Forced To Marry The Ruthless Alpha

Forced To Marry The Ruthless Alpha

By:  Aula_Mich  Completed
Language: English
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Abused from a young age, Katalayha was forced to run a house hold, tormented and tortured at every turn. She was the maid, the chef, the cleaner, the punching bag, the daughter that was never wanted. All her life she has been hurt by those who should love her, forced to abandon her very nature, and her birthright. Two months before her eighteenth birthday, Katalayha is given away to a ruthless Alpha, not as payment but as a token of good faith. Money is owed, and Katalayha's entire future is the price for extending the due date. Forced to marry, and mate with a man that she doesn't know, Katalayha becomes a shell of the beaten person she was. Who would have thought that the very man that put her in the position she's in, would become the one driving her to succeed? Is it love, or is she going to betray him to finally claim her freedom? She is Katalayha Slovak, first born of Alpha Kade and first Alpha-Female. It seems men have beaten her down one way or another her entire life, it's time the roles were reversed. Don't you agree?

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90 chapters
Chapter 1
"Have you made breakfast?" Those words are spoken with warning, bitter loathing that immediately makes my bruised skin prickle."Yes ma'am." I say softly, lowering my gaze from the sharp green eyes glaring at me. If looks could kill, I'd have been dead a thousand times over. "Leave." She commands.Not needing to be told twice, I high tail it out of the house immediately, as if hell is on my heels. I didn't care for a thank you, being able to walk out unharmed says more than a mere word ever will.With the school just down the road, I pull my hood over my head and quickly shimmy my way through the other students. They didn't shove me or give me abuse, most of them leave me be, they've seen the bruises covering my flesh, bruises that our Alpha and Luna have given to me without shame. It's no secret, the entire pack knows what they do to me, and they can do nothing even if they wished too. A mere wolf barely in his adulthood is no match for the Alpha."Kali! Hold up!" A familiar voice s
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Chapter 2
"You've always been our greatest shame!" Mother spits, slapping me hard across my already bruised face.My hands snap to the side, throbbing with pain. My eyes water slightly, but I refuse to cradle my cheek. I may be silent but I will never allow them the satisfaction of submission."Honey, we're going to be late for our meeting." My father checks his watch, not a flicker of remorse for my bust lip or purple cheek bone."Go to fucking school." Mother growls at me, cheeks red with irritation."Yes Luna." I whisper, averting my eyes as I scramble away from the wall. As quick as my feet will carry me, I sprint down the stairs, snatching my bag from the bottom on my way out.Not wanting to deal with anyone today, I pull up my hood and keep my head down, burying my hands into the pockets as I move quickly through the other wolves, unnoticed. I didn't bump into Jackson, so that was a plus.After my brother left again last week, my parents as usual are taking their loss out on me, like it's
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Chapter 3
"This pink would look great on you."The fabric is fitted, sequins designed to have eyeson every aspect of my body, exposing my flesh to the hounds. I didn't like the idea, nor do I like the pink. Of course the wolf girl assumes I'm interested in whatever 'costume' I'll have to wear in the morning, like I actually care about this forced marriage."Maybe yellow? I think the lemon yellow will suit you perfectly!" Triss gushes, holding yet another shred of fabric against my exposed bra.I remain a statue, allowing her to measure and work without flinching. Fighting will onlymakethis so much worse, and I've been humiliated enough."I'd like to wear white." I finally speak up after a while of silence.Triss stares at me, briefly before nodding."That's fine, what about this?"She holds up a piece of her flimsy fabric, like the few centimetres are going to cover all of me. Blankly, I shake my head."It's tradition for every bride to dress this way. Every wolf will want you, and every female
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Chapter 4
I expected noise to consume the huge pack house, and yet it was eerily silent as I begin to descend from the bedroom. It gave me chills, finding it strange that everything is so quiet on such a rare day for their Alpha.With no even a full day to plan, I thought it would be chaos. Apparently this pack exceed as wedding planners too. I thought with slight bitterness, hating that nothing is going to postpone today.Triss remains a step behind me, guiding me from the mansion and out into the woods. At first I didn't feel much of anything, until we got further into the barely lit trees, far enough that Alpha Hardins begin to show through the space in the distance.My legs falter."Stand tall, chin up, shoulders back." Triss whispers to me, adjusting my rigged posture.Nodding faintly, I quickly do as she says knowing first impressions are everything. If this pack doesn't see me fit, I'll be walked all over and Hardin won't be able to stop it.For my benefit, I keep my eyes forwards and s
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Chapter 5
" The union has been accepted." Those words burn into my memory like poison, awakening me from the darkness. I wasn't certain on how long I'd been out, but I knew the pain had knocked me unconscious. It's not the first time it's happened, despite this being the first time my brain hurt instead of my body. Blinking as I strain to open my heavy eyelids, I quickly realise there's a rather sharp ache still pulsing within my skull. Bearable, enough so that I push myself up off the stone slab, slowly. The last thing I want is to go dizzy right now. "Do you have any idea what you just did?" Alpha Hardin questions me, his tone clipped with anger. Lowering my aching eyes, I give a small shake of my head as I brush tiny stones off of my palms gently. Even if I don't get what the big deal is on his end, I know I have to give some response that shows a flicker of remorse, or guilt. My father never liked it when I didn't take the blame, it made him feel like it was his fault, which it was. "I
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Chapter 6
He was right, once he started touching me, my body didn't resist. Now knowing that there's no denying him, I feel more trapped, more humiliated and used than I ever have.Slowly I cover myself in the thin fabric, after spending all night nude outside on the grass, clothes feel great even with so little coverage. It wasn't long before Hardin woke too, silence surrounding us as he dresses himself. The fact that I'm keeping my back to him clearly speaks louder than words,I don't wish to converse with him, I'm glad he doesn't attempt to do SO. "Come, lets get you cleaned up." He says after minutes, expecting no response. I could feel his warmth behind me, his hand that he outstretches for me to take. Did he hit his head? I side glance his hand with bitterness, a glare he didn't see. Without a word, I turn on my heel and walk straight past him, blanking his very existence. I wanted to storm off, but given that every step only adds to the uncomfortable feeling between my thighs, I don't
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Chapter 7
"It's been almost a week since anyone saw you, Luna." Lacys concerned voice isn't surprising.Staring blankly at the closed curtains, I give no sign of response. I'd stopped responding a few days back, after giving the same answer time and time again, I didn't see the point in talking.Three weeks.Three weeks since I arrived here, and it feels like a lifetime ago. At first I carried on smiling, I talked with the pack and held up the act of the gentle Luna that I know they all believe. I tried so hard to keep them happy, I tried to pretend like I wasn't stuck here, I tried so hard to just be happy. But I couldn't do it, every minute it got harder, every day my smile began to fade and after a week ... I considered ending it all.The pack expected perfection through the day, and by night Hardin comes in and does as he pleases with me. The past two nights he hasn't been back, I tried to deny him, which resulted in me slapping him. I assume he's still enraged, and I'm still frightened of
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Chapter 8
"Luna-" Lacys familiar voice fills the empty room. "Oh my god!" She gasps. I stare at the mirror in utter disgust, anger brewing inside of me as I poke at my flesh. The bruises are long gone, but the weight I'd lost in the past week has taken a huge toll on my body. My skin is paler than usual, far more bones poking through than ever before. Dark circles rim my eyes, thoroughly making me a monstrous sight. Fact is, I wanted to blame Hardin. He's the reason I'm here, he's the reason I don't sleep, the reason I can't eat. At the same time I didn't have the energy, blaming him is tiring, and it's not like I'm not to blame too. I refused the food, I stayed awake at night, I didn't converse with the pack or even leave the room. I've been clinging onto my old life, the person I was only last month due to a promise I made to my brother. In the end, that promise is going to kill me, holding on is hurting me more. I want to keep my promise, I want to be the person my brother expects me to
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Chapter 9
Before my mind registers what I'm doing, my hand wraps around his wrist, shoving him away with all my strength. Hardin squeezes my throat, just enough to make me gasp a little, his face nearing mine as his eyes grow darker.I know what he wants, and if I don't act then he'll take it, again. No amount of refusal with words has worked so far, he acts like he hasn't even heard me. But pushing him away, that gets to him."I strongly suggest you don't repeat that." Hardin growls sinisterly, eyes ablaze, bright red.Every nerve in my body screams at me to submit, but at the same time I feel powerful being able to deny him. Even for a short moment, being able to finally tell him no, and mean it, gives me huge satisfaction."Then I suggest you don't touch what isn't yours." I say, my voice ringing with clarity.Damn Kali, when'd you get so brave?My entire body freezes over the second I see Hardin's face contort with anger, the utter fury that burns within his blood red eyes. Until now I'd no
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Chapter 10
"Harder!"My growl resonates over the sound of his voice, frustration burning through me. No matter how much I push, Hardin doesn't move a millimetre."I'm not strong enough." I snap, exhaling heavily as I step away from his huge form.My arms ache from trying to move him, I'd used all the strength I could muster and it didn't faze him. I'm supposed to be stronger than this, I'm supposed to be powerful, and I doubt I could take the average wolf."You're trying too hard." Hardin states."Clearly not hard enough." I respond with sarcasm dripping from my tone.How can I be trying too hard, when I haven't even been able to move him? Trying less would get me know where. Hardin has been training his entire life like every other Alpha in the world, all except me. Perhaps my parents were right, a female shouldn't be first born."You're trying to control your strength, to focus it, and it doesn't work that way." Hardin snaps at me, annoyed that I'm blanking him.My wrist is suddenly grabbed, a
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