Kinsmir's Touch

Kinsmir's Touch

By:  LittleAnnaHasAnIdea  Ongoing
Language: English
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Luna Elle Rose left her pack at eighteen wanting to explore a normal life of being a wolf in the city with no other responsibilities other than herself. She wanted to build a life in the city away from everyone who knew who she was and away from the chaos that her family was dealing with. However, being the royal daughter of the Odwolfe pack, she cannot run away from her responsibilities to fulfill their family tradition. One night, she received a call from her alpha father wanting her to go back into their pack and choose the next alpha who will also be her mate. The thing is, upon her arrival, she was shocked by three things. One, her father is already dead and her pack is not the same as it was. Two, she was already promised to be someone's wife. Three, they know who she really is. She's the Kinsmir

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4 Chapters
Chapter 01
Elle Rose My father said that I was a freak for leaving the pack and choosing to stay in the city to enjoy life, but I am starting to wonder if my father was the real freak now that he wants me to come back after two long fucking years. I peek through the fences of our mansion and heave a sigh to breathe one more time. I never thought he would suddenly demand me to come home and choose the future alpha of our pack as the payment for my liberation. I can just run and avoid this responsibility, but I know that he will not stop and search for me. Alpha Taylor turned off the car’s engine and tilted his head to hold my hand. “ This is insane. I can’t believe I am not allowed to go inside and meet your father. Are you sure you will just choose the next alpha of your pack? ” “It’s a family tradition, Taylor,” I groaned out of frustration. This weird family of ours has many traditions to deal with. That’s why I chose to leave. “I promise. I will definitely come back to you after I c
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Chapter 02
Elle Rose I glared at him. If I am only allowed to feel two emotions against a person, hatred and betrayal are on top of my list. A new beta of Odwolfe pack? That's totally insane. He did not let his burning gaze drape over my body as I saw his cheeks bleeding from what I did earlier. He told me my father was dead, and I lost myself. I did not regret making his cheeks bleed. I only regret not doing it all over his body until he is dead and full of my claw marks. He growled. “You’re lucky I did not strangle you for hurting my face.” “You’re lucky I only bruised your face and did not end your life,” I hissed back before adjusting my position on the couch, trying to loosen the rope on my wrists. “Where’s my dad? Don’t play games with me because I am sure someone like you cannot kill him.” He flicks the cigarette on his fingers and threw back his head before blowing a white cloud of smoke. I can feel the curiosity in his gaze making me raise a brow. “What?” I asked.
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Chapter 03
Elle Rose “Klaude, did you release Alpha Taylor? Is he alive? Did you make your end of the deal or you are just bluffing to me?” I choke hard, pacing back and forth in this small room while looking at the man comfortably sitting over the corner of the bed. A loud sound of smashing from the corner of the room made me bolt in place. Like what I have perceived him to be, Klaude is really a monster and I am too scared of him right now. Too scared while looking into his emotionless eyes. He has knocked the drawer to the floor. Wrecked and almost shattered. “What did you just call me?" He angrily spats, looking murderous. "Do you really want to die?" I choke hard, swallowing my disgust. " A-Alpha Klaude...." "Shut your mouth. I don’t want to hear anything about your shitty lover again or else I’ll rip his heart out just like what I had planned earlier.” My body went stiff. Then I slowly nod my head. “Just tell me you did not kill him,” my voice is too low to protest. “I
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Chapter 04
Elle Rose There were hushed whispers that vibrated through my sore body. It travels into my skin and pumped blood over my veins. A lump constricts my dry mouth from opening. “Wake up, Elle Rose.” “Seriously, Beta Jacob. How much did you drug her to put her to sleep for weeks?!” Weeks?! I instantly groaned and massage my head after suddenly getting up. A large pain engulfed my whole system as if my head had just split into fragments. Every part of me aches with something. What happened? How long had I been unconscious that my body felt so sore and aching? My eyes fluttered. Two times. Three times. It flutters into a series of fast movements until I can open them again and adjust to the lighting of the place. A face is too close to mine. Alpha Klaude looks devilishly crooked while grinning at me in his naked form with only his rugged-looking pants on. He licked his lips as I froze in place, anticipating what he would do next as he looks at me with a cruel inte
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