The tyrant Queen [ her alpha slave ]

The tyrant Queen [ her alpha slave ]

By:  Night Walker   Ongoing
Language: English
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There prevailed to be six kingdoms consisting of humans, werewolves, vampires, fairies, elves, and dragon kingdoms. A hostile war transpired between the dragons and the werewolves. The very war destroyed a lot of lives and the dragons' kingdom. However, the werewolves were getting defeated and the human kingdom agreed on assisting their allies which were the werewolves. But then, amidst the battle, something significant happened. Alpha Jeffrey, the king of the werewolves was at the point of winning against the Almighty king of the dragons. He zipped the arrow at the dragon king. However, his strike jabbed right into the heart of King Dawson, the human king. Anguishly, this brought a great disputable conflict between the humans... A wave of venomous anger and pure hatred against the werewolves. When the war was won, the dragons vanished from the earth. Then, the battle between the humans and the werewolves arose. Queen Isle being the spouse of king Dawson, swore with her life to avenge her husband's death and make Alpha Jeffery... Her slave. ************************** Extracted from the story. ************************** "Strip!" the feminine cold voice, ordered. A thick groan, a scratchy voice responded to her utters. "And what if I don't, woman!" he growls outrageously yet, weakly. "Then, await to withstand the dance of the devils, Alpha!" she chuckled, evilly and viciously. And then, she walked out in her regal strides away from the room. She is the queen, the tyrant ruler of Denmark's kingdom. Her voice is authority, her voice is the law! No one dares to mess up with her, no one dares to weigh a war on her kingdom. She's like a fire, that not even the ocean can quench her whole. Even the moon is extremely envious of the voluminous beauty she carries. She's known as the tyrant Queen Isle.

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22 Chapters
The alpha is caged!
Right inside the castle, clicking footsteps could be heard, it was revealed to be a guard as he marched to the queen's room. His expression stiffened, and his left hand clutched the handle of a sword which was been stuck in its sheath. His presence screams that of nobility as he got to the corridor of the queen's chamber. Therein, he met two able-bodied guards, stationed at the door which was made of silver ornate. "I wish to speak to the queen!" He said huskily, his voice thick and high as he anticipates a response. A silence, an icy silent steps in. "Come in!" The ecstatic voice, grumbles inside. Instantaneously, the door was being opened for him to step in. Walking into the golden room, his eyes were welcomed first by the heavenly beauty on the queen-sized bed. - The queen. Queen Isle in her glory, she donned a blue lacy gown which exposed her right leg as it was been crossed over the other. Her head rested on the golden headboard while she fiddled with the white marble ba
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The Dungeon
Momentarily, Queen Isle arrived at the rusty dungeons alongside Shawn, who walked beside her. The hefty guards who caught her cold sight quickly bowed down in reverence. She's the tyrant queen, no one tempts her to look into her eyes. No one dares retaliate at her, and no one dares step on the path she chooses to walk on. She's the word, dignity, and prestige itself. "THE QUEEN HAS ARRIVED!" Shawn declared openly, his voice resonating in the dungeon. Queen Isle scoffed mindlessly, she ambled elegantly as her eyes were being scrutinized by the wounded men, women, and children in the dungeons. Their bodies were smashed with blood, injuries here and there on every inch of their bodies. And no matter how she hates to admit it; indeed, the werewolf's kingdom had fought a valiant battle against her battalions. These souls were once Alpha Jeffery's people, but now they are her slaves and they were meant to do as she wishes and pleases. Nevertheless, Queen shrugged every thought off her
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Strip! Alpha slave!
Alpha Jeffery... No, Jeffrey. He is a slave now and not a royalty. It is not lenient for him to accept who he is now. But then, he has no choice but to accept the reality as he was being dragged like a criminal along the hallway. "I can walk!" He growls at the guards, his voice bleeding anger and pure turmoil. His harsh disruption prompted the guards to move frighteningly away from him. Jasper heaved, he walked on in a trudge, not like a slave but like a king who he was. On the other far end of the hallway, a short-aged woman appeared as she progressed towards them. Her left hand was elbowed and a bunch of clothes was positioned on her arm. "Alpha Jeffrey!" She called tearfully on seeing him. "Lady Macbeth," Jeffery called back in what seemed to be a husky groan. He hopped on his feet, halting on his track. His blue orbs were darkened, and dejected pain was written all over him as he gazed back at the older woman. "I heard what happened," she told him and then, she faced th
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You are my alpha slave! My possession!
Henrietta's excruciating wailing continues outside the room. Jeffrey was deeply hurt and pained to the depth of his heart. His lips tremble immensely, and his thick breathing evades hots winds to her Queen Isle's face. Jeffrey's manly hands fisted, and he felt the huge impulse to malevolently attack Queen Isle. However, he couldn't take drastic action because his wife, his unborn child, and his species would suffer greatly for it. "Strip or your wife would die as an outcome of your stubbornness!" She warned with an indignant face. She frowned at him daringly, Jeffrey was left with no option but to do what he was instructed to do. Unhurriedly, his sturdy hands undid his buttons and his shirt fell freely to the marble floors. Revealing his large abs, his stripped chest shows off his thick veins and muscles. A few strands of brown hair adorned his chest. Meanwhile, Jeffrey kept his blue eyes on queen Isle who ogled disgustingly at him. A crucial smirk stretched on Queen Isle's l
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The forthcoming feast
Shawn emerged into the room. Quickly, he wavered his head away from the heavenly naked sight of the queen. "Take this reeking slave out of my room, and tell Lady Macbeth to take Henrietta back to the viper’s room," Queen Isle grumbled, her glaring green eyes on him. "Yes, my queen!" Shawn nods, his head still lowered to the floors of the golden room. Carefully, he snapped his head at the blacked-out man on the queen's bed.Meanwhile, Queen Isle dragged herself to the bathroom door. Suddenly, she halted the very moment her hand clenched the knob and she tilted her head toward Shawn. "Do you have anything to say?" She asked purposely. "Yes, my queen!" Shawn replied. "Spill it, I'm all ears!” "Beta Kappa has arrival with the rest of the slaves, he's at the throne hall as we speak!” "Hm, I see... I was thinking of leaving for the divine temple. But then, I think I would love to see Beta Kappa as well. Do you have anything else to say?" She asked further. "Yes, my Queen! Princess
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Turmoils of the past
It was prematurely morning, the sun had just risen consciously up in the bright sky as it lits up the earth with its illumination rays.Likewise, the kingdom's inhabitants have arisen from their slumbers as they could be seen to be bustling around here and there for the unpredictable occurrences of the day.Among the six kingdoms, the kingdom of Denmark has prevailed to possess the most harmonic and prosperous lands. Although, the kingdom of the werewolves slightly beats them to it.Nevertheless, at the castle, Lady Macbeth could be seen in the kitchen as she gives out a series of orders to the slaves and servants before leaving the kitchen. She got outside the castle and saw Shawn in the vast yard, wiggling and jerking his left arm energetically as he practice his sword-fighting along with his blade.At that moment, his head snappily looked over at her as she approached him. Hence, he paused immediately."I was waiting for you," he said out the very moment she got to him. "I'm sorr
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The incredulity feast
The day is fading away and It was eventide already, the castle was getting filled up with numerous royal souls who came to the Queen’s feast. Amidst this, Jeffery could see be seen laying on the filthy floors of the dungeon. His body was shivering slightly, and at the time he felt the immense hotness flush in through his skin. Lowly, he let out a deep groan, angusihly his teeth gritted when his head was being seethed by margarine.“He's awake!" A familiar voice said and Jeffery quickly snapped his eyes open. At first the view was blurry, he could see a figure beside him in the dungeon. Then, his eyes became unhurriedly clearer when he saw two figures instead.“Noah," he called, groaningly. His eyes shifted towards the young lady who crouched beside his nephew, they were both clothed in ragged clothes which rarely conceal their bareness."Penelope," he called her and she nods, face cringing in concern. —She was his mistress in his pack before he was mated to Henrietta, his wife, h
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The absurd request of the Queen
The temperate in the ballroom was intense and filled with anticipation as everyone was extremely impatient to see what would happen... "I won't do what you ask of me, Isle. Do your worst!" Jeffery growled, his thick veins throbbing around his neck. "Really? I should do my worst, huh?" Queen Isle arched her brows at him as she promptly took a few strides toward him. All anticipating eyes on them, everyone gripping at the unusual event which has never occurred before in history. Inwardly, a few foresaw that Jeffery won't heed the queen's request —but then, the queen is not a lenient soul to deal with. "Yes, Isle! Do. Your. Worst!" Jeffery angrily emphasized indifferently. Luna Henrietta whimpered on hearing her mate’s reluctance, she was extremely scared that he might be hurt badly for enraging at the queen. "I knew he would prove stubborn," Beta Kappa muttered with a scoff, and Jeffery threw a harsh glare at his beta. “Jeffery...” Queen Isle called, dangerously as she scowled a
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The unexpected visit of the old dragon
Barrages of silence and the thick smell of sex lingered in the atmosphere, as they were engulfed by the noses of the onlookers...Their piercing gazes and the severe sensations crawled their skins, as they watched the sexual exhibition in front of them... "This is indeed a luxurious show!" King Coleman commented, and the queens who stood beside him hummed into cheerful giggles. “I know right?” Beta Kappa smiled, as he stared at the man who was his alpha —the man he hated with so much passion. The pained screams of Luna Henrietta reverberated across the ballroom, her fingers strongly clenching the rims of the alter as if they were the only source that brought consolation to her. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Was all Jeffrey could recite, amidst his erection thrusting slowly into his wife's opening countless times. His moves were sensitive and arousing, yet painful to Luna Henrietta as she couldn't explain the emotions she felt —it was like the pains were accompanied by a spir
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Anger and hatred
"How dare that old hag to invade my kingdom, huh?!" Queen Isle was grumbling angrily as she marched towards the throne hall. "Old Basildon!!" She growls, pushing the huge door open as she stormed inside with the most vicious face one could ever see. "Isle, good timing!!" Old Basildon welcomed, stuffing a large amount of food into his mouth. He's a thousand years old dragon, decked out in a black robe, and a big black hat which sat on his white long hair with his scrawny face and long nose. The maids who were busily dishing out his meal, precipitously took off from the dining hall as they wouldn't want the Queen to vent her anger upon them —that's gonna be extremely disastrous. "Miss me?" He chuckled further as he munched his meal. Hence, he glimpsed at the cold queen who was pacing maliciously towards the long dining table, as she banged her hands loudly on it and the cutleries shook. "Old Basildon, leave my kingdom now!!" Queen Isle spitefully yelled at him, and her eyes blacke
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