."She nods furiously, looks down for a moment and then back into my eyes. “But I don't have a wolf. Can I ride yours then?” she asks, clearly delighted at the prospect. "What's you
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Kissing and Babies
And then I remember my mate is hungry, she definitely didn't eat after she went missing. I take her hand and we all walk out of my office to the huge dining room. Fortunately, Jace had already mind linked the cook that we have a pup with us that needs to be fed. When we step inside, the smell of warm pancakes and syrups hits us. Mercedes lets go of my hand and runs to the table, clearly starving. I take her to the seat that has been vacant since I became the Alpha of this pack. I pick her up and place her in the Luna seat. Jace and the chief warrior watch with interest, holding their breath sharply but I don't pay attention to them at all. When I sit in my chair at the head of the table, I grab a plate and place a pancake on it. “Tell me, Mercedes, what syrup do you choose for your pancake? There is strawberry, caramel and pure honeybee”, I ask her. Delightful she eyes the pancake on the plate, I think my mate is a real foodie. “Honey, Zane. My mother always puts a l
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Jace clears his throat and takes me out of my musings. “Zane, I've reached Beta. He says his daughter has been missing since yesterday. She was indeed in the woods playing with some other pups when they couldn't find her anymore,” he tells me. “He is on his way here with his mate to pick her up himself. They'll be here in two hours." "Shouldn't you let Alpha Ahri know about this?" he asks. Yes, I forgot about all that. The bliss of finally having my mate here has completely consumed my attention. I grab my phone and search my contact list for the number I need. “Alpha Ahri, Alpha Zane from Midnight Moon here. You must have heard that we found your Beta's daughter near our border," I let him know. The man on the other end of the line growled. “Alpha Zane. Yes, my Beta informed me. This matter should be thoroughly investigated. A pup cannot run miles in a day. There is more going on here.” He doesn't sound exactly indulgent as I expected. "That's for sure. I discovered the scent of
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"Zane, Mercedes' parents have arrived." Jace entered my office, where I wanted to get some work done while my mate was asleep. I nod and get up from my chair. Together we enter the elevator to the Alpha floor. When we step into my bedroom, we see Mercedes sleeping like an angel on my bed. Seeing her like this fills my heart with so much love for her. I immediately swear to myself that I will always protect her and make her happiness my number one priority. Elise has fallen asleep next to her but is up as soon as we arrive. “She was drained. While bathing her, she was already falling asleep," my sister whispers, not to wake Mercedes right away. She's slept for about two hours, probably not nearly enough to rest fully. But her parents are waiting, I have to convince them that their daughter is unharmed. I am well aware that I am under strict surveillance, everyone will want to know how I maintain the relationship with my mate. Carefully I sit down next to my mate. “Little one, you
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He Loves Me
Mercedes Three Years Later…“Clarita, I'm not feeling well. My head hurts terribly and I have cramps in my stomach”, I tell my friend who is sitting next to me in the classroom. “This has been going on since last night. This morning I took some medication and thought it would be over by now.” I clutch my stomach again as a stab of pain pulls through. I can barely contain a cry.Clarita looks at my miserable self.“Go home quickly. I'll tell the teacher that you’re feeling sick”, she exclaims, already standing to help me out of my seat. Bending slightly forward, I walk out of the classroom. When we are outside the school building, Clarita looks around. “Is Zane coming to get you today? I don't see his car anywhere," she asks with interest.I look at her from the corners of my eyes.For a long time, I have suspected that she has a crush on my mate. Every time she mentions his name, I hear a longing undertone. At first, I thought I imagined it, but when I noticed she inquired about him a
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A Woman
Zane jumps out of his car and sprints to me.“Love, let me take you to the doctor quickly. Since this morning, I already felt that your body is changing," he explains, picking me up bridal style. I put my face on his neck and inhale his scent deeply. Just as I expected, the cramps immediately subsided and were not as painful anymore.Zane told me a long time ago that he can sense certain emotions in me. But once we are mated, that will increase. Because of the mate bond, I will also experience everything he feels, joy and anger, pain and sadness. But now he’s only able to perceive my pain and utter joy.He places me in the passenger seat and kisses me on the forehead. “Hold on, we'll be there in a minute”, he encourages me. Quickly he is back behind the wheel, turns the car nimbly and then we are on the road at high speed. Within a few minutes, we are at the pack’s hospital. He puts me on a bed and walks to the reception. “Can a doctor examine my mate? She has severe stomach cramps,"
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I Want More
The great hall of Silver Moon is bursting at the seams.The heavy base of the Afrobeat reverberates from the speakers, shaking everything on the pack land to its foundations. It's my sixteenth birthday, Zane has thrown out a big party for me. We have live bands performing on the massive stage and later in the evening, a DJ will mix the best songs all together to a powerful beat.The mood is top, never before has Silver Moon experienced so much bustle. Just for this day, Alpha Ahri permitted members of Midnight Moon entry to celebrate this day with me in my pack. This makes my birthday doubly special.And I’m telling you, everyone is present, young and old enjoy to the fullest. The drinks flow freely and the huge catering offers so many choices of dishes. The hall is also beautifully decorated, Zane has appointed a team responsible for the decoration and I must admit they did quite a successful job. This is the most lavish birthday party in my pack's history.I stand on
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The party is lit. I dance in my mate's arms all night long, we grind, touch and kiss on the big dancefloor. Sometimes we are interrupted by new guests who still want to congratulate me, but we stay close to each other. In our relationship there is no room for third parties, we have enough of each other and remain true to our golden rule that the opposite sex does not come too close. Then we come close to Alpha Ahri, the old fox swings with a young werewolf, like he's in the old eighties. “Ahem, Alpha, are you having a good time?” I can't help teasing. Behind me, I hear a muffled laugh from Zane. Alpha Ahri looks up and when he sees me watching him, he turns beet red with embarrassment. Guilt is written all over his face. “Yes, yes”, he stammers while making frantic efforts to keep the voluptuous woman away. “Congrats Alpha, this party is amazing. Thank you for taking such good care of my pack member,” he turns to Zane, guiltily avoiding eye contact with me. Alpha Ahri clearly had no
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All For Her
Alpha Zane's POVThe expression on the rejected Alpha's face is priceless.I can barely suppress a grin. The boy clearly didn't come with the intention of having an innocent dance with my mate. He has been following her with lusty eyes all evening. He has his sights set on Mercedes.If that’s really the case, he has underestimated me. I was well prepared for evil hawks like him.For years I've done research on girls' development through puberty. Look, I'm a man, I only have experience of how boys transform into men. So, I did some research, talked to the elderly, kept my sister busy and spent evenings on the internet obtaining information. That is inherent in having a young, up growing fated mate.I learned that girls experience hormonal changes early on and in their innocence, seek the attention of boys who are eagerly waiting for their first sex. Their attention to beauty and make-up, their insecurities, I immersed myself in all these factors and sought advice. I want a confident Lu
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