Werewolf Resort

Werewolf Resort

By:  C.G. Hope  Ongoing
Language: English
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17-year-old Emilia Colman was living a normal life until her mother was murdered, forcing her family to move back to their tiny hometown in the middle of nowhere. When marjority of the town folk resist their plan to reopen the family resort, a full blown war begins between werewolves and reckless vampires who are on opposing sides leaving the human family in between. When her elder sister and guardian won't back down from the vampire side, Emilia is forced to choose between family and the Werewolf boy she loves.

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21 Chapters
Spare me
“Please kill me,” the emancipated woman begged with the last remnants of strength in her. She knew she was not getting out of that basement alive, so it was better for death to come as soon as possible. She lay on the cold hard floor, drained of energy because of constant hunger. It amazed her that she could still talk.There was a man in the room. He was leaning against one end of the wall, staring at the woman willing to give up her life for her family. Elizabeth Colman was indeed one tough nut to crack.“Give me what I want and I will let you go, Elizabeth.” Jonathan Smith said. “I do not want to torture you like this, but you have left me no choice.”Jonathan was the man who had replaced her husband as CEO of Imperative Oil co., a company operating mainly in Latin America but with its headquarters in the United States. Peter Colman had worked for the company most of his adult life, so had known everything about it. Before he died, he had handed some documents to his wife to keep t
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“Do we really have to live in the middle of nowhere?” my little brother Zach whined.I glanced at the driver, my sister Hannah, whose eyes were fixed on the road. “Yes, Zach. This is the best place for us to live. It’s dad’s hometown.”“Mom’s hometown is better,” my twin brother Emmett chipped in.My mother had recently killed by Jonathan Smith, the man who replaced my father at work. She had bitten his jugular, making him bleed to death. The police said she killed him first and released that information to the public. That marked the beginning of our suffering.People had kept leaving trashy notes and letters in our mailbox, writing mean words on our walls, shouting them to us whenever we left home. These included biters, zombies, dogs, wolves, and vampires, among others.It was as if they had forgotten that Jonathan had kidnapped my mother for a month. The same people who had sympathized and helped us look for her were now shunning us. But in all honesty, sometimes I thought it was
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The town was not so bad, although it was still tiny compared to most. I had expected it to be some old rundown place, but it actually seemed to be okay. In movies, when people go to small towns, they stay in rundown motels. This one was pretty good. If you could forget that some people had probably used the bed for some activities, you could enjoy the stay.Our aunt had invited us to stay at her house, but we did not want to be a burden. We had meals at a nearby restaurant and went to bed. Hannah, who was sharing the room with me, slept soundly while nightmares plagued me all night long. At one point when I was awake, I heard howling. Since it was a woody area, I figured it was wolves. I had heard howling before when on a tour, but this sounded different. Too real, loud. Despite that, I got some quality sleep towards morning.“Leave me alone,” I told Hannah when she woke me up.“I’m going to the resort site to see what needs to get sorted out,” she said.“Are we not going together?” I
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That night, I slept better than the previous one. Hannah, on the other hand, didn’t seem to have had a good night as she was grumpy. I noticed she was disturbed.“What’s wrong?” I asked as I slipped a white blouse over my head.“Mr. Morgenstern does not want me to renovate the resort. He thinks it’s not a good idea.”“Why?” I was one of those who did not approve of her idea but seeing her so down made me feel concerned. I would have been the happiest if she, on her own, abandoned the idea. But, being forced to abandon by some other people was not fair.“There are things I have not yet told you about the resort.”“Yeah, I suspected so. Let me guess, they’re not good things.”Hannah shook her head. “That’s right, but I need this. This is the only thing that connects us to our father.”I sighed. “What’s wrong with that resort? Why was it closed all those years ago? Were people killed in it? Those bones, were they human?”“I will tell you,” she said, standing up. “I will narrate everythin
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A man
Zach continued to cry for over thirty minutes while I tried to comfort him in vain. At some point he stopped crying and I figured he had probably slept off. I didn’t mind that I was in the same situation. I was more worried for my innocent brother. I started shouting “help” as loudly as possible but no one came to save us. After sometime, I gave up and stayed silent, left with no other option.Being alone made me think of my mother’s death, a subject I had successfully avoided for a long time. I had kept myself busy to avoid thinking of her and now I had all the time in the world. I was starting to feel the emptiness she had left behind. Mama was who I rushed to whenever I felt overwhelmed. Her hugs were the best and never failed to make me feel better. Had she been alive, we wouldn’t be in that shanty town. We would be back home, living life the way it should be, not stuck in some pit in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly, I heard whistling. I stood up and listened attentively before
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The doctors found nothing wrong with Zach. As for me, I had to have a minor surgery to remove part of a thorn that had lodged itself in my leg. I ended up limping on my third day in town. If I had a choice in the matter, I would have left the town immediately. But first, I needed to figure out what was going on. I wanted to leave but not without answers. There was something mysterious about the town and I knew that if I left without finding out, I would always wonder what it was.We settled in well at home. Hannah liked what we had done with the little space provided to us. We had managed to find a place for everything we had carried with us and made sure to organize them neatly. I knew that sooner or later, the organization would crumble and everything would go back to being a mess. When my siblings started looking around for their stuff, they would put everything in disarray.On the third day of arrival, a letter arrived. It was addressed the Colman children. At any other time, I wo
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The Letter
“What does it say?” I asked Hannah, unable to take the suspense anymore. Hannah glanced up and turned her eyes back to the letter in her hand. She continued to peruse through it before sighing.“It says a lot,” she said and handed the letter to Emmett who was next to her.“Give it to me,” I told Emmett who was just holding it. He gave it to me without resisting. Zach was chewing food while staring at us. I was surprised he had not yet started bombarding us with questions.“Should I read it out loud?” I asked Hannah, throwing a glance at the youngest member of our family. I needed to know if there was any information in the letter that was not appropriate for him.Dear Hannah, Emilia, Emmett and Zach. I hope you’re well, adjusting and moving on from the terrible things that have happened to you. I know this is a very tough time and I don’t want to make it harder but there are things I cannot keep from you because you deserve to know them in order to be safe.On the other hand, there
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No opposition
By the time we reached outside, some of the other residents had gathered near the protestors who were chanting, “Do not reopen”. As we walked towards them, Emmett and Zach decided to go and stand near the residents while Hannah and I went to face the protesting group.Even as we approached, they continued to chant, their lips moving in sync. The chanting grew louder when we stood right in front of them. There was a woman with huge dreadlocks wearing a black t-shirt with a huge drawing of a skull and crossbones at the front. She seemed to be the leader.Hannah and I remained silent, waiting for them to stop so that we could have a decent conversation. But they never stopped. When I had heard enough, I yelled. “STOP.”Suddenly, the group became silent and stared at us in anticipation. The woman with dreadlocks stepped forward. She was very tall and big boned. Those characteristics made her very much intimidating but I knew she would not dare to try anything in front of so many people.
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Hannah and I watched as Bradley walked towards us in calm, collected strides. His frame, covered in black garments, looked taller than before. My heart rate was slowly skyrocketing as I watched the hottest man I knew head towards me. I had fantasized about running into him and my chance had arrived.“Who are you and what are you doing in our home?” He asked.“I believe you already know who we are,” I said. We were the newest family to move into the town and he had seen us on that first day at the resort. Surely, Mr. Morgenstern had told him about us.“Sorry about my sister,” Hannah said. “We haven’t met. My name is Hannah Colman. Your father and I spoke yesterday and he agreed to let us have some flowers from your garden, with the help of the florist who will be arriving soon.”“Okay,” he said and walked away.“Rude,” I said.“Not more than you,” Hannah lashed back.I rolled my eyes. “If Mr. Morgenstern is his father, why is his name Lightwood?”“He’s adopted,” Hannah informed me.“Oh
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Bad work
We returned to the resort and found Emmett and Zach lounging on a bench on the balcony of the ground floor. Zach was playing a game on Emmett’s phone while the latter was looking through some house plans.We passed them without a word and made our way to the flower garden where Hannah started to sort through the soil she had dug up the previous day.“We have to get rid of anything that is not soil,” she told me as she collected grass stems and put them in a growing pile. “We get rid of all the rubbish and grass residue. Once everything is gone, we shall begin planting.After watching her for a few seconds, I grabbed a pair of black gloves, squatted down and started removing everything that was not soil. Hannah was doing it without the gloves but I thought gardening barehanded was not healthy. In science class, I had learnt of several microorganisms and germs. I was sure the soil contained most of those.The work was going fairly well until I saw an earth worm. I screamed out loud befo
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