The Alpha's Hidden Treasure

The Alpha's Hidden Treasure

By:  Ashnlee1021  Updated just now
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She was hidden from who she really was until it was time for her to come of age to find if she was a werewolf or a humane. She never wanted to be who killed her mother. To find her death wasn't what she was told. That she is mated to no one other than to the son of man that killed her mother.

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33 Chapters
Chapter 1
We live in a world that is controlled by werewolves. Humans need to follow the rules or there are consequences that are not very pleasant. I was never really welcomed in the human world or the werewolves world neither one wanted me. My mother was raped by a wolf because of her family trying to escape. She also died when she gave birth to me. They say most humans don't survive giving birth to half-breeds, that's what they call me. My grandparents raised me, but they make it known how much they hate me. I was never given any kind of affection. They just keep me alive because they have no other choice since I'm their daughter's first born. I have to be offered to the wolves. They say wolves are creatures to be afraid of.I stay to myself as much as possible. It's better that way being invisible keeps the abuse to minimum. Pain isn't something I'm afraid of since I endure it so much. I never consider what life would be like if there was no pain. As my alarm started to go off I got up fr
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Chapter 2
Getting to school I'm relaxed more than what I am normally. Knowing that I am not going to be harmed. Nobody in school really talks to me, I'm invisible. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a friend. Then I think to myself it would only cause more problems that I don't need.As I walk into my class I notice a different teacher not really sure who he is. I have never seen him before. He stares right at me, I'm not scared, I don't scare easily. I learned not to show your fear to others; it will only cause you more pain. I sit there and wait for him to introduce himself, but he does not. He looks at me and leaves the Room. I'm in shock, not really sure why.Next thing I know Mr. Daniels our English teacher comes into the classroom and class begins. To my surprise that mystery man never comes back. I began to wonder why he was staring at me. I can't focus as the class goes on and then I hear the bell. My other classes go super slow. I'm so glad when it is finally lunchtime I'
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Chapter 3
STYRELL POV As I watch her go to school I know that she can feel my presence. That shows that she has senses. I watch her go to school every day to make sure she makes it. I wait for her to come home to a place she hates. I want to take her away from all of it but where I can take her is no better. Today is the day I talk to her grandparents to see if they are willing to get rid of her early. The human council agreed to it since she may shift at 16 and create quite a scene for the humans. A Wolves first shift is the worst of them all. She will need to be under the care of her own kind. So that we can make sure she doesn't create any havick. We are at peace with the humans for the most part we stick to ours, and they stick to there's. I am not sure what she has been told about her own kind. That's why she has so much to learn about whom she really is. I know that it will be hard for her to adjust, but she has no choice. I hate to put it that way, but she truly doesn't. She has never
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Chapter 4
STELLA'S POVAs the car is coming to a stop I look outside and I see the house that is soon to be my new home. It's a mansion I have never seen a house so big in my life. I am nervous to get out. I am not sure what is about to happen. Knowing no matter what, I'm not a stranger to horrible things.As the door opens I see the man that brought me here not even realizing he got out of the car in the first place. As he looks at me with a Stern face "get out of the car." I look up to him hating that my life has always been about commands of others. I watch as he rolls his eyes and speaks again "I don't like to ask twice get out of the car."I sit and stare wondering how long it will take him to lose his patience. Needing to figure him out. I'm not surprised when it takes no time at all as He then loses his patience as he grabs a hold of my arm and yanks my body out of the car like I'm a rag doll. Surprised by his strength realizing what pain he could cause if I disobey him. As he walks to
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Chapter 5
As I'm waking up I love how comfy my new bed feels. I have been here for 2 weeks and today is my birthday. I dreaded this day for so long it's hard to believe that it is here. I'm not sure what is going to happen from here since I was already chosen. I hear a knock at the door and I jump up as it opens.It's Mrs. Davis she is as cold as the breeze she let in. She looks at me disgustedly and says Get up, it's time for breakfast. '' Sir wants you to come as you are so get up and let's go."She comes over and grabs my arm and pulls me out of bed. As I stumble "Mrs. Davis, please stop, I'm coming."I feel a sharp pain across my face "you need to listen girl, or you will never survive this life."I put my hand on my cheek and I can feel the warmth from her slap. I stay silent not wanting to upset anyone. Knowing that this is not going to be any better than living with my grandparents. I walk at a fast pace to keep up with her hoping I don't anger her.As we start to approach the dining roo
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Chapter 6
As the hours passed, I didn't realize that it was time to get ready until I heard a knock at the door. I see Mrs. Davis as she walks in. Alright dear, it's time to start getting ready for the ball. I have selected some dresses for you to choose from.As I look through the dresses, they are beautiful. I have never seen clothing that was so pretty. I try to picture my body in those dresses without showing the scars from my past. The punishments that my grandparents pursued on me have left scars that I've hidden from everyone. My body is full of imperfections and I don't want the world to see it.“Mrs. Davis, do you have anything that covers more? I would like to show as little as possible.”Mrs. Davis glances at me oddly. “Why Stella? You have a beautiful body, you have nothing to be ashamed of.”I become nervous, I have never undressed in front of someone. I have always hidden all that has been done to me. As Mrs. Davis comes over with a dress, she glances at me, “come Stella, take off
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Chapter 7
It's like a herd of cattle coming running towards all of us. If they choose one, they don't get to choose another. So, there are more wolves than ladies. I watch as the ladies begin to cry. One by one taken away. As I see Zeeland approach, I become scared, not wanting him to touch me, he puts his hand out for me to grab, but I don't move. He then grips on my hand and yanks forward.I fall forward into him as my hands touch his chest. He then pushes my hands off me. “Don't you ever fucking touch me.”“I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.”He then slaps me, “Don't you speak unless I tell you too fucken speak, you half-breed.”I just stay quiet as he pulls me along behind him. I'm trying so hard not to fall, these heels are so uncomfortable. I wish I could take them off. When we reach a room, I am thinking it is his room. He slams the door. He then lets go of my hand and begins to walk closer to me. I want to step away from him, but I am afraid of what he may do to me if I don't listen.My body
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Chapter 8
As I lay on the floor, I feel so overheated, like I am on fire, sweat just pours off my body. I am not scared of what is happening. I just want to get it over with. My father said that most wolves train for this day, so they are prepared for what is about to come.As my body's bones begin to break I get on all fours. I scream out in agony as I watch my claws coming from my fingertips. I arch my back in the air. It helps to ease some of the pain. Not for long, as I then feel like there are thousands of blades going into my back as it's getting harder and harder to tolerate. I'm no stranger to pain, but I feel like I'm going to faint. I then fall to my knees and collapse on the floor. I just lie motionless on the floor of the basement. I close my eyes as I feel like it's time for me to go to sleep. I pray that maybe, just maybe, I will never wake back up. It would make everyone else's life better if I just disappeared. As I lay with my eyes closed, ready to give up. I then smell him, m
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Chapter 9
I then start to feel the warmth of the sun on my cheeks. As I open my eyes from my sleep, I look around. I'm in my room. At some point in the night they must have come and got me and brought me to my bed. I am not sure how I did not wake up. I'm not that much of a heavy sleeper. I'm not used to people doing things for me. I find it odd that they even care.I then hear a knock at the door, and it opens. They don't wait for me to say come in, they just do as they please. It just shows how much control I truly don't have. I don't want to move, I just want to lay here and walla. But to be honest, I know it's not going to do anything. So, what is the point of lying in despair? I listen as my stomach growls from the smell of the delicious food on the cart that is being wheeled into my room. Would it really hurt anything if I ate it?I hurry to sit in my bed as I'm watching Ms. Davis brings my breakfast, but when I see her facial expression, I see looks of petty. I go to say something, but t
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Chapter 10
Not even sure how to act, I have never done this before. As he's getting closer to me, I don't mean to, but it comes out. “What do you want me to do?”He forcefully grabs a hold of my throat and puts me up against the wall. I don't struggle, I just let the pain take over, hoping maybe I will just pass out before anything takes place. But I'm not so lucky. As he pulls my head close to him, he then whispers in my ear, “Take off your clothes and lay on the bed on your stomach, so your face doesn't make me sick.”I go to turn around so my back is facing him and I don't feel fully exposed. “Turn around now. Put on a show.”I turned around, not understanding what he means about putting on a show. I start to unbutton my pants. When I look up at him, I can see his eye become black. He gets up from the chair. I'm not sure how to react, he doesn't give me anytime to react to what is about to take place.He then throws me on to the bed and rips my jeans completely off, exposing me. I stay silent
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