MAGE WARS: Sword of Solace

MAGE WARS: Sword of Solace

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The first waves of attacks have finally subsided, and both the Independent States and the kingdom outside the walls are recovering from their devastating losses. In the meantime, another battle is about to begin without their knowledge; will they succumb to their foes' godly nature, or will they rise above their fate and conquer their future? THIS IS THE SECOND INSTALLMENT OF THE BOOK SERIES: MAGE WARS

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136 Chapters
***************************************************************************************************“We can't wait any longer here! Tyndale might have already recovered and it will only be a matter of time before he catches on to us. We need to start moving right away!”They seemed to have similar sentiments. None differed with that decision. Although many of them knew they had left behind friends and family, it was hard for anyone to go back inside through the gates and look for them. It would be suicidal. Lora and Deryleen were nowhere to be seen. Thomas knew they were gravely injured but a malefic piece of his conscience was telling him not to pursue any intentions of locating them, despite knowing how wounded they were. He was still in resentment, recalling the past five years, how they were mistreated. Even after helping them plot their escape he still felt bitterness towards the siblings.“Okay let's move. The rain will help cover our tracks so we better make hast and utilize it
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A story was once told of a man who beat the Nephilims of the North. It was quite a famous story amongst the knight guards and state guards. It was back in the days when Slejj and Alvatrone were second rank lieutenants, battling for each other to see who would become the next commander of the Independent States. King Higo, the current king at that time, alongside his fellow ruler Hashi had arranged for a ceremonial tournament. A competition to see who was worthy to vie for the role of the next Commander.At that time it was obvious who amongst the army would reach the final showdown, it was always Alvatrone and Slejj. Everybody knew that. Going into the competition those who registered only did so to fill in the vacancies in order for the tournament to proceed, meanwhile the entire army awaited for the final showdown. The two rivals had been going at each other ever since they joined the army. At that moment they were seen as equals, and the tournament was to be the deciding factor,
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The guards turned their attention towards him.“Get back to your cell! Right now!”Garvin ignored the orders backed at him. A travesty. He folded the sleeves of his over-sized garment and began hopping around on his toes like a rabbit, loosening up his stiff limbs, as his feet landed on the ground they kicked dust into the air.“Get back to your cell now prisoner or you die!”Garvin kept ignoring them like they weren't even there. The front line was forced to engage. Two of the guards pulled out lances and advanced aggressively towards him.“It’s been a while since I let loose, now come at me with all you've got… and don’t hold back, because I won't!”He leaped into the air with tremendous ability, concocting his body in ways not thought to be possible, producing a powerful roundhouse kick that ripped the spear tips of the lances away. His feet kissed the ground gracefully and he pushed himself forward, barreling towards the two disarmed guards. Fingers sunk deep into their throats an
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“He is active again! He is out there roaming our inter-realm link, or as the mortals call it, the Independent States.”“But of course he can only manifest his physical form inside the barrier, the celestial walls allow him to do so, outside the inter-realm link he cannot manifest. Therefore his power remains limited to his followers inside the walls.”“Yes of course, with the reduction of his followers his power has substantially reduced, therefore he does not have the power of creation now, so he is no threat. Let us allow him to continue roaming the inter-link realm, it is the least we can do to entertain a traitor like him.”The rest of the beings nodded in agreement. A regular meeting had been arranged. The greater council of heaven was called upon to discuss issues largely affecting the events of one of the realms. Heaven realm was where celestial beings lived. There existed five realms in total; Heaven realm, Hell realm, Spiritual Realm, Null realm, and Earth realm.All the oth
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She arrived and knocked softly on the door, even though it was wide open and she could clearly see him sitting on one of the chairs, facing the entrance.“Come in,”“Thank you Mr. Valienta”she replied, walking towards the table and placing the basket on it.“Mrs. Melo packed some supplies for you, there’s a whole bunch of vegetables and this week's batch of meat we got from the hunting session yesterday, I'm sure you're going to love the rabbit meat, it's delicious! It should cover the rest of the week. I also brought you those petals to put in your tea. They help in numbing the pain a little bit so be sure to use them sparingly because they are rare to find.”“I thought I told you to tell her I can take care of myself. I don’t need her sending you up here every single time like some messenger.”“Oh, on the contrary, Mr. Valienta I am the one that offers to come here! I hope my company doesn’t bother you.”“Not at all…”“Okay, now as I prepare lunch you take out your laundry and plac
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***************************************************************************************************UNDISCLOSED LOCATIONThe usual spots were filled in the edifice, the two master heads at the front, resting their weight on two majestic thrones, beside them two other smaller thrones, one to the right and one to the left. The right throne was empty, it was always reserved for Kanchi Asobi but he was attending to other obligations hence he did not make it to the meeting. On the left sat Lady Melo. The platform in front of the raised thrones was where Dakario and the Administrative head stood. Supporting the platform were pillars on all the corners, the pillars on the right side were rarefied for Shinshin and Kuro. The front pillar to the left was Anato Strider’s spot, where he would stand and fidget with his dagger. The back left pillar was always empty for the longest time, but with the induction of the ninth head Daito, that spot would, later on, be declared his.“Is everyone ready? C
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After the trerth invasion, people were sure that they had been wiped out by the monsters, but noone ever bothered to confirm that notion. It was an ideal place for one to be isolated fromworldly influence, if one never wanted to escape that way. The sea water would gradually turnblack when one got closer to the abandoned continent of served as a warning sign tothe fishermen, warning them that they had reached far enough and needed to go no furtherunless they did not value their lives.After stumbling through some sisal plants, Nelanian found himself at the shores of the island.He could not believe what he was seeing, he had to touch the sound to be sure his mind wasnot playing tricks on him. Sure enough, there was no mistaking it, the sand was black.There areno foreign influences that caused the discoloration, the sand was in its natural form.It felt like hewas stepping into a void, like darkness swallowing his feet.Nelanian Had traversed a few feet into the sandy
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Weapons were unsheathed at the sight of the arrivals. The environment quickly became hostile.“One step closer and you're dead!”The ladies looked at them, disgusted by their presence. Daito stood beside the administrative head like a scarecrow. The ladies shifted their focus and directed it towards him.“It is him! The village purger!”Grips on their weapons tightened. Stories of his purging had been circulating around the close circle of villages, merchants who were traveling through multiple villages brought stories along, stories of how a ruthless man was running amuck. They were ready for him, all they were awaiting were the go-ahead orders from their chief and they would let loose on those two intruders.Lady Melo finally appeared from amongst the crowd that was building up in front of the entrance. She hoisted her hands high and shouted her orders out, forcing the soldiers to disengage.“At ease! These men are not here to fight!”She casually walked up to the two men and turne
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“Did you notice anything?”“… no.”“Why are you hesitating to answer me? Are you lying to me?”Alvatrone eyed him intensively. Could the slave emblem’s effects be wearing off? It was definitely one of the strongest and unbreakable spells, so there was no way he could be overcoming it. He decided to shrug it off and they advanced towards the next village. On arrival, they could hear the loud blaring of horns from within the village, moments after the musical display, several men sprinted into view from within the village, armed to the teeth.“It’s the village purger! We won't let you violate our village you insolent fools! Now leave before we make you!”Alvatrone looked down at them, disappointing by how willing they were to waste their lives trying to fight them off.“This again, can you please deal with them, and don’t make it too bloody this time!”Without looking at him, Daito nodded and took off his robe, allowing it to slide off his back and fall to the ground. He directed his r
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The village was so well hidden amongst the cover of forest trees that Tyndale didn’t even manage to locate it during his conquest. He also realized the Vurhan's occupied the forest and if he engaged with them, with the limited manpower he had, it would prove costly. As Garvin and his multitude entered the forest, lumberjacks who were taking a break from their strenuous work noticed the oncoming herd. Their panicked legs ran back to the village to sound the alarm. From afar Garvin could hear the blaring horns. Soon after a group emerged from the forest armed with axes and Spears.“Stop where you are!”An old man shouted. Pointing his ax towards the crowd. Garvin stepped forward with his hands raised.“We mean you no harm! We have come here in peace!”The faded insignia of the Honorary State Guard on his torn raiment caught the old man’s eye. He spat on the ground, cussing out the insignia.“A wretched state guard! Setting foot in my home! I am the chief of this village, and we do not a
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